5 Best RPG Games for Android [2023]


5 Best RPG Games for Android: – As one of the most popular genres in the world, RPG is a genre that has a lot of fanatical fans. Moreover, if the game is presented with HD and stunning graphics, it will definitely make you addicted.

Top 5 Best RPG Games for Android
Top 5 Best RPG Games for Android

How to Download RPG Games on Android

What makes it busy again is that the developers are constantly releasing the latest RPG games for various platforms, including Android. And even on Android, there are so many RPG games, so it can be confusing to choose which one is the best.

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Well, the good news is … Yagaming has succeeded in summarizing the 6 best game titles here. What are the games? Let’s watch the video until the end .. 6 RPG games for the Android version of Yagaming.

1. Hero Wars

Hero Wars
Hero Wars

Hero Wars is an RPG game that presents a visual similar to the Diablo game. In the game, your job as a player is to control a group of Heroes who must prevent the extraordinary damage caused by the appearance of hundreds of evil creatures.

Not much different from other idle RPG games, your task in Hero Wars is mostly spent on being a spectator because the battles will develop automatically. In addition, you can interact during battles such as activating special Skills from the hero when the power is fully charged.

Another excitement that you can feel when you win the match, you will get coins that can be exchanged to increase the Hero’s ability.

Overall, this game is quite interesting because the hero character that is presented looks cute with a head that is bigger than his body. The graphics also look colorful so it doesn’t feel boring.


2. Karate King Fighting

Karate king Fighting
Karate king Fighting

In number 4, there is Karate King Fighting 2020. Are you one of those people who like to see fighting action? If so, then this game that stands under the auspices of Fighting Sports is a must-try.

As the title implies, this RPG game presents Japanese martial arts fighting action. You can choose which character you want to use as a mainstay. In the game, you will be faced with a 1 vs 1 battle.

Interestingly, combat is not just the act of hitting or kicking with hands or feet. There are also several skills with great abilities that can be used to attack opponents.

The gameplay is fairly easy, you can use the virtual controller at the bottom left of the screen to direct the character. Also, the virtual controller on the right is used to perform Kick, Punch, and Defense actions, to issue skills or moves.


3. Blade & Soul Revolution

Blade & Soul Revolution
Blade & Soul Revolution

For those of you who like to play Blade & Soul on PC, you will definitely be familiar with this game by Netmarble. Yepp, this is because Blade & Soul Revolution was adapted from the popular online PC game Blade & Soul.

Similar to the original game, Blade & Soul Revolution will present a world of oriental action with overall 3D graphics from Unreal Engine 4. Thanks to Unreal Engine 4, this game has charming graphics.

Starting from skill effects to attack animations, everything is presented very nicely. The jumping and gliding scene also looks beautiful. Well, if you are looking for an RPG game adapted from a PC game, then this game that has been downloaded more than 1 million times is a must-try.


4. ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest

ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest
ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest

If in game number 3 there are games adapted from PC games, now there are also Android games adapted from Anime films. He is ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest.

For fans of the One Punch Man film, the presence of this game presented by FingerFun is certainly the good news that we have been waiting for. The game, which airs on June 16, 2020, has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

Will this game satisfy the expectations of its fans? You could say this RPG game presents a variety of gameplay. Whether you realize it or not, the gameplay forces you to play continuously. So it’s not just collecting heroes and fighting monsters.

Not only that but for a multiplayer game that has multiple servers, this game is only 61 MB at the time of this video. The size is fairly light so it doesn’t become a burden even though your HP specs aren’t high.


5. Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure
Mobile Legends Adventure

It feels very natural, why this game called Mobile Legends: Adventure is included in the first sequence of the Yagaming version of the best RPG games.

Yepp, this is because Moonton is the developer behind the success of Mobile Legends whose game feels at home in the ranks of the world’s best mobile games. Unlike Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which carries the MOBA genre, Mobile Legends: Adventure comes with the RPG genre.

It feels like the developer wants to master the RPG genre, after previously dominating the MOBA genre. Interestingly, even though there are different genres, players can still meet various MLBB heroes, such as Miya, Tigreal, Layla, and so on.

The difference is, this game carries a relaxed card game. This game system allows gamers to play casually and for a short duration. Unlike MLBB, its duration cannot be predicted.

The good news is, this game can be played with potato cellphones! Are you curious about the fun? Just download it via the link in the description, guys.


6. To the Moon

To the Moon is an emotional, story-driven RPG that remains a masterpiece a decade after its original release, despite being over a decade old. You will follow the story of Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts, who let dying cases relive their lives, helping them fulfill their dreams. In To the Moon, you will concentrate on one case, Johnny, who, as the title suggests, pictured going to the moon.

The Moon’s strength lies in its exceptional liar. There is no combat, no padding content, and no side- searches. It’s a short experience that can be completed in many hours, but these many hours are more compelling than the utmost AAA RPGs.

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Well, those are the 6 best RPG games by Yagaming that are the most fun to play. If you have recommendations for other games that aren’t listed, don’t hesitate to share via the comments column.

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