10 Best Lightweight 1GB RAM Games for PC 2023


10 Best Lightweight 1GB RAM Games for PC – Lightweight PC games are certainly quite rare in today’s game themes. The reason is, with the very rapid development of the sports industry on various platforms, many PC games currently circulating have graphic displays that feel even more real. Therefore, the minimum specifications also still increase.

10 Best Lightweight 1GB RAM Games for PC
10 Best Lightweight 1GB RAM Games for PC

10 Best Lightweight 1GB RAM Games for PC

In this article, the Revised Effect has summarized several old PC games with low minimum specifications, but no less exciting and valuable. As soon, here are the Best Lightweight PC Games with 1GB RAM which we’ve summarized especially for you!

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1. TimeShift

TimeShift is an FPS game released in 2007. albeit it’s one of the very old games, this game features a pretty good quality. This Lightweight PC game takes a story plot where scientists from the longer term have started a project to make a machine.


The results of this project succeeded in creating two devices, namely Alpha Suit and Beta Suit. the 2 devices are clothes with their own special abilities. Later, you’ll combat the role of a mysterious physicist and wear these clothes as you undergo the story. within the battle, players are going to be presented with shooting, puzzles, and time manipulation actions.


2. Just Cause

Just Cause 1

Just Cause game series may be a game series that’s certainly familiar to several players. Now, there are 4 series released, of which the 4th series was released around the end of 2018. This series is one among the older series and is the first series from Just Cause with rock-bottom minimum system requirements.

Just Cause

With the theme of an action-adventure game, this Lightweight PC Game will bring players to play a figure named Rico Rodriguez. he’s an agent deployed to a tropical island called San Esperito. The aim is to overthrow a dictator who is believed to possess weapons of mass destruction.

This game itself focuses on TPS elements with the addition of driving elements and an outsized open world.

                                           Download-Just Cause

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X Men Origins Wolverine 1

The name Wolverine is certainly no stranger to X-Men movie fans. With its uniqueness, the character was made into a separate film in 2009. Well, not only in movies but Wolverine’s action also can be enjoyed in game form.

Taking an equivalent title because the film, this Lightweight PC Game tells the origin of Logan, better referred to as Wolverine. Players also will find Logan’s past that begins to be revealed. The past started when he was a soldier until how he got the claws which became his main weapon.

The brutal fighting action it presents will definitely give players their own satisfaction. But however, the gameplay will feel quite repetitive after a while.

                                    Download-X-Men Origins: Wolverine

4. Red Faction: Guerilla

Red Faction Guerilla 2

Guerrilla may be a TPS-themed game released by THQ in 2009. This Lightweight PC Game takes place in an open world or what we usually call an open world. during this Lightweight PC Game, players will play Alec Mason who is an earthman who wants to seek out life on Mars.

In the following story with various conflicts in it, players can use various weapons, starting from old weapons to even futuristic weapons. Because it’s set within the future with a complicated civilization, many elements during this game are presented with a futuristic impression.

After not presenting a replacement series for an extended time, this Lightweight PC Game released a remastered version again in 2018 with many improvements in visual quality.

                                 Download- Red Faction: Guerilla

5. The Godfather 2

The Godfather 2 1

This Lightweight PC Game is one among the games adapted from a well-liked film, namely The Godfather. This action-adventure game with open-world elements was developed and released by EA. At the start of its release, this game received quite a positive response also as praise from the players, although not a couple also gave negative responses.

The gameplay of the Lightweight PC Game itself takes a third-person perspective. The story that’s presented isn’t entirely equivalent because of the story within the film.

In The Godfather II game series, players can choose their family. Later, players can solve various problems alongside the family. additionally, players must also set a mature strategy, in order that the plan for the mission doesn’t end in failure.

                                   Download- The Godfather 2

6. Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise may be a Burnout game series that’s presented to PC devices. The setting of the place taken by this game may be a fictional city called Paradise City. Various places within the city also will be used as a racing arena.

Later, players can choose several game modes that are provided ranging from regular races, playing in stunt mode, to racing with destructive actions against other cars.

Thanks to its popularity, this game received a Remastered version that was released in 2018. during this series, of course, there are many improvements in terms of graphics and various effects that are shown in far more detail.

                                  Download- Burnout Paradise

7. Prototype

Prototype 1

The prototype may be a game developed by Radical Entertainment and released by Activision in 2009. happening in Manhattan, this game tells the story of a personality named Alex Mercer.

The story begins when he wakes up and experiences amnesia during a safe within the basement. space may be a genetic research center. He also finds himself having changes with superhuman abilities starting from speed, and strength to forming mutation weapons than on.

By completing a third-person perspective, this game combines various combat actions with various missions and free-roaming features.

                                 Download- prototype

8. Far Cry 2

Now, who doesn’t know this one among the action-adventure games with open-world elements on this one? How not, the Far Cry game series is an FPS game that always presents the standard of open-world games intimately. additionally, a stimulating addition to the storyline is usually presented.

The second series of the Far Cry game is one among the series which will be played employing a PC with a minimum system requirement that’s not too high. during this game, players are going to be placed in armed conflict between two groups in Africa. the most task of the players is to catch “The Jackal”.

Since it had been first released, this game has received quite a number of positive reviews from players because of the attractive gameplay and offerings of its day.

9. Mass Effect 3

Mass Effec 3

Mass Effect is arguably one of the simplest RPG action games to possess that appeared within the gaming industry. Developed by BioWare and released by EA in 2012, this 3rd series is the closing of the previous series. albeit it had been a canopy, Mass Effect had launched a replacement series by lifting a side story released in 2017 titled Andromeda.

In this 3rd series, players will continue the story that started in the previous series. In other words, this series may be a series that will present the ultimate results of all the conflicts and mysteries that are built up within the previous two series.

The plot during this series will place players to play Commander Shepard to defend the fate of the world from the attacks of The Reapers.

                                        Download- Mass Effect 3

10. GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto or what we usually call GTA is one of the foremost successful game franchises within the gaming industry. This success started when the San Andreas series which was present on PS 2 soared. then, Rockstar Games continued to develop successive series that was no less successful.

Now the GTA IV series is one among the series that’s said to be the simplest series for a few players. albeit the GTA V series has also reaped tremendous success, it’s within the 4th series that each one of the main changes to the GTA game series begins. This game itself is about a fictional city called Liberty City.

Later, players can play by following the story from Niko Bellic or simply enjoying the free-roaming feature.

                                       Download- GTA IV

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With the list of games we’ve handed, you should be suitable to find a great game for just about anyone. If you know someone who’s looking for a new pc game that will take up lower than 1 GB on their computer or laptop also this composition has some information they’re sure to appreciate!

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