26 Best Android Battery Saver Apps In 2022


Doze Mode and App StandbyAndroid’s native capabilities far outshine what you’ll find in app form. Doze Mode puts your whole device during a hibernation mode of sorts. Apps can only sync occasionally and in batches as dictated by the OS. Thus, it saves many battery life. App Standby restricts data usage by apps you don’t use fairly often for extra savings. These are enabled by default in modern versions of Android and you actually can’t control them. However, by simply not using apps and by leaving your phone to relax for a brief time, the modes activate and reduce battery drain by a whole bunch.

2. Wakelock Detector (root only)

Wakelock DetectorWakelock Detector is one of the sole battery-saver apps. because the name implies, this app helps detect wake-locks. It can detect both partial and full wake locks. you’ll also get an inventory of all the apps that are causing it. From there, you’ll take steps to uninstall the apps, find replacements, or use another app like Greenify or Service to place a stop thereto nonsense. this is often the one we’d recommend first to root users.

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3. Naptime

NaptimeNaptime could even be a battery-saving app from Franco, developer of Service, which was previously on this list. Naptime helps preserve battery by basically making Android’s native Doze Mode more aggressive while also doing things like disabling sync and other such things while the phone is in Doze Mode. It’s a lighter touch and it uses systems in situ that are shown to really save battery life. It’s mostly for root devices. However, the developer features a quick tutorial on the because of catching on to figure on non-rooted Android devices. It’s definitely an influence user app, but it’s not terribly difficult to undertake to try to.

4.GSam Battery Monitor (root and non-root)

GSam Battery MonitorGSam Battery Monitor is another popular battery saver app. It won’t do anything many |to avoid wasting”> many |to avoid wasting”> many |to avoid wasting”> to save many many lots of lots of your battery life on its own. However, it can provide you with information about the apps draining your battery. you’ll use that information to strengthen your own battery life. It can show details on wakelocks, wake time, and even CPU and sensor data. It faced some difficulties with the foremost recent versions of Android. However, you’ll use an ADB command to provide GSam access to more granular app usage stats and other controls. there’s also an optional root option if you employ a rooted phone, but the ADB option should work for several people, root or not.

5. Battery Guru (root and non-root)

Battery GuruBattery Guru could even be an impressive battery saver app. It doesn’t work like booster apps or service terminators. Instead, it helps you keep your battery health as high because it’s often. The app contains notifications for battery temperature limits and charging limits so you don’t wear out your battery sooner. Additionally, there are some battery-saving modes that will help reduce battery drain so you charge less often. it is a Doze Mode customization tool so you’ll make it even more aggressive if needed. However, that last feature requires root or for you to input some ADB commands to supply the app permission to undertake to try to do those things. It’s great for power users.

6. Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer

Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer

Battery Saver and Charge Optimizer could also be a really fashionable battery saver app for all of your android phones. It comes with a flip saver option to turn the battery saving option during this app. It represents the battery level and percentage to you.

It also offers notification on low battery and full charge and also monitors every application in your phone with a report about their battery consumption. the foremost notable features of this application are:

-> Can detect battery temperature

-> Shows battery voltage while using it on your phone

-> Shows analysis on how long you can use your phone

-> The app is designed with a very easy configuration

-> Shows battery status such as a low battery or needs a repair

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7.  Super Battery Power 

Super Battery Power Super Battery Saver is another app on our list which keeps your phone charged more quickly. it’s extremely easy to use this app and each one among its functions is straightforward to understand. This free battery saver app for your android device is optimized with a deep cleaning system that won’t let the other apps consume more battery power. the foremost important features of Super Battery Saver are one-click charge boosting ability, automatically clean junk files and make your phone faster, features a feature called cool master which measures the temperature of the battery, provides details of all the background applications and other people that are running automatically.

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8. AccuBattery 


AccuBattery is additionally another top-class battery saver application that’s well structured and straightforward to use on your android phones. It comes with an optimized charging booster and it also stops the apps which are consuming battery. It also keeps your phone clean to stay on your phone faster. the foremost important features of AccuBattery require one touch to spice up the phone charger, measure the important battery capacity of your phone, list of apps that consume more power than they ought to, remaining charge time, and charging percentage is going to be shown. AccuBattery keeps your phone healthy as you can also find the best health apps for android to keep yourself healthy.

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9. Avira Optimizer 

Avira OptimizerAvira has launched an efficient battery saver app for android phones from all around the world. it’s a tremendous multifunctional application that helps in extending your battery life by reporting and executing some internal power-saving activities. It comes with some very advanced options just like the smart lock, cleaning cache, cleaning history, RAM booster, et al. . On a glance over this app, you’ve got to agree that it’ll be essential as a daily battery saver app.

The most important features of the Avira optimizer are offering proper guidance for a long-lasting battery, the app is often locked with a sensible lock system, boosts the battery life of your phone using the app, and is notified whenever you would like to spice up the charging function which makes it a top android mobile app development.

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10. Long Battery Life Demo 

Long Battery Life Demo 

Get introduced to a different supportive battery saver app for android users. Long battery life demo is another top-class mobile battery save application with some intelligent functions. Now your battery won’t be used while turning off or switched ON Wifi or cellular data. you furthermore may get notifications about the charging condition. the foremost notable features of the Long Battery Life Demo are:

Provides proper information about your battery status and therefore the estimated time of how long it’ll work, you’ll turn on the night more and save power more frequently, simple configuration, add a home screen widget to the present app, offer notification about the battery level and it’ll provide you with a warning to charge your phone.

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11. Green Battery 

Green Battery

As the name suggests, Green Battery is another top-class battery-saving app in your list which works by optimizing your battery. It offers some amazing tools that boost the battery like maintaining the luminosity of your phone. alongside battery-saving, you furthermore may get memory cleaning support which makes it a top-class save battery android app by a top mobile app development company. the foremost notable features of Gree battery are accurate notifications of low-level battery, offers memory optimization functions, enables and disables power saving mode whenever you would like, monitors every application, and provides reports on their power consumption.

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12. Go Battery Pro

Go Battery ProGo Battery Pro is another famous mobile app within the market that is employed by many users. Go Battery Pro comes with some extra functions like an accurate report which provides you an approximate time that the battery will last from the present charge level. one among the simplest features of Go Battery pro is what percentage hours you’ll watch videos or play a game or hear songs thereupon estimated battery life. It also comes with a lift option that optimizes the charging capacity. This application also provides a report on the charge consumption level of various applications.

The most notable features of this top mobile battery saver app are night mode with beautiful themes, power saving mode is extremely effective during this app, will monitor other apps available on your device and show reports of their action, suggest you modify activities to save lots of phone power and battery.

As the list is going on you can also find out about the best bodybuilding apps in the market to keep yourself fit and fine.

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13. 2 Battery 

2 Battery

2 Battery is another essential app for all android smartphones which is specially designed to regulate the facility consumption function on the android device. If your phone is inactive then it deactivates the web connection. It also supports a blacklist and whitelist and also the battery icon theme of this app anytime you would like. you’ll change all the functions within the setting option. the foremost notable features of two battery android apps are controlling the web on Wifi and mobile data, activating battery-saving mode to urge more battery life, and turning off the screen automatically.

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14. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Go Battery Saver & Power WidgetGo Battery Saver & Power Widget application may be a top-class battery savers app for android within the Google Play Store. It increases the battery life with useful tools like smart saving, power saving more, power testing, smart saving, etc. which makes it the simplest battery drain app. These applications are considerably in demand which is why top IT outsourcing companies develop such applications. The security apps are also in demand as you must know the ultimate guide to NFC payments.

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15. One-Touch Battery Saver

One-Touch Battery SaverOne-Touch Battery Saver app may be a very effective and direct battery saver app. It consists of a customizable power save mode which makes the method easy. If your phone features a low battery then you’ll activate the facility save mode, which can disable WiFi, background notification light, Bluetooth, GPS to stay the smartphone alive.

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16. Yellow Battery – Battery Saver App

Yellow Battery – Battery Saver AppYellow Battery saver android app may be a very amazing application that gives one-tap optimization which helps in extended battery life. Its best feature is power optimization which helps in extending the battery standby up to 50%. And it’s smart save mode allows you to monitor and analyze the battery uses and background power consumption in order that you’ll map out which applications are causing battery drain. It allows you to force stop the applications which are draining the battery from your phone. due to its amazing features, Yellow battery is taken into account as the simplest mobile battery saver app from top mobile app development companies.

Download the best battery drain app – Yellow Battery

17. Power Battery

Power Battery - Best Battery Saver Apps

Power Battery packs a spread of tools into one package serving as a charging booster, battery power monitor, running-app optimizer, memory manager and junk file cleaner, and battery saver. Power Battery will increase the facility save of your phone up to 60%.

18. McAfee Security 

McAfee Security - Best Battery Saver Apps

Not only is McAfee security renowned for providing desktop antivirus and security, but also offers a group of trustworthy and reliable security options for the smartphone including a notification blocker, secure QR code reader, and more.

And most significantly McAfee security is taken into account as one of the simplest battery saver apps for a smartphone.

19.360 Battery Saver

Battery Doctor App - Best Battery Saver Apps

The 360 Battery promises a good range of system utilities like power-saving mode, One-Tap Battery Power Saver, battery charging time reducer, 360 Battery Plus protector, and much, much more.

And alongside providing fast mobile charging, monitoring suspicious battery drainage, and battery life-extending, 360 Battery takes care of your smartphone’s security.

20. Greenify

Greenify - Best Battery Saver Apps

Are you bothered with memory or battery hogs that keep draining resources within the background? Well, Greenify may be a suitable app to mitigate this problem. Greenify puts an app during a state of hibernation, unable to access system resources, consume bandwidth, or run background processes.

However, Greenify allows you to run normally anything with important notifications within the foreground, for example, timepiece, messenger, email app, and so on. The app is compatible with both root and non-root devices.

21. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver - Best Battery Saver Apps

With over 400+ million active users, DU Battery Saver saves up to 50% more battery life for your android devices. It comes with Battery Saver & Battery Monitor, smart pre-set battery power management modes, healthy charger stage, and one-touch controls.

Additionally, this app fights against deceptive ads and solves many battery-related problems also as ensures long-lasting battery life.

22. Dfndr Battery

Dfndr Battery

After battery is one among the foremost useful battery apps and additionally, serving as an energy saver, the app provides useful info and data bout the state of your battery’s health. The useful info ranges from charge status, battery capacity, to estimates of how long your charge will last with a spread of average use cases, like gaming or media.

Similarly, the Dfndr battery comes with a background task killer, a screen-saving feature that cuts brightness to save lots of power also as intelligent and customizable profile tools to spice up overall battery life.

23. Kaspersky Battery

Kaspersky Battery

Computer security company Kaspersky Lab has developed its own battery saver app called Kaspersky Battery Life. This handy mobile app act as A battery monitor also as A battery life extender by restricting or killing battery-hogging apps.

Kaspersky Battery also calculates how long you’ll use your smartphone. It allows you to selectively whitelist your favorite apps.

24. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver

Unlike Kaspersky and McAfee, Avast is one of the remarkable and reputed names within the field of providing the simplest security for both mobile devices and desktops. This app extends battery life by closing unnecessary background apps.

Avast Battery Saver may be a very powerful and effective tool to hurry up and save the battery life of your smartphone.

25. Servicely


Service actively uses the facility of a rooted smartphone to place a stop to apps and services waking your device even when the screen is off and thus extending battery life by preventing apps from executing background tasks.

26. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the simplest battery saver apps and offers many features like one-tap optimization, control power-draining apps, monitor charging status, and battery remaining time.

The app also kills unnecessary apps when the screen is off, and within the process, it saves and extends the mobile battery life.


This is the list of best battery saver apps for android from the simplest android app development companies from everywhere in the world. you’ll install anyone from this list so as to enhance the general performance of your mobile battery life and boost performance.


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