How To Scan QR Code On Android Or iPhone In 2022


How To Scan QR Code On Android Or iPhone

A smartphone is much smarter than you think that that that. When these devices first hit the market, third-party manufacturers designed many apps to make the foremost of their capabilities.

If you’d wish to use your smartphone as a flashlight or scanner, Then you’ll check, there’s an app for that.

These programs take up room on your phone and become redundant due to tools being added with updates. The services even have ulterior motives like data collection.

QR codes are everywhere nowadays, These barcodes allow you to quickly open an online page,

download an app, send text messages, and more, by just scanning alongside your camera.

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Scan QR Code With Your iPhone And Android Phone:

If this is often your first time using your device to scan a QR code and you’d wish to how around it easily, you’ll read below to understand them because of scanning a QR code using your Android or iPhone smartphone.

How To Scan QR CodeScan QR Code On iPhone

Open your Camera app and set your smartphone at the QR code. confirm the QR code is inside the box on your smartphone screen then click the pop-up notification service.

1. Open your Camera app on your iPhone by swiping left on your Lock Screen on your mobile, select it from the center, or open the app directly from the house screen on your mobile.

2. Set Your iPhone at the barcode to scan it on your mobile, confirm that everybody among the four corners of the QR code is insight. Once you correctly scan the QR code, a pop-up notification service will appear on top of your mobile screen.

3. Tap the pop-up notification service at absolutely the better of your screen and wait few seconds to run the action contained within the barcode, like sending you to an internet site or opening the App Store on your mobile.

In this case, you don’t see a notification happen, attend settings, tap the slider next to Scan QR Codes and enable your Scan QR code feature on your mobile. you’ll know it is turned on when it’s green.

Scan BarCode On Android Phone

If you’re running Android 8 or later, you’ll scan a Barcode in as soon as the possible way by long-pressing the house button and selecting Lens. Then set focus your camera on the QR code, tap the hand glass icon, and tap the pop-up notification service.

1. At First Press and hold the mouse button.

2. Next, Tap Lens. This is often the circle surrounded by lines to the left of the four colored buttons at the rock bottom of your mobile screen.

Note: A prompt will appear, prefer to permit if it’s your first-time use to the present feature then Download the Google Lens app from the Google Play Store. If you don’t have Google Assistant on your smartphone.

3. Set your mobile camera at the barcode, confirm that everyone among the four corners of the code is insight.

4. Next, tap the hand glass icon to scan a barcode.

5. At last, tap the pop-up notification service. you’ll then be directed to the knowledge or action embedded within the barcode. This might open a webpage, open with the Google Play Store, save a contact, and more.


I hope that you understand how to scan a QR Code on a smartphone. If you have any doubts then comment below and share them with your friends.

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