How To Send Free Unlimited SMS Without SMS Pack [2023]


Send Free Unlimited SMS Without SMS Pack:-Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You How To Send Free Unlimited SMS Without an SMS Pack. Not too long agone, the utmost of us who use messaging services to stay connected with family, musketeers, and other connections would buy an SMS pack which allowed us to end lots of dispatches for a veritably nominal price.

How To Send Free Unlimited SMS Without SMS PackAs more individuals migrate to messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike, and others, we no longer utilize SMS services as frequently as we once did. Let us not forget that there are still many persons in our immediate vicinity who are either happy with their featured phones or can’t go to buy the precious bias available in the request.

Now, in order to connect with any comparable connections, you must be capable of sending SMS messages without having to worry about unnecessary charges.

If you need to SMS frequently, you don’t need to bother about obtaining an SMS pack right now. Android, once again, is there to assist.

. You can fluently shoot and admit textbook dispatches anywhere within India without any redundant cost and without enabling Mobile data on your phone if you have an Android-grounded phone.

While your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, install any of these 5 free textbook messaging apps for Android and shoot any number of dispatches without fussing about the costs incurred on the same.

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Then’s how you can save Plutocrat and shoot free SMS with these Android apps that you can download on your phone.

Send Free Unlimited SMS Apps

1. Way2SMS


Way2SMS is one of the oldest services of its kind in India, and also one of the most stylish which is why it’s mentioned at the top of my list.

Way2SMS is now available in the form of an Android app and can be fluently installed from the Google play store
Just Produce your account and add connections (phone number and name).

After you’ve completed these two unique methods, you’ll be able to send free SMS/text to any cellphone number in India.

After you’ve installed the way2SMS app, all you have to do now is create a new account or log in with an existing one if you’re an existing user. Its stoner-friendly UI is another draw that sets it apart from the other texting apps on the list.

Download Wa2SMS App

2. FreakySMS

Freaky SMS is one of the newest entrants in the free SMS transferring apps arena. According to their table on the Google Play Store, users of the software can send limitless, 145-character SMS to individuals in India for free. The following are some of the features of the FreakySMS app:

– Schedule SMS for unborn delivery.
– Shoot-loaded encouraged SMS.
– Check transferred SMS, and partake it on other mediums.
– Check frequent words.
–- time login.
– 99 delivery rate.
– In the case of net attainability shoot normal SMS from the app.
– Quick call from the app.
– Voice- grounded communication input.
– Easy contact selection.
– Easy navigation.
– Secret SMS transferring

We gave a pass to this app and plant it works relatively well.

Download FreakySMS from Play Store

3. JustSMS

Another app that has a simple user interface and allows stoners to shoot unlimited text/ SMS to any mobile phone number in India for free is JustSMS. Stoners simply need to create a new account and then begin adding connections.

This app’s unique feature is that it includes a large number of SMS templates that you can use when you’re in a rush or simply too lazy to type.

Download JustSMS

4. SMS Text Messaging Texting SMS

Now, that doesn’t look like a veritably professional name for an app but if you use this service, you’ll love it for its functionality and the capability to shoot out an unlimited number of textbook dispatches anywhere across the country.

This program is one of a kind in that it can be used on both Android tablets and PCs. Simply log in with your single account from any location and your account will be accessible from any end. Therefore you can shoot textbook SMS fluently either from an Android phone or tablet or indeed from a PC.

Download Texty

5. GO SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is featured at the bottom of this list of 5 free SMS apps for Android because it’s being druggies aren’t too satisfied with this service. There have been issues with its ability to transfer textbook SMS that was not delivered on time, causing drug addicts to have to resend. I kept it on my list because it worked in my case and I could shoot any number of dispatches from my Nexus 7. Another advantage was its clutter-free stoner interface.

Download Go SMS Pro

6. Textra SMS

Developed by a genuine and given innovator (Delicious Inc), you can find the Textra SMS app under the Communication order of the Google play store.

TextraSMS has one of the most elegant stoner interfaces which is also simple to use but when I used it to shoot out textbook dispatches, I didn’t like this app too important because dispatches failed to get delivered on time. While the former two apps were delivered by SMS incontinently, there was a considerable time pause when I used this service. I’m not sure if others face the same problem while using this app.

Download Textra SMS

7. Free SMS to India

Free SMS to India is an Android app that allows druggies to shoot free and unlimited textbook dispatches to any mobile in India directly from an Android phone.

You can use different gateways with this software, including Way2SMS, FullonSMS, Site2SMS, 160by2, and YouMint. The inventor is also willing to be contacted about adding more gateways.

The interface is straightforward, and Free SMS also allows you to select from a large collection of sample textbooks for various occasions for which you may be sending dispatches. The inventor’s assertion that this program saves battery life and RAM by transferring processing and operations to external waiters appears to be the icing on the cake.

Download Free SMS to India Now

8. JaxtrSMS

Launched in November 2011, JaxtrSMS allows druggies to shoot unlimited and free textbook dispatches to any phone anywhere in the world. The SMS donors do not need to download the app in order to use it. According to TOI, Sabeer Bhatia, the CEO, and co-Founder of Jaxtr, makes it the world’s first fully open mobile-grounded SMS app. This’ open’ point of JaxtrSMS provides it an edge over other SMS apps among a slew of free SMS providers. This announcement—the supported multi-platform app—will, according to Bhatia, render traditional messaging obsolete.

Download Jaxtr SMS Now


Hope you like our list of free SMS apps for Android druggies in India. However, do partake their names and your guests with those apps with our compendiums by writing to us, If you’re using any other apps than those mentioned then.

Hope it’s useful, Thank You.


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