How to Enable Video Call Option on Android In 2022


Enable Video Call Option on Android:-Even a simple phone call is probably a lot more complex than you’d imagine. They’re primarily to do with bandwidth on a network and so lots of people set up phone numbers or software that take their calls over the internet.

How to Enable Video Call Option on AndroidThis is a good solution for people that live in regions where calls are expensive but can be taken if you travel abroad. Video calls, on the other hand, are much simpler. You just use your device to take a video call instead of picking up the phone. This lets you call anyone on your contacts list that also has a video chat app installed.

What’s a video chat app?

Video chat apps are special programs that allow you to video chat with your friends. They’re usually free, which is why you’ll see them in a lot of mobile games.

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How To Enable Video Calls On Android:

We all like to spend quality time with our friends and family in the comfort of our homes. However, with the busy lives we lead, most of us find it difficult to get time to see each other face to face.

Video Calls On AndroidIf you are also one of them, you should give this feature on your android phone a try. It is an interesting and fun feature that brings people together and makes it much easier to video chat with each other. Let’s take a look at how you can enable this feature.

Read further to know more about video calls on android.1 What is the Video call option on Android? Video call on android is an amazing feature that allows you to video chat with your friends and family anywhere in the world. This feature allows you to make video calls instantly and easily.

1. Check for signal issues.

Like a regular voice call, video chat or call requires a solid connection to your network so as to figure. confirm that you simply are during a good, open location which the signal bars in your Samsung device are showing a minimum of 3 bars.

Anything less than which will affect the standard of the decision also because of the mobile data connection, which is important for video calling.

If you’re inside a building, the signal could also be ablation so make certain to relocate to a far better position where there’s good reception.

2. Refresh Your system.

This means rebooting your Samsung device. Some computers like smartphones may develop bugs if they’re left running for an extended time. make certain to restart your phone or tablet before attempting to initiate a video call.

3. Get the error.

If there’s a mistake exposure when video calling fails, make certain that you simply note of it. Errors are sometimes key in fixing a drag and that they can point to an answer. generally, video calling works normally but in cases when it failed, it’s presumably thanks to poor connection.

If there’s a mistake telling you that the signal could also be bad, listen and check out to enhance things by relocating. As video calling feature errors may vary by phone models and carrier, there’s no particular list of errors that we will provide. Use sense and Google to seek out out what could also be the explanation for the error you’re getting.

If you can’t nail the precise cause, that’s okay. Just still follow the remainder of our suggested solutions below

4. Disconnect from the network.

Some network problems could also be fixed by temporarily disconnecting a tool from your network operator. If the video calling remains not performing on your Samsung phone or tablet, we are saying attempt to disable the network connection. This procedure is merely for a flash and won’t end in banning you from reconnecting to your network.

5. Troubleshoot the Phone app.

Some cases of video calling issues are caused by a faulty Phone app. To troubleshoot the app, there are three things that you simply can do: force quit, clear cache, and clear data.
Force quitting an app is essentially just closing it to stop it from running within the background.

This is often an efficient solution to some sorts of app issues. make certain that you simply force close the Phone app before clearing its cache or data.
Clearing an app cache means getting obviate a short-lived set of files related to an app. These files are compiled again afterward so there’s no danger in clearing them now.

Deleting an app’s data is more drastic because it returns the app to its factory defaults. counting on the app, this might delete data that you simply might not recover afterward. For the Phone app, clearing the info will erase your call logs or history.
Find out the way to clear an app cache and data during this post

6. Clear network configuration

If disconnecting from a network won’t work, an honest follow-up troubleshooting step is to clear the network settings in your device. this will sometimes prove useful if there’s a connection problem after inserting a replacement SIM, or after installing an update.
You can follow the steps during this post to ascertain the way to clear network settings.

7. Return software settings to defaults (factory reset).

A lot of network connection problems are thanks to software bugs. If nothing has aroused to the present point, you’ll need to revert your software settings to defaults by performing a factory reset.

This procedure is more drastic than anything we’ve suggested that’s why it’s the last troubleshooting option for you. It’s usually effective though and features a high chance of fixing your voice calling issue if the cause is thanks to an unknown software bug.
Factory reset will erase your personal data so make certain to make a backup before performing it. you’ll create a backup using Smart Switch, Samsung Cloud, or Google Cloud.

8. Get help from your carrier.

If a voice call remains not working after doing a factory reset on your Samsung, meaning that the cause is outside your device. during this case, you’ll need the assistance of your network operator to work out what’s wrong.

Not all network problems are caused by a tool error or fault so, at now, it’s good to think about checking possible account or network factors also.


This is the best process Enable Video Call Option on Android: The Simplest, Easiest Guide I think it is helpful to you.

The Tutorials Will Take You On The Shortest Way to Fix Network Connection Failures.


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