How to Create Landscape on Specific Page in MS Word


How to Create Landscape on Specific Page in MS Word – Have you ever compiled an essay or report and want to include a large image in your document? Maybe a graphic or a chart? Surely you want to put the large image into the landscape so that it fits in the world, right?

How to Create Landscape on Specific Page in MS. Word

How to Create Landscape on Specific Page in MS. Word 2021

But when you try to insert the image and set the page to landscape, instead the pages in a word all go too far to the landscape. Even though you only want certain pages to be landscape and others remain normal, namely portraits.

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More or less, you want the appearance of your word to be like the image below so that only certain pages are landscape.

How to Normal Landscape Certain Pages in Word

How to Normal Landscape Certain Pages in Word 2021

For that, this time I will give you a method, namely how to make certain pages in Word become landscape, or I can say that one page in Word becomes landscape, but others still portrait.

By Clicking the Mouse

Let’s just get to the steps.

  1. First, open the word document that you want to change a certain page, for example, page 7 to landscape or it could be a few pages to the landscape.
  2. Click on the page you want to change to landscape. You do this by placing a pointer to a paragraph or image on the target page.
  3. Click on the Page Layout tab which is above the word menu.By Clicking the Mouse
  4. Next click on the little arrow ion below the Margins button option.By Clicking the Mouse
  5. Select at the bottom of the margins menu, namely Custom Margins.By Clicking the Mouse
  6. Then the Page Setup window will appear, in the middle of the window please click and select Landscape.By Clicking the Mouse
  7. Then at the very bottom of the Page Setup window, please click on the Apply to section., Continue by selecting Selected Text if you use word 2016 or above, word 2019.By Clicking the Mouse
  8. If you are using Word 2013, word 2010, and below, please select This Point Forward in the Apply to section.
  9. Then you will see the results later, according to your wishes

The selected image or text will now reside on its own landscape page. Resize the chart or image according to the page so that it fits and is easy on the eyes.

The method is very easy and simple, right?

How to Quickly Landscape Certain Pages in Word 2021

There is an even simpler way that it can be done faster using keyboard shortcuts. Let’s learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to create a single-page landscape in Word.

How fast is this method? I count myself the time using between the click method and the special method using the keyboard shortcut keys. After I practiced the shortcut keys a few times, it took less than 30 seconds, while the click method took about 1 minute.

Using keyboard shortcut keys to perform your tasks will not only save time but also save your health. Many people have wrist pain from work due to the use of the mouse.

Another added bonus is that you will look like a superstar and expert at work. You will be doing things on the computer in seconds when other people have to spend minutes.

Many people never use shortcut keys to speed up their performance, including by creating pages in the word landscape. For that, I will also provide the steps so that everyone does not miss something that is actually simpler to do.

By Using Shortcuts

Okay, just take a look below.

  1. Select the word page that you want to convert to the landscape.
  2. Press the Alt key, then the P key to open the Page Layout tab menu.By Using Shortcuts
  3. Continue to press the M button to select the menu in the word, namely Margins.By Using Shortcuts
  4. Then press the A button to select Custom Margins … and will open the Page Setup window.By Using Shortcuts
  5. Then press Alt + S to select Landscape.
  6. Then press Alt + Y to go to the Apply to option.
  7. Use the down arrow key on your computer keyboard to select This Point Forward.
  8. Press Enter to set the above options, then press Enter again to select OK to complete the setup.
  9. Then the window will close and you will see the result in the word document.
By Using Shortcuts

Isn’t it very easy if you use keyboard shortcuts? You only need to use the Alt key to start using the shortcut. Later it will be directed by Word by displaying the shortcut and you can just press the button as you need it.


Hopefully, the tutorial above will help you with problems with Word that you are not very good at to create a good and more professional-looking word document.

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