15 Best Offline Open World Game For Android [2023]


Best Offline Open World Game For Android -Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You About the Best Offline Open World Game For Android.

The best Android pixel games are often liked by many players. Even though currently there are many game developers competing to create extraordinary game graphics, there are also a number of game developers who choose to develop games with pixel-style graphics.

15 Best Offline Open World Game For Android
15 Best Offline Open World Game For Android

Of course, this cannot be separated from the many players who also like the retro impression. In addition, games with pixel-style graphics will usually be lighter to play. Here are the Best Android Pixel Games that you must play!

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10 Best Offline Open World Game For Android :

10. Prizefighters 2

Prizefighters 2The second series of the game titled Prizefighters is a game that will take you to start a career as a boxer. The career mode presented by this game is quite in-depth.

You can create and customize boxer characters when you first start the game. Later, you will bring these characters to do a lot of battles. As you progress, you can make various improvements to your character.

That way, the fight will be easier to win. Even though it comes with a pixel-style presentation, the boxing action in this game can be displayed quite interestingly.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Sports

Size: 29MB

Download Prizefighters 2

9. Moonrise Arena

Moonrise ArenaMoonrise Arena is a retro-style action RPG game that can be played offline. This game is set in a world that has been attacked by zombies and demons. As a player, you will also play against hordes of enemies.

Each enemy will appear randomly from various portals. Apart from that, each enemy also has unique abilities. To strengthen your character, you can use a variety of equipment. In total, this game provides up to 20 arenas to play with 3 different difficulty levels.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Role Playing

Size: 49MB

Download Moonrise Arena

8. Endurance: Dead Space

Endurance Dead SpaceIf you have played a game called Ailment, now this game will probably feel familiar. Endurance: dead space itself is a prequel to the Ailment game. The story of this game tells the events before the game series.

In the story, you are a researcher on a spaceship. But unfortunately, an infection occurred which made the space team become zombies. As a player, you are also required to survive by doing lots of battles.

As a game with pixel-style graphics, the overall gameplay of this game is quite attractive. The reason is, the combination of elements can be packaged quite well, starting from the story, and fighting action, to character development.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Adventure

Size: 53MB

Download Endurance: Dead Space

7. Elemental Dungeon

Elemental DungeonUnlike some of the previous games, Elemental Dungeon is a game that must be played online. As an RPG adventure-type game with pixel-style graphics, this game has a fairly unique gameplay system.

Because this game provides 6 different elements that can be used to attack, starting from fire, water, earth, and so on. The game itself will be done by fighting in various dungeons. To carry out attacks, you can do a combination of 3 different elements.

The combination of these elements will produce a unique attack. Each attack will also require certain energy.

Mode: Online

Genre: Adventure

Size: 126MB

Download Elemental Dungeon

6. Fury Survivor

Fury SurvivorFury Survivor is a game set in a post-zombie apocalypse world. As a result of the disaster, the entire area left countless zombies roaming around.

As one of the survivors, of course, you have to bring the main character alive. During the game, you can collect various equipment and weapons.

In terms of gameplay, this game manages to present quite an exciting gameplay with the presence of various battles against hordes of zombies.

Mode: Online

Genre: Role Playing

Size: 172MB

Download Fury Survivor

5. Bit Heroes

Bit HeroesIf you want to play a game with pixel-style graphics and an uncomplicated gameplay mechanism, then Bit Heroes might try it. This game has a game concept like a classic RPG game.

In the game, you will explore a number of dungeons and fight against many monsters. The battles are presented in a turn-based mechanism. You can form a team to fight.

What makes this game easy enough to play is the auto feature. This feature can be used for combat or while exploring.

Mode: Online

Genre: Role Playing

Size: 68MB

Download Bit Heroes

4. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Even though it comes with the impression of a simple game, this game is capable of being a very addictive game. Dead Ahead presents a strategy action gameplay set in a world that has been hit by a zombie outbreak.

In order to survive, you have to defend the bus from zombies. For that, there are a number of different unit cards that can be used. Apart from surviving, you are also required to destroy the barricades that block the road.

Selection of the right character will of course be very necessary. The reason is, each character requires a variety of energies. You can also improve your character units and vehicles along with the progress you have made.

Mode: Online

Genre: Strategy

Size: 227MB

Download Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

3. My Heroes: SEA

My Heroes is an action RPG game with shooting gameplay that comes with a classic pixel-style presentation. Even so, every element presented in this game can be presented quite satisfactorily.

You can do the game in this game solo or in multiplayer mode. To complete each dungeon, you can use a variety of different skills. These skills can be paired and upgraded according to strategic needs.

Besides skills, you can also use a number of equipment to strengthen your character. As a game that focuses on the action element, this game has advantages in terms of gameplay. The reason is, the gameplay of this game feels quite entertaining.

Mode: Online

Genre: Role Playing

Size: 594MB

Download My Heroes: SEA

2. Otherworld Legends

Otherworld Legends is a game where you will control the best knights from different times who are summoned to a mirage. Later, you will explore various dungeons and have many battles.

Apart from fighting against ordinary enemies, you will also encounter fights against bosses who are much stronger. The reason is, each boss has a unique attack pattern that must be overcome.

You can unlock a number of different weapons to strengthen your character. What’s interesting about this game is that the various combat actions can be displayed in an interesting and challenging way.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 133MB

Download Otherworld Legends

1. Guardian Tales

As a game with pixel-style graphics, Guardian Tales is arguably one of the games with complete features. How not, this game presents an interesting story, action, and good adventure, as well as additional RPG elements for character development.

The story in this game itself tells of an adventure in the kingdom of Canterbury which is attacked by enemies. Your task is to reclaim the kingdom from the enemy’s grasp.

To make it less serious, this game also includes a number of humorous elements that are quite entertaining. The game is presented in a hack and slash gameplay mechanism. However, unlike most other similar games, this game requires players to fully participate in the game because there is no auto feature.

Mode: Online

Genre: Role Playing

Size: 818MB

Download Guardian Tales

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So, those are the Best Offline Open World Games For Android that are very interesting to play. Even though the graphic presentation seems simple, it’s still very exciting, right?

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