9 Ways to Become a Successful and Professional Blogger 2021


9 Ways to Become a Successful and Professional Blogger 2021 – How do I become a blogger? Quite easy. You just have to create a blog and write content.

But, how to become a successful blogger, There are many things that need to be done to achieve success. This is what not everyone knows.

Ways to Become a Successful and Professional BloggerWell, in this article we will invite you to take a peek at the secrets of how to become a professional blogger. Starting from efforts to prepare a blog properly to a strategy to benefit from being a blogger.

Are you curious? Let’s find out more!

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What Preparations Must Be Done?

Trust me, there is no way to become an instant successful blogger. Everything must be done in stages and must start with good preparation.

The following are the various preparations you need to make when building your first blog:

1. Set Goals

Knowing the purpose of blogging is a way to be a good beginner blogger. This is a first step you shouldn’t just skip over.

By having a goal, you will know how the blog will be built. And, in which direction will the blog be developed.

This is important because blogging is not an activity that will show results in a day or two. It takes constant effort to make it big.

What are the goals of blogging activities? To develop writing skills, share information with others, and earn income online.

Whatever your goals, write them down at the beginning of building a blog.

2. Determine the Topic

Lots of blog topics to choose from. However, that doesn’t mean you can cover all the topics and create a hodgepodge of the mixed blogs, huh?

You just have to choose one of the subjects as a topic. Then, develop the topic for the long term.

Choose a blog topic that matches your interests and expertise. Thus, there is no word of getting bored when managing a blog or running out of ideas when writing content.

In addition, choose topics that are most needed by the community. This you usually know from the number of searches made on search engines.

The topics we mean here are not only about technology, culinary, fashion, and others. However, these topics can be in the form of more specific topics, such as book reviews, film recommendations, to various productivity tips.

3. Select the Blog Platform

Choosing a blogging platform is an important part of how to become a successful blogger. Because the mistake of choosing a platform will hinder the development of your blog.

There is currently a large selection of platforms available. Choose according to your goals and skills. For beginners, using a CMS (Content Management System) platform is the best choice.

Using the WordPress platform as a way to become a successful blogger.

WordPress is a CMS that you can use. This platform makes it easy for you to be able to manage a blog even without coding skills at all.

Not only that, but WordPress is a search engine-friendly platform. That is, it will support your blog to be able to appear on Google’s main page more easily.

9 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger

There are at least nine ways to become a successful blogger that you need to know. Do all of these ways, but start from what you think is easiest first.

1. Improve Writing Skills

Articles are the main product of your blog. If you have good writing skills, the articles you create will be of high quality.

It’s a shame if you have a unique blog topic and useful information but can’t convey it well?

Keep in mind that writing skills must always be honed. So, this method applies to those of you who have just created a blog or who want to improve the performance of your blog.

What should be done?

  • Use simple explanations. The goal is so that more people can understand your article. This is because your readers may come from various backgrounds with different levels of understanding.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs. Paragraphs that are too long ( wall of text ) often become an obstacle for readers to get the desired information.
  • Avoid empty sentences. Sentences that do not provide important information should not be used. Remember, readers, come to your blog for the information they need.
  • Pay attention to the structure of the article. Not everyone reads your article in its entirety. Not infrequently they only skim (quick read) to find only important information. To make it easier for your readers, use headings to separate several topics. With a good structure, your article will be easier to understand.
  • Limit on specific topics. Creating articles with specific topics helps readers focus on certain information. If you feel a topic is too broad, make it into several different articles. Then, link them to each other.

By doing the various methods above on a regular basis, your writing skills will increase and can be a way to become a good blogger.

2. Time well

This method is actually not exclusive to bloggers only. However, there are many bloggers who fail to achieve the expected results because of errors in time management.

You may ask: “When is the best time to blog?”

Basically, non-binding blogging activities must be done at a certain time. However, the sheer amount of work to do makes timing important.

So, you can know when it is time to plan content, write articles and take blog optimization steps.

Here are some tips on how to become a successful blogger in terms of time management:

  • Determine the target of your post. By knowing the goal of the target post, you can find out how much time you will need for blogging. For beginners, you can try with one post per week.
  • Maximize your productive time. Do work in your productive time for better, faster results. For example, many bloggers write better in the morning. Not infrequently who can write faster at night? Whenever your productive time, use it well.
  • Record content ideas at any time. Not infrequently you get inspired content ideas while doing other activities. Does not matter. Take notes first, then develop at the right time.
  • Do some of the same things. Doing several jobs together at the same time can increase the efficiency of your work. For example, at one time you could focus on creating multiple drafts of content. Other times, you can make image optimization efforts in several articles.

If you can manage your time well, the more blogging activities you can do. Thus, you have applied how to become a professional blogger.

3. Keep Learning New Things

Blog visitors not only come to get useful information, but also new information.

So, if you want to get an increasing number of visitors, always learn new things. That way, you can continue to create unique content that’s interesting to read.

You can learn new things by doing experiments on your own or reading from various books or other official sources.

For a blogger, there are several main things you can learn about how to become a successful blogger, including:

  • Edit photos. With the ability to make photos look attractive, you will find it easier to make illustrations. Although you don’t have to create all the images on your blog yourself, this ability will make your blog unique.
  • Coding. You can run a blog without coding skills. However, for some vital things like blog performance and safety, knowing a little coding can help.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The science of SEO is always changing so you have to keep updating it with the right blog optimization way. The goal is to make your blog appear on the main page of search engines.
  • Building networking. It is impossible to achieve success as a blogger without the support of good connections. Especially, with fellow bloggers. Knowing what to do to build a network can help you be recognized on a wider scale.

You certainly know what other things you need to learn according to the blog topic that you are building. Do this regularly.

4. Communicate Well

Mistakes in building communication with readers can become obstacles to becoming a successful blogger.

Professional bloggers know this so they always try to improve their communication efforts with the audience.

Communication as a blogger with the main audience is done through the comments column. Although there can also be questions submitted through your blog’s social media account.

Here are some things you need to pay attention to when building communication with your audience:

  • Try to reply to all comments. Unless they are spam, any comments you receive need to be responded to in kind. For that, schedule a separate time specifically for checking all incoming comments.
  • Reply to the comment yourself. Many software can reply to incoming comments automatically. However, we recommend that you answer all of these comments yourself. Besides the answer is more precise, closeness with the audience can be built well.
  • Reply to comments sufficiently. Just answer visitor questions in a concise and clear manner according to the topic being discussed only. There is no need to expand into other unnecessary discussions.
  • Use simple language. If forced to use jargon or abbreviations in response to comments, provide an easy explanation. This is to ensure that your answer can be understood by many people
  • Respond politely to comments. Not infrequently you disagree with comments given by visitors. Keep answering politely along with the reasons for your disapproval.

5. Build an extensive network

You may be able to create content yourself. However, to develop a blog, collaborating with other parties can be quite an effective strategy

Why is that?

You can make blog promotion efforts easier. Because, without promotion, the time it takes to make your blog great will be longer.

Not only that, but you can also get useful information in the form of solutions to blogging problems that you encounter.

To be able to build a wide network, what do you need to do?

  • Join the community. In Indian, the blogger community is starting to be found. For example, the Jakarta Blogger Community, Indian Beauty Blogger, and others. By joining the community, you can get many benefits.
  • Start by sharing. Before you get the benefit of the other party, share important information with others first. You can answer questions from other members on the forum. You can also share links to relevant community member blog articles.
  • Offer collaboration. Don’t hesitate to invite other bloggers to create content together. Especially, bloggers who have advantages in one particular topic. Another way, you can write articles on their blog, aka guest posts.
  • Don’t be limited to one topic. Maintain communication with many bloggers even if they are on topics that are not the same as yours. Even though you can’t directly collaborate on content, you can still exchange information about blogging.

By implementing the steps above, it will be easier for you to build a wider network and make your blog even bigger.

6. Stay Productive

Blog by default will display the latest posts above. If visitors only see old posts, the impression that appears is that your blog is not well managed.

Therefore, be productive and update your blog regularly.

Of course, being a productive blogger is not easy. Especially, for new bloggers. Fortunately, there are various ways to be a productive blogger. This is what needs to be done:

  • Use templates. To create articles faster, use templates that contain formatting settings for certain post types. You can create more than one template. That way, you don’t have to create every single piece of content from a blank page.
  • Make a mind map. Running out of ideas can be one of the causes for your productivity to stop. If you have a well-documented idea map, your content plan will be more organized. Using a mind map is a way to be a productive blogger.
  • Use the Pomodoro technique. From every 30 minutes of time, you create content, set aside a dedicated 5 minutes for rest. Can be used to reply to WA messages, check email, wash hands, and more. This will give you 25 minutes to focus on completing the content.
  • Create project management. In addition to managing work time, organize your work by type. For example, dividing it into 3 types: plan, work in progress, and completion. You can use applications like Trello to monitor your productivity. So, you can know how many are pending or have finished in a certain time.
  • Update content. If you haven’t come up with ideas for creating new content, please update your old content. The step of updating content is also part of the productivity of a blogger. Content that is always up-to-date can increase the credibility of your blog.

7. Always be creative

One of the reasons visitors come to your blog is the presence of useful information, which is not found on other blogs. So, being a creative blogger will help the blog’s success.

Blogger creativity can be demonstrated in several ways, including:

  • Share new information. Writing new information that has never been created can be an effective blogging step. Of course, this must be supported by sufficient knowledge. You can do research from other sources or do your own experiments. For example, you can write the article “Tips for Whitening Skin without Cosmetics” or “Tips for Losing Weight without a Strict Diet”, and others.
  • Take a new approach. Even if your information is the same as other blogs, a different way of sharing can be a good blogging strategy. This can be a way of becoming a successful blogger. Several websites that can be the inspiration for your blog are Vice India. This site takes a different approach when presenting a story.
  • Take advantage of supporting media. If all this time other blogs have only offered explanations with text, you can supplement your explanations with videos, infographics, and more. Not only that, if the articles on other blogs only allow readers to read online, you can create an ebook version. The goal, so that it can be read anytime anywhere offline.

You certainly have other tips for being creative too, right? Whatever it is, take advantage of it to make your blog grow better.

8. Be consistent

Having consistency is the main secret of how to be a successful blogger. The reason is, blog success takes time.

For beginner bloggers, this is not easy. After struggling to create content and getting few visitors is frustrating. Not infrequently, most beginner bloggers don’t want to continue the process.

Even though the success of a blog can only be achieved if you stick to the plan made and carry out the plan until it works.

For beginner bloggers, this is not easy. Knowing that the blog is only visited by a few visitors can certainly discourage us from continuing to create content.

Here are some tips to be consistent in blogging activities:

  • Start small. Setting high targets at the beginning of building a blog is not a good idea. Because, if you don’t succeed in achieving it, you may be bored and disappointed. It’s best to start with a realistic target. Then slowly increase the target. This target can be the number of words you write, the number of posts per week to the number of visitors each month.
  • Schedule posts. If your posting schedule is once a week, then go with that plan. This means that even if you have completed 2-3 content, keep publishing it according to your original plan.
  • Create a writing habit. Doing activities regularly to become a habit will certainly be easier in implementation. No exception to the habit of writing for your blog. Once you’ve enjoyed the content creation step, this will no longer be a burden for you.
  • Take regular measurements of results. One of the things that keep you excited about creating content is when you succeed in achieving results. Therefore, measure the results of what you have done. For example, have you met your target daily word count, or whether your target number of monthly visitors is what you wanted.

With these efforts, your blogging efforts can be more consistent. This is what you need to be a successful blogger.

9. Avoid Beginner Blogger Mistakes

The last way to become a successful blogger is to avoid the mistakes of beginners when building a blog.

In fact, most novice bloggers make almost the same mistake. By knowing these mistakes, you can avoid them so that your blog-building efforts can be more effective.

What are the mistakes?

  • Mistakenly choosing a blog domain name. It’s worth noting that the domain name for your blog is very important as it ties in with your online identity. If something goes wrong, like it or not, you have to start over from scratch. If the blog is used to support a business, this will certainly cause losses.
  • Wrong intent. Creating a unique blog is a must. However, you need to keep an eye on what visitors want. For example, if visitors like a simple blog, don’t make your blog full of annoying animations and knick-knacks.
  • Using a bad hosting service. Ease of accessing your blog is the key to visitor trust. If your blog is slow or difficult to access, visitors may not want to come to your blog anymore. If it is supported by an optimal hosting server, the success of your blog can be increased.
  • Copyright infringement. You have to appreciate every other person’s work. Whether in the form of articles, pictures, and others. If you are using a photo from another party, make sure to get permission first. If using a free source like Pixabay, include the name of the creator as required.
  • Ignoring SEO. Search engine optimization is very important for a blog to grow. If proper SEO efforts are made, it will increase the number of visitors to your blog. However, many beginner bloggers only write content without taking SEO factors into account. As a result, the progress of the blog is slow because the number of visitors does not increase quickly.
  • Impatient in going through the process. Many beginner bloggers expect instant results from their blogging activities. In fact, with a large number of blogs, the competition is certainly getting tougher. That means it takes extra effort and the right strategy to make your blog stand out from the crowd. In addition, getting loyal visitors also requires persistence in creating interesting content.

Try to avoid the mistakes of beginner bloggers at the beginning of your blog building. That way, the efforts to make your blog big can be reached in less time.

3 Advantages of Being a Blogger

You already know how to be a successful blogger. Then, what are the real benefits of being a blogger?

1. Increased Knowledge

As a blogger, of course, you have to do your research when writing articles. Without you knowing it, your knowledge will increase. Because, of course, you will seriously study a topic in order to be able to create quality content.

Over time, you will learn new things more often to support the information in your blog content. Compared to conventional learning methods, managing a blog will encourage you to keep learning new things tirelessly.

2. Considered an Expert on a Topic

The more often you learn about a topic, the more familiar you will be with that topic. Not infrequently, you will become a reference for information by your readers. In a broader sense, you will be considered an expert on a topic.

One example is the blogger Iwan Banaran, who had become a commentator on an automotive event on national TV. This is of course thanks to the deep knowledge about automotive which is shown through various articles on his blog.

3. Earn Money

You can earn from a blog. This is one of the advantages of being a blogger. In fact, you don’t have to wait for your blog to grow to get these benefits.

Where can you get money from blogging? There are many ways that you can use. Here are a few examples:

1. Advertising

Displaying ads is the most widely used way to earn income from blogs.

As a blogger, you just have to join one of the advertising platforms, then add a script to your blog. The platform you use will then display advertisements according to the topic of your blog.

The most common platforms for advertising are Adsense and Adword.

The results you get depend on the type of ad served. If you are of the CPC (Cost Per Click) type, you will get money when the ad on your blog is clicked on by a visitor.

In addition, the price for each ad click is different, depending on the topic of your blog. For example, if the topic of your blog is about cell phones and shows a lot of cellphone ads, of course, the price per ad is higher than a blog about children’s toys.

If you are interested in this way, you can register for the advertising platform first.

2. Affiliates

You can earn a huge income from affiliates. Harsh Agarwal is an example of a blogger who uses this method and claims to earn up to $ 30 thousand per month.

The essence of affiliate activity is that you will get a commission from each sale of another party’s product using a special code, affiliate link, or banner that you place on your blog.

The commission you receive is determined by each platform you follow. Some give 10% or 25% of each successful sale.

3. Endorse

You are certainly familiar with this term. Endorsement is a way of promotion by reviewing a product.

If your blog is successful, you will often be contacted by other parties to promote their products. If you agree with the cooperation offered, you will get money from the promotion carried out.

As a blogger, you can simply write an article describing the product. Starting from the various features it has and its advantages.

Don’t worry about the results you get. If they are satisfied with the effort you put in, it is not impossible that the value of their cooperation will increase. This means the money you get will be more.

4. Selling Products

If you have a business, you can use a blog to increase sales online. Regardless of the type of product, both digital and goods.

For example, you can sell clothing products on your blog that provide the latest fashion tutorials. This kind of blog is certainly the most attractive to potential customers. The reason is, besides getting a good product, they can ask questions about these trends on your blog.

If you have writing skills, making an ebook can be an option. This step is certainly easier for you than having to involve publishers in printing physical books.

5. Offering Services

Blogs can be a way to profit by offering your expertise.

For example, if you have expertise in coding, you can offer website creation services to your visitors. However, of course, you must be able to show your skills through the blog first.

By creating a variety of interesting and solution content, it will be easier for you to convince potential customers about your expertise.

Blogs can be a way to profit by offering your expertise.

If you have expertise in coding, you can offer website creation services to your visitors. However, of course, you have to be able to show your skills through the blog first.

By creating a variety of interesting and solution content, it will be easier for you to convince potential customers about your expertise.


You have learned many ways to be a successful and professional blogger. This can be your provision when you are going to build a blog well.

You are certainly more and more excited to immediately manage your blog for a long period of time. Moreover, after understanding the advantages of being a blogger there are quite a lot. The main thing is to get money online.

There are many ways to make money blogging. Starting from advertising to selling products. Determine which one best suits your skills. And, be successful online with the blog!

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