FlipKart’s Cardless Credit In 2023


Flipkart’s Cardless Credit:- Flipkart’s Carless Credit is a virtual way of paying for your purchases online on Flipkart. It offers up toRs. 1 lakh credit with easy payment options including EMIs at 0 interest and no processing freights charged.

FlipKart’s Cardless CreditAll you need to do to mileage this installation is complete an accessible online KYC process.

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Key Highlights of Flipkart’s Cardless Credit

  • No physical card is demanded to complete deals.
  • Credit limit up toRs. 1 lakh.
  • Multiple payment options, including EMIs ( equated yearly inaugurations), spread up to 12 months.
  • No interest or processing freights are charged.

Features and Benefits of Flipkart’s Cardless Credit

Enhanced Credit Limit

Flipkart's Cardless CreditYou can protect anything you wish for onFlipkart.com and pay for your purchases with this option. The maximum credit offered isRs. 1 lakh. All you need to do is select this as an option on the checkout runner. There are no processing freights charged for this payment mode.
Multiple Payment Options

There are three ways of paying for your Flipkart purchases

  • Pay the following month (on the 15th) at 0 interest.
  • Pay through a 3-month EMI plan at 0 interest.
  • Pay through an Easy EMI option, for over 12 months.

You can check your credit limit at any point in time. Log into your Flipkart account on the mobile app, and go to ‘My Accounts’ followed by ‘Cardless Credit’ to check your balance.

Flipkart’s Cardless Credit Fees and Charges

Interest won’t be charged for payments made the following month after completing a purchase, or upon choosing the 3-month EMI plan. Still, for EMI plans beyond 3 months, interest may be charged. Contact Flipkart client support to know the interest charges for your plan.

There are no processing freights charged for choosing this payment system.

Eligibility Criteria for Flipkart’s Cardless Credit

You’ll need to produce a Flipkart account for the mileage of this installation. Also, you’ll need to complete an introductory KYC ( know your client) check including furnishing your Visage card details.

  • Enter your Visage details to check your credit limit.
  • Complete an online KYC process. It can be completed in under 2 twinkles.
  • Start shopping with Cardless Credit.
  • Repay by the 15th of the following month or through the EMI plan chosen.
  • You’ll admit a single bill for all payments made through this payment system.

Flipkart has now made it extremely accessible for guests to shop online on their website without the need to use a credit or disbenefit card to complete purchases. You can fluently convert your big-ticket purchases into investiture payments using this installation.

Flipkart’s Cardless Credit FAQs

  1. Can I pay using two cards on the Flipkart website? Yes, you can combine gift cards in one order during checkout. However, also you can add your Gift Cards to your portmanteau If you want to redeem further Gift Cards on one order.
  2. How numerous gift cards can I use at one time on Flipkart? You can use around 15 Gift Cards in one order during the time of checkout.
  3. What does Cardless credit by Flipkart mean? Cardless is a payment system that Flipkart offers its guests. In this, the company gives you a credit of around. and you can use this for buying products on credit. You can also repay before the date of payment.


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