How to Download Facebook Videos from Closed Group Pages: Best In 2023

Download Facebook Videos from Closed Group Pages:-Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You About downloading Facebook Videos from Closed Group Pages.
Have you ever tried to download a Facebook videotape from your Facebook closed group runner and also find out that there’s no option to save it? Unlike Facebook prints that you can fluently save, it can be frustrating to discover that there’s no option to save Facebook videos. Drink at the club! Utmost of us is members of Facebook closed groups being used for family members, clubs, communities, or a group of musketeers.
 There are cases in that you would want to download an offline dupe of the Facebook videotape posted on your unrestricted group runner so you can watch it over and over or just so you have a dupe in your particular storehouse.How to Download Facebook Videos from Closed Group Pages Lately, we had a family event and we have a lot of funny vids posted in our unrestricted group runner that I wanted to save. Let me partake with you how you can do this.
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Please note that you’re NOT allowed to download any videotape that’s copyrighted or with digital rights operation. Check your original laws that may apply. This companion is only applicable for particular videos.

All you need is a computer and a Google Chrome browser 

You would need only the 3 effects below which most probably you formerly have

  1. Computer
  2. Google Chrome Browser
  3. Internet Connection

No special software is needed!

10 Steps to download the Facebook video from Facebook Closed Group Page

1. Open your Google Chrome cybersurfer, log in to Facebook, and navigate to your unrestricted group runner to detect the videotape you want to download.

2. Click on the videotape on your Facebook runner to open it

3. Right-click on the videotape and click on “ Show videotape URL

4. Copy the videotape URL

5. Paste the URL in your cybersurfer’s address bar and change the “ www” to “ m

6. When the runner loads, right-click and on the menu, click on “ Check

7. A window pane on the right side will appear, click on “ Network

8. Click on the “ Media” submenu and play the videotape, a filename appears on the right pane

9. Double-click on the filename to open a window with the bedded videotape.

10. Click on the download arrow and stay for the Download Facebook Videos from Closed Group Pages.

Hope this helps you eventually get Download Facebook Videos from Closed Group Pages.

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