3 Easy and Safe Ways to Calibrate Laptop Battery 2021


3 Easy and Safe Ways to Calibrate Laptop Battery – Description: Over time, the battery power of the laptop will decrease. For that, you need to calibrate it by calibrating the laptop battery below.

3 Easy and Safe Ways to Calibrate Laptop Battery

How to Safe Ways to Calibrate Laptop Battery 2021

For both cellphones and laptops, the battery power performance of these two electronic objects will decrease over time.

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It is in this case that a calibration is required.

How to calibrate a laptop battery is actually the same as calibration of a cellphone battery, which can be done manually or by third-party software.

Calibration is intended to find out how the actual condition of laptop battery life is.

Sometimes the battery charge is out of sync between the indications the system gives and the reality.

For example, the system states that the battery lasts up to 120 minutes even though the original can only last for 30 minutes.

So, how do you do the calibration?

1. Manual Laptop Battery Calibration

The first way that you can use to calibrate a laptop battery is to use the manual method.

However, before starting to do the calibration, you must first turn off the sleep/hibernation battery / power-saving feature.

The way to change the laptop’s sleep mode setting is like this.

1. First, go to Control Panel which you can find in the settings menu.

2. Click ” hardware and sound”, select the Power Option option and press the ” Change when the computer sleeps” menu.

3 Easy and Safe Ways to Calibrate Laptop Battery

3. Next, you can change the time duration to ” Never ” in the ” Play the computer ‘setting.

3 Easy and Safe Ways to Calibrate Laptop Battery

4. In the Critical battery level section, click on the ‘On Battery’ section and you can set the lowest percentage, which is 1% to 5%.

5. Finally, you can press ” Apply, ok, and Save Changes” which is useful for saving the settings that you have made.

3 Easy and Safe Ways to Calibrate Laptop Battery

After completing the settings for sleep mode on the laptop, then you can imitate the laptop battery calibration method described in the following paragraph.

You can listen carefully to the steps described below.

1. First, you have to charge the laptop with an external laptop battery charger until it reaches its maximum of 100%.

This is so that after charging it fully and the condition of the laptop temperature is not too high.

You can leave it for a while with the charger still plugged in.

2. Next, you can disconnect the charger from the laptop and leave the laptop on but without you using it at all until the battery runs out and is completely empty.

3. Finally, you can fully charge the battery 100% back. In this phase, the calibration process is complete and the system will read the battery health status normally again.

2. Calibrate Laptop Battery Using BIOS

If the results of the first method are not satisfactory, you can try the second method, namely using the BIOS.

On Windows laptops, there is generally a calibration program pre-installed for the operating system in the BIOS.

Confused about how to calibrate a laptop battery with this method? Come on, see the following explanation!

1. First, you have to turn off the laptop and then turn it back on

During the boot process, you have to press the F2 key continuously, not to let it go (maybe the method to get to recovery mode on each laptop is different, please browse first).

2. If you have entered the BIOS menu, press the “ Power ” option using the cursor keys on the keyboard.

3. After that, select the menu ” start Battery Calibration ” and click enter.

3 Easy and Safe Ways to Calibrate Laptop Battery

4. Please charge the laptop to 100% and remove it and let the battery drain by itself.

5. After that, recharge it again until it is 100% full, and do not press any buttons while charging is in progress.

6. If it is full, it means the calibration process is over. Restart your laptop again and remove the charger.

That’s the second way you can use to calibrate a laptop battery.

Still not satisfied and sure? Alright, one more way to calibrate a laptop battery that you can do. Listen carefully, yes.

3. Calibrate Laptop Battery with Software

You need to know beforehand, there are much software available on the internet that you can use to help with the laptop battery calibration process.

However, in practice, you should also read the description of the software whether it is compatible with the version of Windows you are using or not.

Here is an example of software that you can use to indicate a laptop battery in Windows 10.

– Smarter Battery

You need to know, Smarter Battery is a power management software that is popularly used on Windows laptops.

In addition to improving battery performance, this software can also be used to calibrate laptop batteries.

To be able to use it, you first have to buy this software on the official website for $ 14.

The price set may also be comparable to what is provided by this software.

– Battery Care

Do you want to do the calibration process manually, but the battery drain time is very long?

You can use a third-party software called Battery Care to calibrate a laptop battery.

Battery Care can also be used to determine the current state of battery performance. This software is free, and you can try it without having to pay.

Over time, both cellphone and laptop battery power will decrease.

This cannot be avoided, but you can anticipate it by regularly calibrating the battery.

Some of the ways to calibrate a laptop battery that has been mentioned above can be fairly easy, without having to assemble the laptop case.

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