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Flipkart is among the most popular online shopping websites in India where you can buy nearly anything you need. To help you save more on shopping, Flipkart has banded with colorful credit card providers to offer abatements, cashback, no-cost EMI plans, and more. The colorful deals presently active on Flipkart’s website are given below.

Flipkart Realme 9i Offer

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Offers –
You can get 5 % cashback on using Flipkart Axis Bank credit cards

Top Offers on Flipkart for 2022

The top credit card offers that can be availed by you on Flipkart are given below.

Credit Card Provider Offer
HDFC Bank No-cost EMI up to 36 months
SBI Card No-cost EMI up to 9 months
HSBC No-cost EMI up to 9 months
Axis Bank 5% uncapped cashback on Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card| No-cost EMI up to 9 months
American Express No-cost EMI up to 9 months

The offers may be changed by the credit card provider or Flipkart

Flipkart HDFC Credit Card Offer

Presently, you can get the following offers on Flipkart if you use HDFC credit cards.

  • No cost EMI option of up to 9 months can be availed
  • No documentation required
  • No down payment required

Flipkart SBI Credit Card Offer

SBI Cards also offer lots of benefits to online shoppers via its credit cards. Presently, you can mileage the following benefits on Flipkart via the card.

  • No cost EMI option of up to 9 months can be availed

Besides this, SBI Card also offers a simply click credit card that gives you up to 10x price points on online shopping.

Flipkart HSBC Credit Card Offer

HSBC credit cards offer exclusive boons to cardholders that prefer to protect themselves online. Presently, you can mileage of the following benefits via your HSBC credit card.

  • No cost EMI option of up to 9 months can be availed

Besides this, you may apply for HSBC Cashback Credit Card that offers up to a 5 reduction on online shopping. On Flipkart, you can get up to1.5 cashback. Details of the card can be planted then and the reviews are displayed over then.

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Offer

Axis Bank credit cards offer features that will greatly profit cardholders. Presently, cardholders can mileage of the following benefits.

  • No cost EMI option of up to 9 months can be availed

Flipkart Axis Bank Co-Branded Credit Card Offers

Still, also you may apply for the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card If you prefer shopping on Flipkart. The card offers loads of features and benefits which aren’t limited to deals made on Flipkart. Crucial features of the card are

  • Welcome benefits:
    • Flipkart vouchers: worth Rs. 500 on the first transaction
    • Gaana plus: subscription for 15 months @Rs. 399
    • Myntra: 15% cashback on the first transaction
    • 20% off on products by Plum Goodness (online website only)

American Express Flipkart Offer

American Express credit cards are amongst the extensively requested credit cards in Indian requests because of the benefits they give. Presently, cardholders can mileage of the following benefits

  • No cost EMI option of up to 9 months can be availed

Besides this, you may consider American Express Smart Earn Credit Card which offers up to 10x price points on certain-commerce spots.

Flipkart Credit Card Offers FAQs

What’s no-cost EMI?
No-cost EMI refers to when the total purchase price is converted into EMIs and no redundant cost (like recycling figure) is levied for this conversion. Do note that the bank will levy interest on the EMI. Still, the interest quantum will be returned to you as an outspoken reduction at the time of payment.

Can I convert my purchases into EMI without using a credit card?
Certain banks offer an EMI conversion installation on disbenefit cards. It’s offered only to elect guests. You may conclude for a disbenefit card EMI if you don’t have a credit card. This installation is offered by Flipkart as well.

How does a reduction or cashback offer work?
In the case of an instant reduction, you’ll pay the blinked quantum ( factual price minus the blinked quantum) after the operation of the reduction. For illustration, suppose the price of a product is. After serving the instant reduction of 10, you’ll have to pay only. ( – 10).

Cashbacks, on the other hand, generally take some time to reuse. The time is taken to reuse the request generally begins once the product is out of its‘ return by date’ period. Therefore, you can anticipate getting the cashback anywhere between 15 days to 3 months or further. It depends on the bank’s and Flipkart’s internal programs.

Do I get the same quantum of reduction or cashback if I choose to pay via cash on delivery (COD) or pay via a credit card?
Utmost of the offers are applicable on repaid orders only. Some-commerce website allows you to pay via card at the time of delivery. Still, they still might not give the same benefits on this mode of payment.

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I’m unfit to mileage the offers promoted on Flipkart’s website. What should I do?
In case you’re unfit to make a purchase on Flipkart’s website using your credit card, you may communicate with your bank’s client care cell. It may be because you have crossed your credit limit or failed to pay the Minimal Quantum Due on your credit card.


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