How To Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume On Android In 2023


Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume On Android:- There’s a point that Android bias retains that allows druggies to control both the volume of the Bluetooth device they’re connecting to and the volume of the phone with one volume control. The Absolute Bluetooth Volume is what we’re talking about here. It’s possible you haven’t heard about it in a long time, but it’s been going on since 2015. We will explain what Absolute Bluetooth volume is on Android and how to disable it in this article.

How To Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume On AndroidThis point can be disabled or disabled fluently. You should inquire as to why you need to cancel it. Let’s take a look at what this point is all about before we get into why and how.

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Before we get into the specifics of the volume issues you could be having with your Bluetooth headsets, it’s a good idea to understand what’s causing the issue in the first place.

Maybe, you find that your Bluetooth Headset volume isn’t enough and you can’t feel to change that, the Absolute Volume point is the one responsible for the interference.
Bluetooth is a useful point in itself, although the need for better controls has come indeed lesser in recent times with so numerous biases moving down from physical anchorages.

This is especially true when it comes to headphones, as 3.5 mm connectors are becoming less frequent, forcing drug users to rely more heavily on wireless options. On Android bias, absolute Bluetooth volume was a long-awaited feature. Prior to its inclusion in Android, Bluetooth bias required the stoner to independently manage the accessory and phone volume.

Bluetooth is now another method of sending media or any other type of data. The Android device will thus serve as a content source, while the Bluetooth device will serve as Gomorrah. Absolute Volume Control is a feature that was added after Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released. It serves as the Bluetooth connection’s source and gives you complete control over the volume.

This is done to provide drug addicts precise control over the loudness of the audio. In a literal sense, the source will send the volume information to Gomorrah along with the unattenuated sound. The Gomorrah will also reuse the volume information for the audio transported and will process it rigorously according to the source’s information.
The Gomorrah will also be useful for relaying information to the source about any modifications made to the headset controls.

How Does This Affect Bluetooth Volume Experience?

As previously stated, your Android device becomes the master of a volume control for your linked Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth gadget does have its own volume control, but it is useless.
The below means that indeed if you connect to a Bluetooth headset with advanced features for volumes, you would still be unfit to use those features to their optimum performance. This is why you need to disable the Absolute Volume setting. To enable you to pierce the right volume on your device.

How To Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume On Android?

You can disable the point through the Inventor Options. Follow the way below to do that

  • Originally, go to your Android Settings.
  • Next, navigate to the About Phone option.
  • Also, under the About Phone option, find the Figure Number for your device.
  • Eventually, the valve on it seven times constantly.

And that completes the first stage; your Android smartphone now has Inventor Options activated. It’s under the System settings option in your Android Settings.

Note: Inventor Options will show grounded on how your Android device was vindicated. It’s generally set up in the Settings section of the System menu.

After you have enabled the Inventor Options have been enabled on your Android device, the coming step would be to find the option for Absolute Volume and disable it. Then’s how to do that

  • Go to your Android Settings first.
  • Also, look for Inventor Options and turn it on.
  • Scroll down to the section on networking.
  • Disable Absolute Volume should be an option you can discover. Dereliction will flip the setting to OFF.
  • The valve on it eventually toggled to turn it ON.

And you’re done. That’s all. Your Android device’s volume is now insulated from your Bluetooth device’s volume. Simply, your Bluetooth Headset will be suitable to control itself without the backing of your Android handset. You can increase and drop them collectively.

Getting The Best Volume Feature On Your Device

After having disabled the Absolute Volume, you can outside out both volumes to pierce the loudest possible volume on your Bluetooth headset. This is because the Android device volume controls the media volume and the bones on the Bluetooth Headset control the playback volume.


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