7 Best Cooler Apps for Android Prevent Overheating 2021


7 Best Cooler Apps for Android Prevent Overheating – Many phone users facing the matter of phone heating and are checking out the answer to avoid heating. There are some basic steps to stop their phone from overheating by avoiding annoying usage or by using the best cooler apps on your android smartphone.

Best Cooler Apps for Android Prevent OverheatingBest Cooler Apps for Android Smartphones To Avoid Heat 2021

Check your phone’s battery usage there you’ll find the appliance which consumes over space and also overconsuming of RAM, this results in heating of your android smartphone.

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Reasons For Smartphone Heating

Most of the phones getting heat to continuous usage. Also If you opened tons of recent applications it’d get an opportunity to heating and also smartphone heating happens thanks to temperature.

What happens if your phone heats for a longer time? 

If your smartphone heat continuous for an extended time, you’ll face some issues like forced shutdown, battery drain, and highly possible to wreck your phones central processing unit

Some Basic Steps to Avoid Heating

There are some basic steps to avoid heating just follow the below steps.

  • Don’t play games for a long time.
  • Keep your Smartphone in a cool atmosphere.
  • After using the application just clear the recent apps.
  • Avoid usage of your camera for a long time.
  • Use the original adapter and data cable for your smartphone.

Cool your smartphone by using cooler apps 

Nowadays people trying to find cooler applications for cooling their smartphones and it’s a great idea, so we suggested some best cooler apps undoubtedly it’ll assist you.

Best Cooler Apps for Android Smartphones to Avoid Heat

So, we highly recommend a number of the simplest cooler apps as below for smartphones to avoid heat.

This is the list of the topmost downloaded and highly rated battery saver apps for Android smartphones.

1. Batter Doctor – Battery Cooler

battery doctor

Battery doctor helps to scale back the warmth in your smartphone. it’s 100M+ downloads and therefore the main accomplishment of the app that stops power-draining and increases longer-lasting battery power and saves battery life.

It also adjusts the display brightness and also quick access to wifi, Bluetooth, etc which helps to avoid heating


  • The battery cooler detects the phone temperature and disables the heat-producing apps.
  • It has one tap power optimization which will stop the power-draining apps.
  • It will monitor the charging status and helps to increase battery life.

Developer: Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM)

Platform: Android

Size 5.8MB
Rating 4.5
Cost Free

Battery Doctor

2. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver

This app incorporates several smart management modes for your battery, helping you employ certain features while avoiding others that will eat up your battery power. Battery regulates when your device is charged.

DU Battery saver helps you to prevent the unnecessary process and step up the energy there you’ll use the battery power for an additional jiffy.


  • It has a unique charging system.
  • Disable unnecessary apps that will drain the battery.
  • When the screen is OFF, it will kill apps.

Developer: Magical Apps GmbH.

Platforms: Android.

Size 3.2MB
Rating 4.6
Cost Free

DU Battery Saver

3. Smart Cooler

Smart Cooler

Smart Cooler app controls phone cooler and CPU temperature at an equivalent time. it’s an easy and adorable function interface also you’ll track the CPU usage and Memory usage.

It give a notification when your phone getting heated there you’ll calm down the phone by reducing the CPU usage at one tap.


  • Smart Cooler uses efficient algorithms to control the phone temperature.
  • They often update the app and fix the bug.
  • Real-time temperature monitoring is available.

Developer: VisionaryStudio.

Platforms: Android.

Size 3.8MB
Rating 4.3
Cost Free

Smart Cooler

4. Cooler Master – CPU Cooler

Cooler Master – CPU Cooler

Cool Master allows you to monitor and manage the temperature of your smartphone. during this app, you’ll find the warmth apps by taping FIND HEAT APPS. Cool Master shows your device temperature in attractive graphs.

Its shows the precise temperature of your smartphone. quite this, it also boosts the performance of your smartphone by cleaning its RAM.


  • It has a call reminder option where you can avoid spam calls.
  • Cooler Master has real-time temperature monitoring.
  • It has the feature of overheating prevention.

Developer: cxzh.Itd.

Platforms: Andriod.

Size 9.8MB
Rating 4.5
Cost Free


5. Finally Clean

Finally Clean

Finally, a clean app was developed to support the deep learning of android. the most aim of finally clean to stay the mobile at a high working efficiency status while avoiding mobile to urge lagging and lack of space etc.

It is capable of keeping the mobile as fast and helps to scale back the warmth and also it pack up the junk files, clears cache to supply more storage.


  • It helps to save battery life.
  • Finally, clean app provides more storage for your smartphones.
  • This app provides an important function that can cool down your device.

Developer: Bigfoot Team.

Platforms: Android.

Size 5.9MB
Rating 4.8
Cost Free

Finally Clean

6. Auto CPU Cooler

Auto CPU Cooler Master

This is the simplest application to regulate smartphone heat. If your heating tons don’t worry that the auto cooler helps to prevent all apps which you aren’t using. Also, this app helps to free your RAM and makes your phone cool.

Here you’ll customize the settings there you’ll make this app sounds ON or OFF. Here you’ll set the auto cool level into disabling, safe, Aggressive, or crazy.


  • It helps to save battery life.
  • Here you can remove ads by paying 79 rupees or you can continue this app with ads.
  • It prevents the phone temperature.

Developer: ZNP Labs.

Platforms: Android.

Size 3.1MB
Rating 4.2
Cost Free

Auto Cpu Cooler Master

7. Phone Cool Down Cooling Master & Battery Cooler

Phone Cool Down Cooling Master & Battery Cooler

This tool will assist you to optimize your smartphone settings and funky down. Also, you’ll save your battery by using this application. it’ll control the phone cool and detection of warmth.

Cooling Master may be a CPU temperature monitor, processor cooler, battery percentage app, and processor booster.


  • It will detect heating apps quickly.
  • Junk cleaner helps to Clear junk data, temporary files and cache memory.
  • It prevents the phone temperature.

Developer: NewGenApps 2019.

Platforms: Android.

Size 4.5MB
Rating 4.6
Cost Free

Phone Cool Down? Cooling Master & Battery Cooler


There are more accidents that happen thanks to smartphone overheating so avoid heating on your smartphone by installing the above apps. I even have personally used the above apps it had been really amazing.

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