How to Overcome Blue Screen [2023]


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With the rapid development of technology, of course, all community activities are always related to computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.

How to Overcome Blue Screen

One thing that’s always needed today could also be a laptop because it is often used to do paperwork, campus assignments, school assignments, or business.

Every day we always use it even for hours for a fairly heavy task.

With prolonged use, of course, the laptop or computer will sometimes hang or error so that the OS is forced to stop.

The problem that the bulk often or commonly occurs on laptops may be a blue screen which should make the laptop suddenly turn itself off.

Blue Screen or Blue Screen of Death abbreviated as BSOD occurs when an error occurs in Windows that makes the OS forced to stop.

If this happens to your device, then you’ll try the next blue screen solutions.

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How to Overcome Blue Screen

1. How to Overcome Blue Screen by The Cleaning Malware Virus

How to Overcome Blue Screen by Cleaning Malware Virus

An unstable system is caused by malware which can penetrate deep into Windows and even reach the Windows kernel which is the rock bottom thing of Windows.

If this happens, then you’ll make sure the blue screen will attack your device, and actually, it must be addressed immediately.

For that, you’ll use the thanks to overcome the blue screen by cleaning the malware virus.

Because it is the foremost appropriate action and is widely employed by several other users.

So that the blue screen on your computer device won’t occur again when it’s in use later.

How to Overcome Blue Screen by Installing Update Drivers

Crashes or blue screens are sometimes caused by incorrectly installed drivers, so special actions need to be taken to beat them.

How to overcome the blue screen by installing updated drivers is often one of the right actions you’ll take.

Because after the drive is installed, another device also will return to normal like wifi networks et al.

That way, the blue screen won’t approach your PC or laptop device.

3. How to Overcome Blue Screen with System Restore On Laptop

How to Overcome Blue Screen with System Restore

How to overcome the blue screen with system restore is often used if the blue screen attacks your Windows device.

After a system restore is completed, you’ll make sure that the laptop will return to normal and this method is additionally considered quite good.

Because in some cases, the blue screen is additionally caused by an error within the software.

So system restoration may be a method that can be used to overcome it.

How to Overcome Blue Screen by Booting into Safe Mode

How to overcome the blue screen by booting into Safe Mode can also be done because Windows will only take important drivers.

After the incorrectly installed driver is usually removed or uninstalled, your laptop will automatically return to normal.

However, it’s still recommended to not use the laptop for not too long, so as not to damage it quickly and to avoid other problems.

How to Overcome Blue Screen by Checking Hardware

If there is a hardware failure on the laptop, a blue screen will automatically occur on the laptop.

Of course, this may cause you to feel disturbed when employing a laptop, especially once you are doing important tasks.
So the thanks to overcoming the blue screen by checking the hardware are significant to undertake, namely by typing Memory Diagnostics Tool Start Menu.

6. How to Overcome Blue Screen by The Reinstalling Windows

How to Overcome Blue Screen by Reinstalling Windows

How to overcome the blue screen by reinstalling Windows could be the right solution and you will plan to appear the hay.

Because reinstalling will make the Windows OS operate in a new condition.

However, if the reinstallation has been done but the blue screen still occurs, it’s possible that the matter is within the hardware.

Therefore you’ve to hunt out differently to affect it.

7. Causes the Blue Screen

Causes of the Blue ScreenThere are several causes that cause the occurrence of blue screens on laptops, including:

  • Damage to the Driver.
  • This driver is beneficial for introducing hardware to the OS in order that it can recognize the device consistent with its function. Errors or crashes will occur if the system you put in doesn’t match. So first confirm the installed driver’s match.
  • There is damage to the partition but not the disc drive. So plan to check the cable with chkdsk if the SATA/IDE is correctly installed.
  • The laptop is overheating because it is used for too long.
  • Excessive overclocking.
  • Corrupt processor and bios.
  • There is damage to memory or RAM so attempt to check it or replace it with a replacement one.

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Conclusion: [How to Overcome Blue Screen]

You can use the above methods to unravel the blue screen problems that occur on laptops.

So that the matter is often resolved quickly, first confirm the cause so that the blue screen occurs. attempt to not use the laptop for too long and do regular maintenance so that it can last for an extended time.

That’s the entire content of our article now is about the thanks to overcoming Blue Screen. Hopefully, it’s useful, and good luck.

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