Best 5 Video Converter App for iPhone and iPad


Best 5 Video Converter App for iPhone and iPad:- Unlike Android bias, which supports nearly all videotape formats right from the launch, the iPhone doesn’t work with all videotape formats. However, they are a list of the stylish videotape motor apps for iPhone and iPad, If you want to play your vids that aren’t supported by iPhone or iPad.

Video Converter App for iPhone and iPadDue to the difference in bias, occasionally tackle and occasionally software bring up comity problems. You might have endured a problem with any train playing easily on your iPhone but not on your family’s or friend’s iPhone. Your friend has participated in a veritably useful videotape but it isn’t playing on your iPhone. It happens as there are so numerous videotape formats and only several formats work on iOS. This comity problem can waste your time.

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So if you’re facing one of these issues, these stylish videotape motor apps for iPhone and iPad can help you to play and convert vids. While we will bandy videotape motor apps, we will also partake in some videotape players who can play the utmost videotape formats without converting. That way, you won’t have to waste your precious time with videotape transformers at all. Let’s begin.

Best Video Converter Apps for iOS

1. IConv


This is a veritably useful and stylish videotape motor app available for the iPhone. Iconv app can convert audio and videotape to colorful formats and save directly on your smartphone so you can play anytime. One of the stylish features of this app is a batch mode where you can fluently convert further than one videotape in a single batch. Icons support numerous pall storehouse providers and come with advanced bitrate controls and codecs supports. iConv supports these important vids and audio train formats 3GP, FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, MPG, AVI, MPEG and MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, OPUS, and AIFF.

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2. PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme Media Player

This is another good operation for your requirements. PlayerXtreme Media Player has a 2-in-1 point and you can convert your media lines and play them in this app. However, PlayerXtreme is a good videotape player that will make any videotape run on your iPhone/ iPad without conversion, If your favorite movie or videotape doesn’t simply play or sync with your iPhone/ iPad.

This app support HD playbacks in all formats, supports SRT, ASS, SMI, and numerous mottoes in nearly every language, supports multiple audio tracks, and can run the media from your dispatch attachment.

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3. The Video Converter

The Video ConverterThis app claims to be one of the fastest videotape transformers available for the iPhone. They can convert a videotape train in lower than 15 seconds, according to their claims. But we formerly know that the conversion time depends on train size. According to some druggies, this app really works presto and converts media in quick time. Their discussion process works on a pall garçon so it’s important to have an Internet connection to get it to work. Although it also supports upload via URL meaning if you want to convert a videotape that’s formerly on the pall.

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4. Bigasoft iTunes Video Converter

Bigasoft iTunes Video Converter

This app is a good and free videotape motor available for iPhone. bigasoft iTunes videotape motor offers emotional moxie editing iTunes pictures. It performs the conversion at a high speed and also gives high videotape quality and audio quality complete. This app has dereliction settings for popular bias similar as iPad, iPod, iPhone 3G/ 3GS/ 4/ 4S, iPad,etc. this app has easy to use interface with proper guidelines so you can fluently convert media to a supported format.

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5. iPhone Video Converter App

iPhone Video Converter App

Do you have important media and want to convert any indelible videotape, shot with your digicam, vid camcorder, old mobile, or HD camcorder? Do you want to play those media on your iPhone/ iPod Touch? With this iPhone videotape motor app, from converting and watching vids on iPhone to importing the vids to the other videotape editor operations, you can do it in this app. Then are some cool features of this app.

  • iTunes train sharing is enabled
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Uses web interface to transfer vids to iPhone
  • It can open the train from correspondence attachment
  • You may import videotape lines from Sky Motorist
  • Speedy converting with tackle accelerate garbling machine

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So guys then were the 5 stylish videotape transformers for iPhone that you should consider for editing your beautiful moments.


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