How to Remove Chromium from Windows 10,8,7 Quick Way 2022


How to Remove Chromium from Windows 10,8,7 Quick Way 2022 – How to remove stubborn chromium can be done quickly and thoroughly by using additional applications or without using additional applications.

How to Remove Chromium from Windows 10,8,7
How to Remove Chromium from Windows 10,8,7

How to Remove Chromium from Windows 10,8,7

Chromium is actually the same as Chrome or Mozilla, which is a browser for surfing the internet.

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But unfortunately, Chromium is often annoying because it makes laptops work worse.

For those of you who are bothered by this, here will explain how to completely remove chromium.

Actually, chromium is almost the same as chrome or other browsers if it is installed properly and uses the original one.

Unfortunately, most of the installed chromium is problematic and contains viruses.

The chromium virus is not dangerous but it can slow down your laptop’s performance because it contains malware.

It’s fine if you leave it alone, but it can be very annoying if it’s been too long.

It is highly recommended that if you accidentally install this browser you should just delete it.

How to Uninstall Chromium on All Windows

Chromium usually appears on Windows 7 and above versions of Windows, but the ones that are often attacked are Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Each window has different settings for removing this one browser.

How to Uninstall Chromium on All WindowsHere is an explanation of how to remove chromium from each window.

1. Remove Chromium Windows 7

To uninstall Chromium on Windows 7, you can do it in an easy and fast way. You only need to click the menu button in the upper left corner then select the control panel.

After entering the control panel select the program and features menu, here will appear all the applications on the laptop.

Next, look for chromium then click and select the uninstall menu, wait for it to be removed completely. You can restart the laptop before using it again.

2. Remove Chromium Windows 8

To remove chromium in Windows 8, you can also do it with the explore menu.

First, you have to open explore in the lower-left corner then select the control panel menu. Next, select the program menu and then programs and features.

In this menu you have to look for the logo of the Chromium application then right-click then select the uninstall menu.

Wait for the laptop to successfully delete then restart and delete the files in the recycle bin.

3. Remove Chromium Windows 10

For those of you who use Windows 10 and want to remove chromium, the easy way is through the start menu or windows.

Just click windows or start in the lower-left corner then select the settings menu. Next, select the Apps menu and look for the chromium folder that you will delete.

Wait a few moments until the chromium is completely removed. If you need to restart it so that the laptop is maximized.

How to Remove Chromium that Appears Again

How to Remove Chromium that Appears Again

If using the method above you still don’t succeed in deleting chromium, you can try other methods.

One way that you can try is to delete the chromium file directly from the local disk C.

The steps to remove it are:

1. First you have to open the explore file on the taskbar.

This explore is usually in the very corner. If there is no you can click the menu then select explore.

2. Then select local disk c on the laptop and look for the Chromium folder.

If it doesn’t appear, maybe this file is hidden, therefore you have to make all files visible.

4. To open hidden files, select the Tools menu, then the folder options, and select show hidden files.

Then if it has been found, you just have to delete it, the way is to right-click select delete. You can also directly press the delete button on the keyboard.

Then a description window will appear to delete this file, you select ok. Wait a few moments and the chromium file is gone forever.

Removing Chromium with Additional Applications

Have you deleted chromium files directly from local disk c but chromium still appears?

You should try to remove stubborn chromium using additional applications.

There are several additional applications that you can use to remove chromium, namely:

1. Iobit Uninstaller

Removing Chromium with Additional Applications

Downloading IObit uninstaller is a powerful way to remove stubborn chromium.

You only need to download IObit then install it on your laptop. The size of this iobit is not too big so it is not burdensome.

Once installed properly, open the iobit application then select the chromium application then select uninstall. The removal process does take a while.

When it’s finished, restart the laptop, then see if the chromium has been completely erased or not.

2. Geek Uninstaller

Removing Chromium with Additional Applications

You can also try geeks to help remove chromium from your laptop or computer.

This application is also light and easy to use, all you have to do is install this application on your laptop or computer online.

Next, to delete the Chromium application, you can immediately open this application and select the application to be removed.

Not only chromium, but you can also delete various applications quickly using Geek. With Geek you can delete any application.

Download Geek

3. Revo

Removing Chromium with Additional Applications

If you want to try a new and lightweight uninstall application you can choose Revo.

Revo is a lightweight application remover application that can be used for all versions of Windows.

Same with other applications you have to download and install this application first.

Download Revo

With Revo, you can remove chromium from the roots so that chromium will no longer appear on your laptop.

To remove chromium you need to open Revo then select Chromium and select uninstall. You can remove all stubborn applications with Revo.

If you have done all the ways to remove chromium but chromium still appears, the only way is to reinstall the laptop.

Before reinstalling, make sure all your important data has been transferred.

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