How To Benefit From Sales Promotion On Flipkart In 2023


How To Benefit From Sales Promotion On Flipkart:-Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You About How To Benefit From Sales Promotion On Flipkart.

The customer is King and as Shiv Khera, author, and tone-help expert put it forward – “ 90 of selling is conviction and 10 is persuasion.”

How To Benefit From Sales Promotion On FlipkartYou are a dealer, and what is your topmost priority while doing business? Dealing presto and dealing smart. With the appearance of commerce and brands giving deals around the time, consumers prefer buying online rather than hitting the traditional slipup-and-mortar shops.

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So as a dealer, you should be suitable to cash in on these trends by using Deals Promotion ways and make a successful business adventure.

How To Benefit From Sales Promotion On Flipkart


In simple language, Deals Promotion is the process of prevailing an implicit customer to buy the product. It Is a short-term tactic to boost deals and thus a great system to be used over the e-commerce platforms. Advertising, tickets, samples, gifts, loss leaders, and rebates are many exemplifications of deals creation ways.


We all know indeed if we don’t regularly protect online. Flipkart holds around 44 request shares of India’s-commerce assiduity. Flipkart is significantly dominant in the trade of vesture, a position bolstered by its accessions of Myntra and Jabong.


As per Flipkart dealer mecca, Product table announcements are the topmost tip to boost deals on the point. They ended this campaign with the hashtag#RahoAagey. As a dealer, all you have to do is simply produce an advertisement campaign, and every time the customer searches for a product, you won’t get lost in the crowd. Rather, you “ jump the line” and snare attention with a bright pusillanimous Advertisement marker. Once your announcement is clicked, you enjoy the Buy Now button on the product runner. All in one valve.

So principally you don’t have to try hard to vend your product and as Flipkart says, you don’t have to try at each!
To, around 50 merchandisers on its platform mileage themselves of the PLA services. Numerous merchandisers who were willing to pay for advertisements served a great deal from this service and doubled & tripled their business.


Flipkart PLA doesn’t have a bidding model (where you’re charged grounded on the number of clicks your announcement receives). Rather, it follows a fixed CPC model defined by Flipkart grounded on the order of products. As a result of this, all the merchandisers advertising analogous products get equal openings to showcase their advertisements. Therefore, you get the following advantages as a dealer

  • Advanced visibility of your product and increase in “ product views”.
  • A “ Buy Now” button for the announced product, easing immediate conversion.
  • Display of advertisements only to targeted guests searching for particulars apply to your order.
  • A bettered product ranking and an advanced general ranking for your brand.
  • Capability to trial with product combinations and other parameters to ameliorate SKU performance of-selling products.
  • Announcement crusade monitoring and optimization from dealer mecca.
  • Detailed, practicable announcement performance reports in real-time allow merchandisers to identify promising products, announcement groups, and best-dealing product combinations.


As formerly stressed over, Flipkart would only charge you on the base of conduct rather than the prints that you achieve on your products. This gives you an advanced Return on Investment. A click would bring you between INR0.50 and INR1.50, depending on the product order. Further costs of setting up an advertisement campaign depend on the number of products you want to promote. Advertisement companies quote the price after studying your conditions.


During shaft deals. Flipkart provides provocative offers in nearly all orders. This attracts a maximum number of buyers and drives huge business to the website as well as through the mobile app. You don’t just get to hike your deals with minimal trouble but also reach more buyers in one go.

Flipkart offers Shaft Deals under “ Big Billion Days”. In the time 2022, Big Billion Days began on September 29 and ended on October 4, covering the Navratri-Diwali period which is considered auspicious in Indian Homes.

According to the statistics on

  • One Television was vended every alternate, 500 beauty products vented every nanosecond,1.2 Lakh fashion particulars ended every hour, and2.4 lakh headphones ended every day
  • The total visits to the website were equal to 17 times the footfalls of the Kumbh Mela
  • Dimapur in Nagaland and Khawzawl in Mizoram were the furthest leg canons served, therefore cementing the fact that guests from every niche and corner of the country are shopping online and during the Big Billion Days.


E-commerce is the future. With the dream of Global Village getting a reality, it’s the need of the hour to give swish and low-cost products to the consumer. The products offered may be numerous but the merchandisers offering these are multitudinous. So, you need to be smart and place your products rightly to beat the other merchandisers and benefit from the e-commerce model.

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