How to Change Your Primary Email on Facebook


How to Change Your Primary Email On Facebook:- Would you like to change your primary dispatch address on Facebook and use it as your login ID? Or just want to add another dispatch to your Facebook account for further protection, in case you lose access to one of them?.

How to Change Your Primary Email On FacebookAnyway, changing a dispatch on Facebook is not a complicated process at all. You will only need to produce another dispatch account if you do not have one formerly, also follow the way below to get the job done. To produce dispatch regard you can use any free dispatch provider like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or whatever dispatch provider you prefer.

So, how do I change my dispatch address on Facebook?

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In this post, I will show you in a detailed way how you can add a dispatch address to your Facebook account, make it a primary, and remove the old one. However, also let’s follow the way below!
, If you are ready to know-how.

How to Change Your Primary Email on Facebook?

1. Click your profile picture at the top right of any Facebook runner, click Settings & Sequestration, also click Settings to open your Facebook general Settings.
2. Click Edit to the right of Contact.

3. Click the link that says Add another dispatch address or mobile number.

4. Type the new dispatch that you would like to add to your Facebook account also press the Add button.

5. Facebook will shoot you a dispatch with the evidence link and law to the address dispatch that you have just added.

6. Now, you should go to your Dispatch account to confirm the new Dispatch address. Formerly there, copy the law and go back to your Facebook account.

7. Next, click Confirm under the recently added dispatch address.

8. Bury the law and press OK.

9. To make your new verified dispatch your primary dispatch address, click Make primary and refresh the runner to see the change.

Until this moment everything is fine. You have set a new primary dispatch address and you still have a secondary dispatch listed under your Facebook account. Now, you can keep them both and this is the recommended tip from Facebook, in case if you lose access to one of them.

10. Still, just click Remove under the dispatch address and refresh the runner to see the change, If you decided to cancel the old dispatch address (the secondary dispatch).

That is it! That is How to Change Your Primary Email On Facebook.


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