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How to Fix YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”[2023]


How to Fix YouTube Error 429:-Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You About How to Fix YouTube Error 429.

YouTube may sometimes throw a strange “ Too numerous requests ” error. This error indicates that YouTube’s waiters entered too numerous requests from your computer in a given quantum of time. In other words, the service is kindly asking you to stop transferring requests.

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Let’s explore what could be causing YouTube error 429 on your machine.

How Do I Get Rid of YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”?

How Do I Get Rid of YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”

Some Quick Fixes You Can Try

Make the following steps checks before you roll up your sleeves and begin performing more complicated solutions:

  1. Close and reopen the YouTube tab.
  2. Relaunch your browser.
  3. Access YouTube without signing in or signing in with a different account.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Reboot your router once.
  6. Turn off Wi-Fi on your device and set up an Ethernet connection.
  7. If you’re using a VPN, turn it off.

Still, also you can apply the following fixes If the below checks and fixes are unprofitable in resolving the issue at hand.

1. Clear Your Cache and Disable Your Extensions

Some of the extensions you installed on your cybersurfer might contain malware. That could explain why your cybersurfer is transferring a high number of requests to YouTube.

Make sure to clear your cybersurfer cache and eyefuls. also, go to Extensions and manually toggle off all the extensions. However, cancel them straight down, If you notice any strange extensions that you don’t flash back installing.

chrome disable extensions

Still, use it, If your cybersurfer has an erect- in the antimalware scanner. For illustration, if you’re using Google Chrome, go to Settings, scroll down to Advanced, and also scroll down again to Clean up the computer. Let Chrome checkup and remove malware from your computer. also refresh the cybersurfer, relaunch YouTube, and check if error law 429 is still there.

Clear Your Cache and Disable Your Extensions

Also, make sure to check for updates and install the rearmost cybersurfer interpretation on your machine. Or you can use a different cybersurfer.

2. Make Sure It Isn’t a YouTube Technical Issue

To begin with, make sure YouTube itself is not responsible for the error you are passing. To confirm, you should check YouTube’s sanctioned Twitter account to see if any specialized problems have been reported.

still, skip everything and stay for YouTube to fix it, If there’s a specialized issue. However, there’s a commodity wrong on your end, If the problem only affects you. However, start enforcing these fixes, If that is the case.

3. Make Sure Your IP Address Hasn’t Been Banned

Online waiters can respond to a limited number of requests from a customer( your cybersurfer) using the same IP address. When this number is exceeded, the garçon may consider these requests spam. As a result, it may ban your IP address.

The stylish way to exclude the possibility of your IP address being banned is to change it. For that, either enable a VPN or check out our composition detailing how to change your IP address on Windows if you aren’t sure how to do that.

4. Disable Ad Blockers and Other Interfering Extensions

Announcement blockers work by snooping directly with YouTube’s source law to help advertisements from showing up. In rare cases, this hindrance can beget unlooked-for problems. thus, you should turn off any announcement blocker extensions in your cybersurfer. In addition, disable any download directors you’re using.

Disable Ad Blockers and Other Interfering ExtensionsLikewise, if you are using other extensions to enhance the functionality of YouTube, it’s stylish to disable them temporarily to exclude the possibility of extension interference. However, move on to the coming fix, If that doesn’t resolve the problem.

5. Clear Cache and Cookies

The YouTube runner you are encountering the error on may have formerly been cached in your cybersurfer cache, but when you pierce it again, the cybersurfer fails to recoup it. maybe these failed attempts are why the YouTube garçon is entering too numerous requests from your end, performing in the error.

Clear Cache and CookiesTo exclude this possibility, you should clear the cache in your cybersurfer. The process of clearing the cache varies from the cybersurfer browser. However, check out our attendants for clearing the cache in Chrome, and Edge, If you are not familiar with the process.

6. Check Your Computer for Viruses

The presence of malware on your device has the topmost chance of generating too numerous requests without your knowledge, performing in the error described over. thus, if no fix has worked for you, you should run a malware checkup on your device. It’ll exclude the possibility of malware hindrance being the cause.

It’s recommended that you use Microsoft Defender to remove contagions from your computer, but you can also use a third-party antivirus if you’d like.

7. Scan Your System for Malware

Contagions can change your computer’s Geste and force it to run arbitrary laws. Use your dereliction antivirus result and run an in-depth checkup.

Scan Your System for Malware For detailed instructions on how to run a full system checkup, go to your antivirus support runner. renew your machine, and check if the issue persists.

8. Change the DNS

Your DNS garçon may not have been suitable to rightly restate your URL into an IP address. However, you are likely to encounter the error under discussion, If that occurs. It is, thus, imperative to rule out this possibility.

Change the DNSThe easiest way to do that’s to change your DNS address. However, check out our composition about changing your DNS garçon in Windows, If you’ve no way changed it ahead.

9. Flush Your DNS Cache

Make sure to flush your DNS cache. This is a handy system, especially when you have trouble penetrating YouTube or other web runners, for that matter.

Flush Your DNS Cache

Also, you can also renew your IP address. Press the Windows and X keys, and elect Command Prompt( admin). also run the following commands one by one, hitting Enter after each command

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew

Don’t forget to renew your router as well. Alternatively, you can also open your network bias. Leave them unplugged for one nanosecond to get relief from the flea powder. However, switch to a different connection, similar to a mobile hotspot, If the error persists.

10. Reset Your System

Still, have any other fixes worked in your favor, also you should perform a full router reset, If rebooting your router failed to resolve the issue. A router reset reverts its settings to dereliction, which holds a good chance of resolving the issue. The only catch is that it’ll wipe out utmost of the customizations you’ve made to your router settings.

Reset Your System

Therefore, before you reset your router, you should back up your router settings. However, we’ve explained how to do both in our companion on how to reset your router, If you have no way to reset your router before or do not know how to back up its settings.

11. Call Your ISP

Still, your last resort should be to communicate with your ISP, If all of the below remedies have failed to resolve your issue. So give them a call, let them know your problem, and hear what they’ve to say about it.

still, ask in your neighborhood if anyone differently who uses the same ISP is passing the same problem, If they also fail to fix the issue. However, the issue is likely coming from your ISP, so switching ISPs should be your last resort If you hear multiple reports of this error.

12. Contact YouTube through Mail

Still, you can communicate with YouTube Support, If your problem still has not gone yet. However, also it’s really some kind of account-related issue where you’ll need the involvement of YouTube Support for sure, If you see that the problem is just bound to you only.

shoot a dispatch to YouTube Support attach some screenshots and evolving on your problems by mentioning the time and date.

Pro Tip Only an advanced refresh rate isn’t enough for better gameplay.

13. Contact your Internet Service Provider

As you have tried all the possible ways to resolve the issue called Error 429 Too numerous Requests, there could be a problem with your internet service provider as they might have seized access to YouTube for their own reasons.

communicate with them to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

14. Come Back Later On 

Occasionally it’s better to stay rather than get panicked. Just stay and give some time to YouTube and also come back and readdress YouTube to see if the problem has been answered or not.


1. How do I get rid of 429 too many requests?

Ans:-Stay before you shoot another request. It generally happens when too numerous biases request a garçon to connect. The banner saying the error passed also shows the time you should request again after.

2. What does Error 429 too many requests mean?

Ans:- The Error 249 law is a response status law that indicates the stoner has transferred too numerous requests for the garçon that can’t be handled at this moment rightly. A retry- after the title should be attached then for ease of use that makes the stoner understand after how numerous twinkles or hours, the stoner should shoot another request to the particular garçon again.


3. What does Error 429 mean on YouTube?

Ans:- Error 429 on YouTube means that your internet connection might be slow; that connection isn’t ready or fast enough to play the videotape now. This might be an issue with your internet service provider also. communicate with them to know if there’s any problem regarding this issue.

4. What is the meaning of rate limited?

Ans:- Rate limiting is a strategy for limiting network business. This thing caps the rate of a specific action that a stoner can place. For illustration, limiting the network business on YouTube waiters can reduce strain on its waiters as the unwanted multiple attempts might get blocked to better the point itself. Rate limitation is frequently used to minimize bot attacks on a point.

5. How long does a rate limit last?

Ans:- Depends; this might last for a couple of seconds to over to 15 twinkles also. You just need to stay for a couple of twinkles and see if your problem eradicates or not.

Conclusion:[How to Fix YouTube Error 429]

Error Law 429 indicates that YouTube entered too numerous requests from your computer and is kindly asking you to stop. To get relief from this error, clear your cybersurfer cache and disable your extensions. also, run an antivirus checkup, renew your IP address, flush your DNS, and renew your router. You can also switch to a different connection.


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