6 Easy Way to Fix Unfortunately Settings has Stopped Error


Fix Unfortunately Settings has Stopped Error:- The use of smartphones has become a neighborhood of our lives. We use these samples of state-of-the-art technology for several purposes. But we all know that they’re not perfect machines. thanks to this, we all need to affect tons of problems sometimes. one among the foremost common problems that nearly everyone has faced is “Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped”.

But why are you worried such a lot? we’ve already got you covered with yourself tested and experimentally proved working solutions. during this article, we’ll mention the Error message “Unfortunately Settings has stopped“, Its causes, and its solution.

Easy Way to Fix Unfortunately Settings has Stopped ErrorI still remember the day once I had my LG G2. I actually loved that phone. I want to play games thereon and used them for social media apps. at some point once I was taking a photograph of our exams date sheet. I found that the camera wasn’t working.

I mean whenever I clicked on the camera Icon. There was a pop-up window with the message “unfortunately camera has stopped”. At first, I used to be a touch worried on the other hand I began to find out what’s wrong. I Experimented and played with tons of things and thanks to this, I found the working solution to the present error.

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After this, I restored my friend’s phone back to its working condition too. So I assumed I should post it in order that people can get help and find an answer to their problems.

Understanding “Unfortunately Setting has stopped”

As I even have already mentioned this fact in our other useful articles we can’t solve it unless we all know the roots of the matter. Before we start learning about the answer steps let me tell you what I even have found during my experiments. These are my very own experiment and theories about this android error message. Also please confine in mind that there might be quite one and different causes of one problem in android phones.

Below are a number of the intense issues which will cause them, unfortunately, Settings has stopped occurring.

Low Phone cache memory:

The android phones have both volatile and non-volatile memory. it stores data permanently like photos, videos, etc in non-volatile memory. In other words, we will call this sort of memory ROM.

However, the opposite quiet memory plays a really important role during the operation of the fashionable smartphone. for instance, we put some pictures on our phones. or we run an App on our phones. This operation is stored temporarily in our Android smartphone’s RAM (random access memory). This helps the phone to perform functions swiftly and that we don’t need to wait an extended period of your time.

Now when our phone’s ram is full it’ll not be ready to perform correctly. And as a result, we get the Error “unfortunately Settings has stoped or the other app”.

Incomplete Files:

Incomplete files
Incomplete files

This is also another explanation for the error. An android app works many files. If a number of these files are missing from the app it’ll not be ready to run correctly. this is often possible both within the system and downloaded apps.

Incompatible Google Play services update:

The google play store is sort of a tower for our android smartphone apps. All the info of those apps is controlled by google play services. Now if you’ve got installed the google play services which aren’t compatible together with your android version. it’s some bugs in it then your apps won’t work properly.

Incompatible Play Store :

Sometimes Users install the Google Play store and other app updates from third-party sources. These are literally not suitable for the phone and its software version. thanks to this, it becomes the basis of the many problems.

Bugs in Firmware/ROM:

There are different sorts of ROMs available for Android smartphones. These are called custom ROMs. These custom ROMs are often installed on almost every smartphone which hasn’t got a politician Google update.

These ROMs work well but a number of these are highly unstable and have gotten tons of bugs in them. These bugs won’t let the phone work properly and as a result, we face tons of errors, one among them is “Unfortunately Settings has stopped“

Now I hope you’ll have a solid idea about what causes this problem. Let’s study the way to solve the “Unfortunately Settings has stopped” error.

As I even have already told you there might be quite one solution for one problem. I suggest trying all of those until you get the answer to your problem.

How to Get Rid of Error “Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped”:

Before trying anything I would like you to easily restart your phone. A fresh reboot always solves many problems. To restart your phone simply hold your power button for a short time. you’ll see a popup window where you’ll select the reboot option easily. If their problem still exists then try the subsequent methods to uproot it successfully.

Method 1- Reboot in Safe Mode

Running your device in safe mode will allow your device to run only system apps and everyone other third-party apps are going to be sleeping. this is often the simplest thanks to checking which application causing the matter.

  • Press and hold your phone’s “Power Button” a bit like you are doing for switching off, for a short time.
  • Tap & Hold on “Power off”.
  • In meanwhile you’ll see a Popup notification. It’s saying “Reboot to safe mode”, just tap on “Ok” to Reboot in Safe mode. Reboot again to revive your device back to normal mode, don’t over headache about this. If your play store is functioning fine in safe mode it means a number of the third-party apps you’ve got installed are causing the difficulty.

Method 2- Clearing Cache memory of your phone

If the matter isn’t solved by restarting your phone. Then the simplest thing you’ll do is to clear your cache memory of the phone. this may allow your phone to store fresh cache data and help your apps to figure properly.

To clear the cache memory of your phone to follow these simple steps;

  • Go to settings.
  • Find “Storage & USB” and open it up.
  • Under that, you’ll see “Internal Storage“. Click thereon.
  • Internal storage will open and locate “Cached Data“. Pressing thereon, to get rid of cache files.

Method 3- Clearing Settings Data and Cache

If your phone cache isn’t the explanation for the matter the clear the Settings app Data and Cache. this may help filter out any settings which aren’t good for the app. And these may prevent the app to run properly.

  • Go to settings.
  • Then attend the apps or “Apps & notifications” (on some phones). Switch to the all apps tab.
  • Under that find the “Setting” app and open it up.
  • Click on the “Storage” and open it up, which option you’ll see under settings.
  • Under that, tap on Clear Storage & Clear Data.

Now you are good to go.

Method 4- Uninstall Google Play Updates

Some times new google play store doesn’t support on phone, so you’ll see the “unfortunately settings have stopped” error. Uninstalling Google Play store new Updates will solve the matter.

  • Go to “settings” of your phone, Find Apps and notifications.
  • Switch to all or any apps and appearance for the “Google Play Store”.
  • In the there top right corner, you’ll see “Three Dots“, just click thereon.
  • you will see “Uninstall Updates” click thereon, and ensure okay to uninstall google play store updates. Now you’re finally Uninstall Google Play store update.

Method 5- Wiping Cache partition from recovery mode

If you’re considerably annoyed by the “Unfortunately Settings has stopped” then close up your phone then open it in recovery mode. From there you’ll wipe out the cache partition and that I hope this may solve your problem.

To wipe out the cache partition follow the given steps:-

  • First things first Power Off your phone.
  • Press and hold “Volume Up (1) + Power Button (2)” and await the startup screen to point out.
  • If your phone features a physical menu button then press Volume Up + Menu + Power Button. (For Samsung Phones).
  • After that Boot Mode exposes, therein you would like to pick “Recovery Mode“. (Note:- Volume Up Button for choosing options in Boot Mode & Volume Down button to pick.
  • In some Phones, the Android logo will open up Like this. Recovery mode is next to the present. Forgoing next Press & Hold Power Button, then Click Volume Up Button Once.
  • When the Recovery Mode has begun to use your Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate through options.
  • Navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” and press the facility Button to pick the choice.
  • After successfully clearing the cache partition Reboot the phone.

Method 6- Factory reset

This is the last option you’ve got. A factory reset deletes all the info present on your smartphone. So take a backup of all the files present on your phone to factory reset.

  • Go to settings of your phone
  • Find “Backup & Reset” under the settings.
  • Under “Backup & Reset” you’ll see “Factory data reset”,
  • just click thereon, and in there click on the “Reset Phone”.
  • Enter security credentials if you assail your device if you don’t have or if you don’t need to leave it. await a while and your phone completely reset.

Also sometimes it happens thanks to improperly installed ROM. Try downloading the ROM file from different sources then open the app it’ll solve the matter.


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