10 Latest and Fun Online Chatting Applications 2022


10 Latest and Fun Online Chatting Applications:- It would have been great if we could still connect with our friends even though it was only online via the internet, we could use lots of chat applications for Android available on google play store.

Latest and Fun Online Chatting Applications
Latest and Fun Online Chatting Applications

There are lots of features that we can get from the chat application, we can send photos and videos for free to friends or also send files such as documents or assignments to our teachers and lecturers.

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This will make it easier for us in terms of life, besides being practical it will also save us time. Try to imagine if the assignment needs to be submitted to the lecturer, but we are far from where the lecturer is, you lose time, right?

Chat applications for Android in 2016 are very diverse, ranging from those that provide free facilities such as video calls or video calls and also other services such as sending free files.

What are the benefits of chat applications in our lives? Previously I explained above that the chat application on Android can save us time and also its use is very practical. And again, we can use it to communicate in the family if we are not in the same place, then with this, we can know how each other is.

and there are so many chat applications that we can find on the Google Play Store such as the following collection of 10 latest 2017 online chat applications for Android.

10 Latest and Best Online Chatting Applications In 2022

1. Facebook / Facebook Messenger

Facebook Facebook Messenger.

The first chat application is Facebook Messenger. Almost everyone in this world has a Facebook account, and not a few even have more than one Facebook account and they even change their Facebook account all the time. With the Facebook application that you install on Android, it will continue to make it easier for us to communicate with family, siblings. Not only the Facebook application, but you can also try an application that is also published by Facebook, namely Facebook Messenger. Using this FB Messenger application you can chat easily with your Facebook friends, and the features provided are also various, including you can call / video call your Facebook friends.

                                               Download: FB Messenger

2. BBM For Android

BBM For Android

The next chat application that you can try is BlackBerry Messenger for Android. This application is a favorite since Blackberry released a version for Android, and provided freeware for Android users. You can communicate quickly and easily and you also have a fun atmosphere by sending cute and nice stickers to your friends on BBM.

                                           Download: BlackBerry Messenger

3. WhatsApp


The next chat application is the What’s App or what is commonly called aka WA. A special chat application that is simple and easy to use, just by installing the What’s App application on your Android, you can immediately communicate with your friends who are also using this application. just by using their cell phone number. And you can use various features in this application, including being able to chat quickly and easily, be able to chat with many people at once, send files such as music, pictures, and videos.

                                               Download: WhatsApp

4. Line


Using this application you can easily chat with your friends who also have a Line account. However, you are required to upgrade your friends manually by entering their cellphone numbers. The last feature you can try is Video Call and also change the Line theme to your liking.

                                                    Download: Line

5. Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk is an Android chat application that is also the best, almost the same as other chat applications, namely you can make free phone calls or video calls with your friends. What distinguishes this application from others is that you can send good and funny moving animations to your friends.

                                                  Download: Kakao Talk

6. We Chat

We Chat

This application introduces you to Voice and Video Calls for free, as well as many other great features. As well as cute and cute stickers, there are not a few that you are ready to send to We Chat friends.

                                                     Download: WeChat

7. Imo


This application is not the least known as the best and easiest video call application, not bad by installing this application you can make video calls with your friends, namely by increasing the cellphone number of your friend who also has the Imo application. And you don’t need to create an account first like applications in general.

                                                    Download: Imo

8. Skype


The chat application that you can try next is Skype. This application is not the least used by people who want to make video calls with a fast internet network. You can make video calls with many people at once, quickly and easily. As well as a chat feature that you can use to make it easier to communicate with your family, relatives or friends.

                                                   Download: Skype

9. Say Hi Chat

Say Hi Chat

The next best chat application is Say Hi Chat, you can find many friends by detecting people closest to your location and chatting with them, please get acquainted and share positive things with them.

                                              Download: Say Hi Chat

10. Snapchat


You can easily give the best events to your friends, just by taking a picture of you and then sending it with Snapchat, choose your funniest picture to make your friends laugh.

                                               Download: Snapchat


Now that’s in friends’ 10 online chat applications 2021 for Android, you can make a reference for using chat applications on your Android. For other Android tips, you can read on this blog.

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