How to change the Text Message or iMessage Bubble Color [iOS 15]


How to Change the Text Message or iMessage Bubble Color:- Did you find Text Message or iMessage Bubble Color options in the rearmost iOS 15 interpretation? Ever since I got my hands on an iPhone, I couldn’t get over with iMessage, and that’s how important the texting platform is on Apple bias. The company is unfit to keep up with the ultramodern features that rolling out in Android phones and customizations plays a big part. In iOS 12 and iOS 13, we didn’t find enough customization options.

How to change the Text Message or iMessage Bubble ColorApple introduced Animoji, Memoji, and Stickers that changes the commerce position in the texting platform, but they missed out on the idea to change the Text Message or iMessage Bubble Color. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can add change to the Text Message or iMessage Bubble Color and it works on the aged iOS interpretation.
How to change textbook color on iPhone in iOS15/14

The world has enthusiastic inventors around the globe, who understand the value of customization, and came up with a result, which is an operation. You can download Color Text Dispatches for iMessage that works on iPad and iPhone. The result supports iOS 10 or latterly running phones.

  • Produce a new communication or open a being textbook communication and valve on the “ Color” icon to view the section.
  • Tap on “ Type Custom Communication” to shoot a communication in your own words.
  • Enter the textbook that you want to calculate on the philanthropist, and also tap on the blue “ Text Icon” or bubble icon to continue.
  • Now, you have a color bar opened on the keyboard, and elect one asked color to continue.
  • The bubble iMessage is created, and valve on the send button to deliver it.

In this short companion, I’ve shown you how you can change the Dispatches Bubble Color. I didn’t mention the plenitude of features and limitations of the operation. Make sure to read the entire companion duly because I mentioned everything that you need to know about the Color Text Bubbles on iMessage.

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How to uninstall the Bubble color of Text Messages or iMessage

The controversial low conditions were contributed by a lack of information on how to uninstall the operation from the keyboard. Unfortunately, you don’t find the operation in the menu to uninstall it traditionally. We can not condemn the inventors because Apple designed it in this fashion, and everyone has to follow the pattern.

  • Open iMessage thread.
  • Tap in the texting box and swipe left in the operation bar until you find the (…) option.
  • Tap on (…) to continue.
  • You’ll find “ Color Text Bubbles” in the keyboard extensions.
  • Now, swipe left to view the “ Cancel” button and also tap on it to remove it permanently

Wasn’t that easy to follow? We can not condemn the inventors, and Apple designed the keyboard in such a way that it could land the consumers in a space of confusion. Anyhow of the complex system, you can uninstall the keyboard extension permanently and it’s the same system for other analogous apps.


Now, you can change your Text Message or iMessage Bubble Color and uninstall with ease, if you’re no longer interested in the operation. The Color Text Bubbles does lack customization options, but it’s a good relief for the missing point on the iPhone and iPad.

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