Functions of the Keyboard Alt Keys You Need to Know 2022


Functions of the Keyboard Alt Keys You Need to Know – A laptop or PC is something that is familiar to be used in everyday life. Keyboard users are not only limited to workers or development circles. Currently, school students and university students are already using it actively.

Functions of the Keyboard Alt Keys You Need to Know

Some Functions of the Keyboard Alt Keys You Need to Know

The keyboard, be it on a computer or laptop, is a multi-functional input device. On the keyboard, there are many types and functions. One of the important keyboard keys is the Alt key. What are the important functions of the Alt key and key combination? Here comes the review.

What are Alt Keys?

What are Alt KeysThe alt key or also known as the Alternative key is one of the keys on the keyboard that has a vital role related to the Windows command system. It has various functions which, if used, will be very useful and facilitate computer operation.

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For operation, the Alt key cannot be executed alone. It needs to be combined with other buttons. For example, the Alt + F4 key functions as a shortcut to launch a program.

From the information above, it is known that the roles and functions of the Alt and Ctrl keys are not much different, that is, they are used to change the function of the keys. Simply put, the Alt key is a modifier key.

The Alt key is located on both spacebar, but in non-US keyboard layouts, the Alt key is called the Alt key gr to the right of the space bar. Overall, the Alt key is a mouse replacement button for opening the Toolbar menu. Maximizing its usefulness, of course, will help the processing process.

What are the functions of the keyboard’s alt keys?

Alt or Alternative keys, like the Ctrl and Shift keys, have special uses. The following are some of the functions or uses of the Alt key on the keyboard that you can use to make operations more efficient.

We may often hear this shortcut button replacement mouse function. However, many of us are more comfortable using cursor navigation even though this Alt key shortcut has a myriad of functions. For example, as described below.

1. Alt key function on a computer

Alt key function on a computerOn a computer, the function of the Alt plus other keys has a variety of uses. Like learning a formula, to use it you need to memorize each Alt key combination with other keys.

For those of you who haven’t memorized the Alt key combination and separate functions on a computer, let’s look at the following list.

  • Alt + A: To access the Table Menu.
  • ALT + B: To display the friend’s list.
  • Alt + C: Shortcut to create a chat contact.
  • Alt + O: To open the Favorite menu.
  • Alt + Q: To end the application or exit the game.
  • Alt + F: The combination key most often used as an Alternative key to open the file menu.
  • Alt + key (-): To open the active window.
  • Alt + Esc: To minimize the program window.
  • Alt + Home button: To open the Start menu.
  • Alt + Ctrl + Break: To switch from full screen to small screen.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del: To open the Task Manager menu. In addition, you can disable several programs that are currently active on the operating system.
  • Alt + Enter: To bring up the property of a particular item.
  • Alt + Spacebar: To open the shortcut menu for each active window.
  • Alt + Enter: To switch to an active application window.
  • Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen: To adjust the brightness level of the laptop screen.
  • Alt + H key: To open the Help dialog box.
  • Alt + W: To open the Windows menu
  • Alt + F4: To stop or end a program when it is not in use.
  • Alt + I: To insert a picture or other from the insert menu
  • Alt + E: Used to open the Edit menu.
  • Alt + Shift + Tab: Shortcut to move from one browser to another that is currently active.
  • Alt + Tab: To move from one active program window to another.
  • Alt + PageDown (Alt + PgDn): To switch from one active program from the right to the left.
  • Alt + PageUp button: To switch from a program that is currently active from the left to the right.

2. Alt key function in Microsoft Word

Alt key function in Microsoft WordThe Alt key on Microsoft has another function. Most of these Alt key combinations are useful when you are using the Microsoft Word document application in the typing process. Using this button will greatly help expedite the processing process using Microsoft Word. Here are the functions.

  • Alt + Shift + E: To run command to edit document data in Microsoft Word.
  • Alt + Shift + D: To add a date to a Microsoft Word worksheet without having to create a Toolbar: By pressing this button the date options will appear automatically.
  • Alt + Ctrl + M: To add a comment icon on our Microsoft Word worksheet.
  • Alt + Ctrl + O: To change the appearance of Microsoft Word to an Outline.
  • Alt + Ctrl + L: To enter bullets and numbering in Microsoft Word.
  • Alt + Ctrl + K: Clear all settings on a worksheet.
  • Alt + Ctrl + H: If you are bored with the same basic color of Microsoft Word, you can change it by pressing the Alt key combination.
  • Alt + Ctrl + D key: To add a small note at the end of your worksheet page
  • Alt + Ctrl + F: Now, if this is used to add notes at the end of the worksheet.

3. Alt + Ctrl key combination function

Alt + Ctrl key combination functionApart from Microsoft, this Alternative button also has special uses when combined with other Ctrl keys: Among them are as follows.

  • Ctrl + Alt + 1: This key combination is a shortcut to create a font that is larger than its original size.
  • Ctrl + Alt + 2: To make the font appearance larger and the shape italicized, use this key combination.
  • Ctrl + Alt + 3: This key combination is a shortcut to make the letters look like the original and resemble the original.

4. Alt Key Functions in Microsoft Excel

Alt Key Functions in Microsoft ExcelWell, for you Microsoft Excel users, the Alt key function will be very helpful if used: These key shortcuts make work lighter.

  • Alt + Y: To quickly access the Help Tab.
  • Alt + F: Make it easier to open the File menu.
  • Alt + X: Bring up the Add-Ins tab.
  • Alt + Home tab: To open the Home menu.
  • Alt + W: To activate Tab View
  • Alt + N: To open the insert menu:
  • Alt + R: When you want to open the Review Tab.
  • Alt + P: To open the layout menu.
  • Alt + A: To open the Microsoft Excel data menu tab.
  • Alt + M: To edit the formula, use the shortcut of these two buttons so you don’t have to go back and forth to open the formula on the Toolbar.
  • Alt + F8: To edit and process macros in Microsoft Excel.
  • Alt + F11: Opens the Visual Basic menu.
  • Alt or F10: To open the Tips menu in Microsoft Excel.
  • Alt + Enter: To create a new line in the same cell, you can use this merge button to speed up the process.
  • Alt + Shift + F10: To check the entire Microsoft Excel worksheet so that there are no errors.

5. Alt key function in PowerPoint

Alt key function in PowerPointYou can also feel the benefits of the efficient operation of the Alt key function in Microsoft PowerPoint. Use this Alt key combination when you create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Here’s how:

  • Alt + shift + Left: To move one paragraph of writing up.
  • Alt + shift + Right: Move one paragraph of text down.
  • Alt + shift + up To move paragraph up as you wish.
  • Alt + shift + down: Move your selected paragraph down.
  • Alt + right: To rotate the object clockwise or rotate the object by 150 to the right.
  • Alt + left: Rotate the object left or counterclockwise.
  • Alt + F10: To turn on Tips.
  • Altf + F: To access the Microsoft PowerPoint Menu Tab.
  • Alt + H: Open the Home menu.
  • Alt + G: Open the Design Tab.
  • Alt + N: Access the Insert menu.
  • Alt + K: Opens the Transition menu.
  • Alt + A: Opens the Animation menu.
  • Alt + S: Set the slide show appearance.
  • Alt + R: Opens the Review menu.
  • Alt + W: Access the View menu.
  • Alt + X: Activate the Add-Ins Tab.
  • Alt + Y: Access Microsoft PowerPoint Help.
  • Alt + N, P: Insert a picture.
  • Alt + H, S, P: Enter the Shape menu.
  • Alt + H, L: Select Slide Style.
  • Ctrl + Alt + V: To access Paste Special.

Well, that’s more or less a review of the function of the Alt keyboard key. When you use the Alt function key more often, you will be more proficient and familiar with the pop-up operation of this Alt function. Using the combined Alt key on the keyboard will minimize mouse usage.

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Of course, not all of the functions of the keyboard’s Alt key have been reviewed. There are still other functions that you can use which are of course no less useful. See you in the next discussion.

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