5 Best Free Blogging Platforms Complete Guide 2021


5 Best Free Blogging Platforms Complete Guide – Today many small businesses and internet entrepreneurs have started blogging without spending a lot of money, aka free. There is a downside to using a free blogging platform, which is that you have very limited control over the content and it can be difficult to download or export if you want to switch to a self-hosted blogging platform. It’s important to decide on a priority scale: price or flexibility.

Best Free Blogging Platforms
Best Free Blogging Platforms

In general, if you are just looking for a place to express your thoughts and have no commercial intentions, then a free blogging platform is a great choice. However, if you have the intention of making money online then you should go for a paid blogging solution.

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Another big consideration is whether you are starting a blog to make money online or not. If you plan to have a blog with commercial intent, many free blog platforms are limited in functionality or are not flexible enough to support all the tools needed to market and sell online.

5 Best Free Blogging Platforms Complete Guide 2021

Some of the platforms are free and some offer premium services for a fee. Here are five of the best and most popular free blogging platforms used by Bloggers worldwide.

1. WordPress

The world’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress offers a free and premium blogging platform. While WordPress is free, you will need to purchase web hosting if you download from WordPress.org. To create a free version of your blog, visit WordPress.com. WordPress.com offers a large range of free themes and the ability to customize your site/blog.

Benefits of the WordPress.com Platform:

  • Ability to use a custom domain (although there is an annual fee)
  • All maintenance is taken care of: security, upgrades, spam filter, and backups
  • A set of free blog themes
  • The platform is familiar to many bloggers, so many discuss WordPress tutorials.

How to start WordPress.com

Visit WordPress.com and create your free account. You have to think about your domain name. If you choose to go with the completely free version, your site URL will look like this: yourdomain.wordpress.com. The choice of a domain name is an important part of your branding and you should consider it when choosing your domain name.

Once your blog is active, you need to start driving traffic to your blog with interesting and quality content.

Again, if you have commercial intentions or want to make money with your blog, then you should go for self-hosted WordPress.org. This means that you will buy a starter hosting plan which you can usually get for under $ 10.00 a month and install WordPress on your own host.
The advantage of having a self-hosted version of WordPress is that you have assets, so you can collect contacts in the form of email addresses or place premium ad network display ads on your site as you get more website traffic.

2. Blogger

Blogger is Google’s free blogging platform. Millions of blogs are run through this free platform.

Benefits of Blogging with Blogger.com:

  • Easy setup
  • Lots of free templates and designs
  • No need to know or use special codes

How to get started with Blogger

Visit Blogger.com and set up your free account. If you already have a Google account (Gmail, YouTube, etc.), use that Google account to link it with your blog.

After creating a free account, you can immediately design your blog. Within a few hours, you will be able to publish your first post.

Blogger is best suited for informational blogs and for people who want a platform to keep in touch with friends and family. The e-commerce functionality is limited to this platform and is not the right solution for business activities.

3. Tumblr

Blogging using  Tumblr is probably one of the easiest ways to start blogging. Its functionality is quite limited so you can start blogging right away. Because the way this platform is set up is a combination of Twitter and WordPress and is considered a micro-blogging platform, you can blog just as a sentence or a complete dissertation – it’s up to you. Many Tumblr blogs focus on sharing (reblogging) themed photos.

Benefits of Blogging on Tumblr.com:

  • Using a special domain
  • Blog directly from your mobile device, desktop, or via email
  • Enjoy shared traffic from the Tumblr network – exposing your content to a huge audience

How to start blogging with Tumblr.com

Visit Tumblr.com and set up your free account. Click “Register” to start blogging. It would be better to spend some time learning how the site works.

If you decide to use Tumblr for your blog, I recommend using a separate website for your main business page. Basically, you will have the main website for business purposes and use a Tumblr blog as a source of traffic ( traffic ) to your main website.

4. Wix.com

Wix is ​​usually considered a website builder and has a premium subscription every month. In addition to the premium plan, Wix has a free blog platform that is ad-supported by Wix.

How to get started with Wix.com

Go to Wix.com/start/blog and click “create your own blog.” You can create an account with your email or Facebook or your Google account. After that, you will be directed to a question page for you to complete.
You can choose from various easy-to-use interface customization options. For business purposes, you can upgrade to Wix premium by associating your own domain name and removing ads. But you don’t have to do it to get your blog online.

5. Medium.com

Medium.com is a relatively new blogging platform that is growing fast and gaining popularity. The Medium platform is very minimalistic with a focus on the quality of content and a written point of view.

How to get started on Medium.com

Just go to Medium .com and click on the Enter / Register button. You can create accounts using existing social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

When you register using your Facebook or Twitter account, it automatically imports your followers to the network on Medium. Similar to Tumblr, I would not recommend using Medium as the main place of your online business, but consider it as a traffic source (traffic); blog to reach new audiences who don’t know about your business – and redirect them to your website.


This article focuses on the most popular / newest blogging platforms, even though there are hundreds or even thousands of other blogging platforms to choose from. Some of the other options you’ll want to look at include SquareSpace.com, Web.com, Yola, Weebly, and so on.

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