Three Methods to Disable AutoRun in Windows 10


Disable AutoRun in Windows 10:-Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You to About Disable AutoRun in Windows 10.

Are you a Windows 10 stoner? If yes, you should consider yourself lucky as Windows 10 gives you numerous amazing options that make life so much easy. And one similar point is AutoRun. This point is incorporated in

10 to automatically start certain programs, open removable drives or play media lines automatically when CDs, DVDs, or media cards are fitted. AutoRun has a sub-feature, i.e. AutoPlay, which allows programs to play or run as soon as the media bias gets attached to the computer( this point is turned on by dereliction in Windows 10).

Disable AutoRun in Windows 10
At times AutoPlay could be annoying when media lines like pictures or music play automatically on fitting CDs, DVDs, USB, etc. thus, if AutoRun or AutoPlay is annoying you while doing your pivotal work, we have the result to disable and control AutoPlay features.

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Methods to Turn Off/ Disable AutoRun in Windows 10

Still, simply use the styles listed below, If you want to disable AutoRun or AutoPlay in Windows 10.

Method 1. Disable AutoRun in Windows 10 using Registry Editor

You need to execute several conducts in Windows 10 Registry Editor for disabling AutoRun. Perform the given way to turn off AutoRun in Windows 10.

Step 1: Press the Window s+ R from your keyboard and type Regedit in the Run window and click OK to open Registry Editor.

Disable AutoRun using Registry Editor

Step 2: ClickHKEY_CURRENT_USER and follow the path to reach the programs brochure

Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion programs

reach Policies folder

Step 3: Now, right-click in the right pane of the Registry Editor and produce a new DWORD type value and name it “ NoDriveTypeAutorun ”.

Set DWORD value to one of the following to disable different programs

  • FF: To disable AutoRun on all drives
  • 20: To disable AutoRun on CD-ROM drives
  • 4: To disable AutoRun on removable drives
  • 8: To disable AutoRun on fixed drives
  • 10: To disable AutoRun on network drives
  • 40: To disable AutoRun on RAM disks
  • 1: To disable AutoRun on unknown drives

create a new DWORD type value

Method 2. Disable AutoPlay in Windows 10

Another way to disable AutoPlay in Windows 10 operating systems is by doing it through Windows Settings. Follow the below-mentioned steps to turn off AutoPlay in Windows 10:

Step 1: Click the Windows icon, in your system.

Click on Windows icon

Step 2: Now, from the menu that pops up, select the Settings option

select Settings option

Step 3: Now select Devices (Bluetooth, printers, mouse) options from the Settings menu.

select Devices

Step 4: Select AutoPlay from the left side pane.

Select AutoPlay

Step 5: Now, turn off the AutoPlay (Use AutoPlay for all media and devices) switch by making a click with your mouse.

turn off the AutoPlay

So, once you follow all the above-mentioned steps carefully, your AutoPlay will be turned off.

Method 3. Disable AutoRun and AutoPlay at Group Policy Level

Still, you can simply do it with the Group Policy editor, If you want to control AutoRun and AutoPlay settings. Before you start executing the step-by-step companion, make sure you have logged in to the Windows 10 system as a director for penetrating the Group Policy editor.

Step 1: Open the Windows Start menu and type gpedit to open Local Group Policy Editor.

Step 2: Under Computer Configuration, click Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> AutoPlay Policies.
Local Group Policy Editor
Step 3: Double-click on Turn off AutoPlay under the Setting tab.
Turn off AutoPlay
Step 4: Select the “Enabled” option under Turn Off AutoPlay.
Turn Off AutoPlay
Now, the annoying AutoPlay will no more disturb you when you attach an external device to your computer.

Tips for you :

Recover Damaged or Corrupted Windows Data using Automated Solution

When AutoRun is enabled, malware or vicious programs can get installed automatically on your system, causing severe damage to your Windows system. In similar cases, the below-mentioned styles won’t resolve your problem. But, they can help in avoiding disasters from happening. However, we largely recommend using a third-party tool and the stylish one suggested by IT professionals is Kernel for Windows Data Recovery If you’re formerly facing Windows data loss problems.


Windows 10 systems enabled with AutoPlay or AutoRun point are vulnerable to malware attacks that beget data losses and corruption if a USB drive containing a vicious program is fitted into your computer( indeed if it’s locked). So, always turn off the dereliction Windows AutoPlay settings to keep your computer and your pivotal data safe and secure.


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