How to Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome Mobile and PC In 2022


For those of you who do not know the way to open blocked sites, here we’ve provided the way to open blocked sites on Google Chrome HP and the way to open blocked sites on Google Chrome PC 2022 for you.

Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome Mobile and PC

In this digital era, almost everyone can’t be separated from the web.

The internet is employed to seek out information, communicate with friends through social media, and watch videos.

However, some things associated with the web are sometimes hampered because there are several sites that are blocked.

Related to this, during this discussion we’ll provide information on the way to open various blocked sites.

By using DNScertain, then all of you’ll access, for instance, adult sites that are blocked on your PC or laptop that uses the Windows 7 or Windows 10 OS.

Even these sites are often opened without employing a VPN, proxy, to extensions from Google Chrome. interested by how? Just take a glance at the complete description below.

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How to Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome Phone and PC

1. How to Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome Phone With Web proxy Server Proxy

You need to understand together if this web proxy is one sort of service that you simply can use without paying, aka free.

You can use this website to access blocked sites.

Please ask the steps on the way to open a blocked site on google chrome cellphone below.

  • Open browser on your cellphone then visits the Web proxy site via the following link
  • If you have successfully entered the site, then enter the URL of the blocked site.
  • Now you can enjoy the blocked site earlier as usual.

2. Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome PC With a proxy server from the web proxy

web proxy

Almost like the previous site. the way to use this web is sort of easy too you are doing.

Regarding the steps to open a blocked site on Google Chrome PC, it’s as follows.

  1. Visit Web site via the following link
  2. After the site opens, type the URL address of the blocked site in the field.
  3. At last typing, the URL address, click Enter then you can immediately enter the site.

Thus, the obstacles, also because the inconvenience when connecting to the web that always occurs are going to be reduced.

Especially associated with the connection problem of the blocked site.

3. Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome Phone With Hidemyass Proxy Server

Hidemyass Proxy Server

Hidemyass also can be used as how to open blocked sites on Google Chrome HP.

This service may be a sort of service that’s free.

This service has the power to accurately open blocked sites.

You can visit the Hidemyass website via the subsequent


By using this proxy, it’ll certainly make it easier for you to access.

In addition, it’s also free from the danger of blocked sites.

However, we’d like to warn you beforehand, albeit this proxy features a one hundred pc guarantee of being effective.

Do not use the power to open some useless sites.

4.Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome PC With DNS and Open DNS

Open DNS

You can try the way to open blocked sites on Google Chrome PC because certain providers block sites using special DNS.

Like using DNS Newsletters, as we explained at the start of the discussion.

So that you’ll still access the blocked site, the steps you would like to require are as follows.

  1. Replace the DNS by using DNS open.
  2. DNS which is typically wont to open blocked sites is DNS from Google and Open DNS. associated with how it’s also quite easy.
  3. Please open the instrument panel, then network and internet, continue with the network sharing center.
  4. In the menu on the left, please select change adapter settings. If so, then your internet connection is going to be active again.
  5. In that section, please select several options from internet protocol version 4 . If so, please press the properties button at rock bottom.
  6. If so, please enter the DNS code within the DNS Address column.
  7. Done. Now you’ll use the browser freely.

5. Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome PC With Anonymox


If you employ google chrome or Mozilla firefox tools, then you’ll easily open blocked sites.

Related to the steps to open a blocked site on Google Chrome PC, this is often as follows.

You can use the anonymous add-on DOWNLOAD ANONYMOX HERE )

  • The thing you need to do is to install the anonymous add-on, in each of these browsers, then do the installation.
  • If it’s already installed, then you’ll immediately use it.
  • In the upper right corner of the browser, you’ll see an “ X ” sign indicating whether the anonymous is active or not.

What makes it interesting, this feature presents several sorts of options that you simply can customize to your liking.

6. Open a Web Blocked Server Using Opera turbo

Opera turbo

This feature of the way to open an internet that’s blocked by a server you’ll cash in of once you use the Opera browser type.

Actually, this feature has various functions to be ready to speed up the method of opening an internet site once you have a poor connection.

In terms of how it works, it’s almost like Opera Mini. Where, before being shown to users, the website is compressed first.

Well, this turbo opera feature can actually be wont to open blocked sites.

Regarding the tactic, please click the speedometer icon within the lower-left toolbar. If so, then please select ” Enable Opera Turbo “.

7. Unblock Videos In Google Chrome By Directly Opening IP Address

IP Address

Most sites are usually only blocked within the name. Thus, we will all access it by using its IP address.

The steps on the way to unblock videos on google chrome got to do are as follows.

Know the site’s IP address first. Use the command prompt to find out.

    • The trick, please open the prompt (CMD), then please type the, then press enter.
    • If so, you’ll see the IP address. Please type the IP address in your browser.

      8. Open Blocked Sites on Windows 10 PC With Mozilla Web Proxy

      Mozilla Web Proxy

      The next way, you’ll use an internet proxy within the Mozilla Firefox browser as an alternate thanks to eliminating positive internet on a laptop or PC.

      The steps for opening blocked sites on a Windows 10 PC are as follows.

      1. At the first step, you have to do is to open the Free Proxy List site at the following link
      2. If so, then please choose one among the proxy addresses that are there.
      3. Try to choose a neighboring country proxy type. this is often in order that the connection isn’t too slow.
      4. If so, then please select Tools – Options – Advanced – Network.
      5. Next, within the connection section, please select settings. during this section, please enter the proxy you get.
      6. Continue by clicking OK.

      9. Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome Phone With Opera Mini Browser

      Opera Mini Browser

      If you’re a mobile user, be it Android, windows phone, Symbian, and other types, then you’ll use a browser without blocking opera mini to open blocked sites.

      In addition, opera mini also can be used on a PC by using an emulator.

      Regarding the way to open blocked sites on Google Chrome HP via opera mini, the steps are as follows.

    • Open the opera mini browser. If you haven’t downloaded the opera mini-application, please download it via the subsequent link DOWNLOAD OPERA MINI HERE )
    • If so, type directly into the site.
    • Wait for the network to loading.
    • After loading is complete, then you’ll use the blocked site.

In addition to the opera mini-application, there’s also how to open blocked sites employing a turbo VPN.

You can download this Turbo VPN application at the subsequent link Download Turbo VPN Here ).


How to open blocked sites on Google Chrome HP and PC is sort of easy.

Apart from that, there are some ways to try to do it. Please use one of the methods above.

Don’t miss our other articles on the way to open blocked sites without an application on iPhone and the way to open blocked sites without an application on a laptop.

That’s the whole content of our discussion this point about the way to open blocked sites on Google Chrome HP 2021 and the way to open blocked sites on Google Chrome PC. That’s all and good luck.


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