How to Use Zoom Meeting Application on Mobile and PC In 2022


How to Use Zoom Meeting Application on Mobile and PC – Do you already know how to join an online meeting or meeting, or maybe study online, study online and so on using the Zoom application when someone you know has arranged a conference call and invited you?

How to Use the Zoom Meeting Application on Mobile and PC
How to Use the Zoom Meeting Application on Mobile and PC

The Zoom app is a teleconferencing and video chat solution that you can use to host work meetings, talk with family and friends, and take online classes Online.

What do you need to be able to join the Zoom Meeting application?

You don’t need an account to join through Zoom Meeting. However, you do need a Meeting ID or invitation URL.

When the host or we can say the one holding the meeting or online meeting starts the session, you can join, unless there is an option set to allow you to join before the host or organizer arrives.

Or you can sign up for a Zoom account that includes your contact information. Then when the host arranges a conference call, you can be reached directly via Zoom without needing an invitation URL.

Download the Zoom Application for PC / Laptop 2022

It’s easy to join the Zoom Meeting. You can open the invite link or receive a phone call. From the invitation, enter the meeting by clicking the link or URL that was sent to you.

At this point, you will be given a link to download the Zoom desktop application for your PC or Mac.

Zoom Meeting application

How to Join Zoom Meeting on Windows and Mac

Open Zoom desktop and join a meeting using one of the methods below.

Join Zoom Meeting

  1. Click Join a Meeting without Signing in,
  2. Sign in to your zoom account and click Join.
  3. Enter your Meeting ID and Display Name.
  4. If you don’t want to use a display name, you can change it if you are logged in to the Zoom account.
  5. Set permissions for your audio and video in the zoom application so that they can be used.

zoomjoin4Meeting ID

How to See Other Participants in the Zoom Application on PC

Open the Zoom desktop application which was downloaded above. From the top right corner, click on Gallery View.

How to See Other Participants in the Zoom Application on PC

If you joined the Zoom Meeting which has more than 49 participants, use the arrows to scroll to another page. Only 49 participants can be loaded on one page.

How to See Other Participants in the Zoom Application on HP

Open the Zoom application and click Join.

How to See Other Participants in the Zoom Application on HP

Active Speaker View is displayed by default. Swipe left to display the Gallery View. Thumbnails of four participants will be displayed at once on your cellphone. Keep swiping left to see more people at the Zoom Meeting.

How to Join Zoom Meeting Via Phone

If you have downloaded the Zoom app, the hosts hosting the event can contact you directly.

How to Join Zoom Meeting Via Phone

Later a Pop-Up will appear asking for permission to access your computer’s video and audio functions. Give permission and join the direct call.

How to Join Zoom Meeting Directly Through Zoom’s Official Website

If you don’t want to download the zoom application, you can still join the Zoom Meeting from an account on the Zoom website. Log into your account and click JOIN A MEETING from the top navigation bar.

Join Zoom Meeting Directly Through Zoom's Official Website

When prompted, enter your Meeting ID or Personal Link Name and then click Join to join the meeting zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting on Linux

Open the Zoom desktop application on Linux. Click Join a Meeting without logging in, or you can also log in first and then click Join.

Enter the Meeting ID sent and your name as desired to be displayed there. To change the display name, you can do it by signing it to Zoom first.

Choose how you want to join the meeting by checking or unchecking the boxes next to Don’t connect to audio and Turn off my video.

How to Join Zoom Meeting on HP (SmartPhone)

The process is actually the same as using a desktop computer. The host will send you the link via text or email. Or, if you have shared Zoom’s contact details with the organizer of the online event, the invitations will then be sent from the live app.

Then just click on the invitation URL to join zoom. If you install the Zoom application on your cellphone, clicking the meeting link will launch Zoom Cloud Meetings and will automatically be linked.

If you haven’t downloaded the Zoom application on your cellphone, you will see a request to download and run the application. You don’t need to be signed into a Zoom account to join any meeting.

Join the Zoom Meeting Application via Android

Open the Zoom app from your Android device. If you haven’t downloaded it, open the Google Play Store, and please install it first.

Join the meeting by:

  1. Click the Join a Meeting menu without logging in.
  2. By signing in first and then clicking the Join menu.
  3. Enter your Meeting ID or Display Name.
  4. Select the options for the audio and video you want.
  5. Tap Join Meeting.

Join the Zoom Meeting Application via iPhone (iOS)

Open the Zoom mobile application. If you haven’t downloaded it, please install it on the App Store first. To join the Meeting without Signing In, click the Join a Meeting menu.

If you join the meeting after signing into your Zoom account, you can do this by pressing the Join menu. Enter your Meeting ID and display your name. If you are signed in and do not want your name to appear by default, you can change it.

How to Record a Meeting Zoom Session If You Are a Participant

In general, only hosts are allowed to record video meetings. Participants must obtain prior permission from the host to be able to record the meeting.

If your host is new to and using the Zoom application, try to tell him how to give permission for you to be able to record the meeting session. What the host needs to do is:

  1. Select Manage Participants.
  2. Then ask to hover over your name.
  3. Click the blue button on the More menu and Allow Record. So now you can record the session.

How to Raise a Hand in the Zoom App If You Have Questions

The Zoom Raise Hand function is the best way to let the host know you have a question without interrupting a meeting session.

Select Participants from the bottom center of the computer screen and click on the Raise Hand feature.

Later the host will see that you have raised your hand. To put your hand back down, click the same button which is now called Lower Hand.

If on a cellphone or cellphone the method is, to press on the Raise Hand in the lower-left corner of the screen. The hand icon will turn blue with text that says Lower Hand below it.


Zoom is a versatile tool that allows users to be able to join in meetings, meetings, online classes, online seminars, online online, online lectures, and others from anywhere and at any time. This is an effort and form of self-protection for the Covid-19 outbreak by implementing Physical Distancing.

The best part about this zoom application is that you don’t have to use any fees to join the meeting session. Everything is free or free for you.

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