How to Block ,Hide& Unblock Someone from Your YouTube Channel In 2022


Block, Hide& Unblock Someone from Your YouTube:- Reading Time is About 5 MinutesWhen you post vids on YouTube, you’re hoping to have healthy commerce with YouTube druggies. Still, that doesn’t be all the time, and you’re likely to come across druggies you can’t tolerate presently. They may be transferring you annoying private dispatches or leaving commentary you don’t like.

How to Block ,Hide& Unblock Someone from Your YouTube ChannelSimilar druggies don’t earn to give you insomniac nights presently because you can block them from making fresh commentary on your vids. Then’s how to do this.

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Block someone on YouTube from his or her channel

To do this:

  • Click his or her comment. You’ll be urged to his or her channel, where you’ll see a small flag sign on the right-hand side.
  • Click on the flag and select “ Block Stoner.”
  • Then click “submit.”
Block someone on YouTube from his or her channel

Block someone on YouTube channel dashboard community messages

Still, also follow this way precisely, If you’re no longer interested in entering specific dispatches from someone.

  • Go to Creator Studio> Community> Dispatches
  • Click on the person’s communication that you want to block.
  • Click on the flag icon
  • Eventually, elect “ Ban from channel”

Hide user’s comments on your channel

When you do this, specific druggies’ comments won’t show on your comment runner in the YouTube Studio. He or she’s also blocked from posting comments on any of your vids.

Then’s what you need to do

  • Login to your YouTube Account
  • Go to the videotape and also to who reflected on it
  • Go to the comment section and hit the three blotches on the right-hand side
  • Select “ Hide stoner from channel”

Note that druggies aren’t advised when you block them.

Hide user's comment on your channel

Banning users that have already published YouTube comments

Still, do this, If looking to ban druggies that have formerly published commentary.

  • On the same dashboard, click on the “ Published” tab. Next to each comment, on this runner, you’ll see 3 blotches. Tap them to display the following
  • Leg
  • Remove
  • Report
  • Hide Stoner From Channel
  • Always Authorize Commentary From This Stoner
  • Add This Stoner as a Comment Prolocutor
  • Choose “ Hide Stoner From Channel” to ban him or her from ever opining on your channel and vids.
Banning users that have already published YouTube comments

If interested in keeping track of all druggies you have banned from your channel

  • Go to “ Settings” on the left-hand menu
  • Click on the “ Community”
  • A pop-up screen will appear. Choose “ Hide Druggies”

Pro tip:

  • Note that this won’t help them from viewing your commentary; it only stops them from engaging with your commentary, including live exchanges.
  • You can ban druggies via the YouTube Creator Studio app, but you can’t manage them. You have to go back to the desktop if you want to remove that stoner from the retired stoner’s list.
Hidden Users YouTube

How to unblock someone on YouTube

Assuming you do have a change of heart and you want to reinstate the comment boons for some druggies, then’s what you need to do to remove them

  • From the YouTube homepage, tap your account icon at the top-right and also click “ YouTube Studio” in the drop-down menu.
  • In the navigation pane on the leftism, valve “ Settings.” The Settings window should appear.
  • Go to Settings in YouTube Studio to see druggies who have been blocked.
  • Click “ Community.”
  • In the “ Retired druggies” section, detect the person you want to open and tap the “ X” to remove them from the list.
How to unblock someone on YouTube


  • You can also open a stoner by going to his or her profile runner ( moreover on the mobile app or web cybersurfer) and opting for “ Open stoner” from the flag or three-fleck menu.
  • Any blocked stoner can be unblocked from the same menu they were originally blocked from.

What is the difference between blocking and hiding someone?

Actually, there’s no difference. Content generators use these two terms interchangeably.

Can I resist access to my YouTube channel? 

Sure, it’s possible. And when you do this, only people you invite to the channel can view content. To circumscribe access, sign in to your YouTube account and also click on the channel name you want to make private.

In the channel settings, under Sequestration, there’s an option to make the channel vids private. Elect the box and save the changes. The channel vids are now private unless you go back by and change that same setting back to the public.


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