SEO Link Building: Complete Beginners Guide 2021


SEO Link Building: Complete Beginners Guide – SEO Link Building: Link building is an off-page SEO technique that is integral to the journey to the top of Google. However, did you know that link building cannot be done carelessly? There are certain rules that must be obeyed by all website owners.

SEO Link Building Complete Beginners Guide
SEO Link Building Complete Beginners Guide

If you are determined to violate it, Google will immediately remove your website from its search results. Sounds terrible, right? Therefore, let’s learn the correct SEO link-building practices in this article. So that your website is free from penalties and of course it can stand firmly in the top ranking of Google.

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In short, link building is an activity to get links from other websites that lead to your website. This type of link is also known as a backlink and is one of the main factors in Google’s SEO assessment.

But remember, Google judges the backlinks from their quality, not quantity.

Quality backlinks are backlinks that come from relevant, credible, and stable traffic websites. Quality backlinks, even if the number is only one, will beat 100 backlinks from suspicious sites.

In fact, websites with a collection of backlinks from spam websites can get penalized by Google, you know. This penalty is in the form of removing the website from the search results until an indefinite time. Or at least until those low-quality backlinks are completely removed from the website.

Therefore, the link-building activities that you do must focus on finding high-quality backlinks.

Google’s SEO algorithm is always changing, but one thing remains certain: quality backlinks are a major factor in Google’s assessment of search results.

The logic is this: more backlinks mean that your website is a quality website that is a role model for other websites. As a result, Google will prioritize your website in search results because it is considered to have the most useful content among other websites.

Well, you can get these backlinks by doing a link-building strategy. This is why link building is such an important SEO technique. As well as being an activity that should be done by every website owner.

As we mentioned above, quality trumps quantity. Therefore, we provide the following types of link building that can produce quality backlinks and which ones to avoid:

This type is the best link building you can get. How come? Other people will be happy to put your link on their website without being asked.

This type of link building usually occurs when:

  • Others include a link from your content as a trusted source of information
  • Other people offend your website for being an additional source of their own content
  • Incorporate your website as an infographic or statistical builder
  • Conducting interviews with people related to your website

You can see that other people must have a special reason to want to voluntarily post backlinks. In other words, you have to make other people “fall in love” with your website.

This is of course very difficult and requires a lot of time. Because, you have to create high-quality, interesting, updated, and complete content at the same time.

That is why natural link building is the best type and very valuable. In fact, usually, a website that manages to get it will be at the top of Google’s search results for a very long time.

Link Building Outreach

This type requires you to contact the website owner and ask them to post your link. This outreach is the most common type of link building that is practiced. Especially for new websites that are still small and not well known.

However, the person you contact also does not immediately agree to install a backlink. You must be able to provide clear reasons and the benefits they will get.

Besides that, you also can’t contact the website owner randomly. You should contact the owner of a website whose content is similar to your own website. Right, other people must be confused if your website is about computers, but ask for backlinks on websites that discuss cats.

Typically, link building outreach occurs when:

  • Guest blogging where you write articles to be published on other people’s websites. Then, enter a link to your own website in the article.
  • You become a sponsor for a website. So that your website is mentioned in its content as a donor or sponsor of an event.
  • Press releases regarding the latest news related to your website/brand.
Misguided Link Building

This is the worst type of link building you should avoid as much as possible. Because this type of link-building practice usually aims to deceive Google. So, it is as if the content on the website is relevant and important but it is not at all.

Backlinks that fall into this type are:

  • Paid backlinks. Google itself overt strictly prohibits the practice of buying and selling these backlinks.
  • Spam other people’s comments by including your own website link.
  • Spam in online forums deliberately creates topics/threads that contain lots of backlinks to their own websites.

You can see that this link-building method is indeed very easy to practice. Therefore, it’s no wonder that there are still many people who do it as a shortcut to success.

In fact, since the Penguin algorithm in 2012, Google has been very active in hunting down websites that commit the above fraudulent practices. If caught in the act, Google will not hesitate to give a penalty and remove the website from search results.

Actually, there are many link-building strategies that you can try. However, below we’ll provide some general strategies that are suitable for everyone in all industries:

The essence of this strategy is to aim to make your website a role model because of the high-quality content you have. That way, other people will be happy to post links because your website is a reliable source of completion.

Therefore, the content that you create also cannot be original or similar to other websites. Below are some types of content that usually get lots of backlinks:

  • Infographics
  • Statistics
  • The white sheet ( white papers )
  • Guide
  • Video
  • Image gallery

After you create one (or more) of the content above, please contact the sites that you think are relevant. Ask them to put a link to your content on their website. Whether it’s on content that has been created or in their content that will be published at a later date.

Slowly, you don’t have to beg like that anymore. Because your website will be famous by itself because of its quality. Think of it as “promotion” and build credibility because many other websites provide backlinks.

This link-building method does take a long time. Moreover, creating high-quality content requires a lot of effort, time, and a lot of money.

However, the end result is truly satisfying and a dream for most people: number one in Google’s search results and a role model for other websites. If you have this, whatever success you want to achieve with a website is sure to come true.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

As the name suggests, guest blogging is when you become a guest ( guest ) on another website by writing articles to be published there. Then, in that article, you insert a link to your own website.

This method has been commonly practiced among website owners since ancient times. But now, Google is closely watching this guest blogging practice.

Because not a few people use guest blogging just to find backlinks and not write quality content. As a result, the content is mere spam and violates Google’s rules. If you have this ending, you will definitely find out: Google will give you a penalty.

Therefore, make sure your guest blogging content is taken seriously so that it is of high quality. Write the article like you write on your own website. In addition, make sure that the website you choose is also relevant to stable traffic.

3. Ego Bait

Ego Bait

Taken literally, ego bait is provoking ego. Whose ego provoked? Of course, the other person’s ego that you want to get backlinks from. The hope, that person will feel flattered so want to put your link on the website.

This link-building strategy takes advantage of basic human psychology and (almost) always works — provided you do it right. Who doesn’t like to be praised?

So, in order for your ego bait to be successful, here are the steps you can try:

  • Conducting a Single Interview

The single interview is the best type of ego couplet because the interviewee is automatically the main focus. As if, they are important people whose opinions the audience deserves to hear.

To carry out this link-building strategy, you need to contact the website owner first for approval. If he agrees, you can send him a list of questions to answer. Finally, you just have to publish a list of questions and answers on your website.

Now, after the article is published, you can follow up by contacting the owner of the website earlier. We are sure, 99.9% he will immediately put the link to your interview article on his website. In fact, it’s possible that he will also spread it on his social media without you asking.

  • Group Interview

As the name suggests, a group interview means that you are interviewing several people at the same time on the same topic. However, you do not need to send detailed questions like a single interview to all sources. Instead, spread the question to all sources.

So, each resource person only gets one or two questions. It depends on the topic discussed. Oh yes, the topic chosen must be relevant to your website. Likewise, the selected sources must be experts in the topic.

After all the interviewees have answered them, all you have to do is create content on the topic of the interview. For example, “Wow, 10 Famous Shamans Share the Secret of Doubling Money in 2021!” or “Tips for Cooking Water Without Burning from 7 Famous Chefs.” So, you can include a quote or a brief opinion from the source at the discussion points.

After publication, you can contact the source again to post a backlink to the article on the website and share it on social media. Most likely, they will be happy to do so.

  • Ego Bait Listicle

Listicles are articles that contain reviews of several things on the same topic. For example, “10 secrets of Upin & Ipin that are not widely known” or “10 Tertial people of all time in India.” Well, you can make this listicle article with the insertion of ego bait.

In the ego bait listicle, you include that person on your list. The goal is that he is happy and proud because you think he deserves to be included in the listicle.

So, you also have to make a listicle that deserves to be proud of and not badmouth. Praise the person but don’t overdo it. Just explain the reasons why you chose him and not someone else. That way, your ego stanza doesn’t seem artificial.

By the way, one thing you have to remember about ego couplets is to make sure that the person really deserves it. Do not just divide ego bait to people who are not experts and are not relevant to your website.

As the name suggests, broken links are broken links that neither visitors nor search engines can access. There are lots of links of this type scattered in cyberspace and surely you have also encountered them.

Broken link building is a strategy that aims to help website owners fix existing broken links. How to? Of course, by providing a link to your website.

Still, confused? Okay, we give an example below:

Let’s say you have a website that talks about cats. Well, you want to collect backlinks so that articles can rank high on Google. Then, you come across an imported cat buying and selling website that turns out to have lots of broken links in the product description.

Then, you contact the owner of the imported cat buying and selling website. You offer a new link to an article that is still fresh to replace the old broken link. After that, the website owner is happy to replace it because your content is also useful and quality.

In short, the process of broken link building is as follows:

  • You do your research on the relevant website.
  • If you find a broken link, you can see if there are already articles that discuss the broken link. If not, you create a special article to discuss the broken link (as long as it is relevant).
  • Contact the website owner to replace broken links with yours.

Link reclamation is a strategy that aims to claim the links that should be rightfully yours. This link building strategy can be divided into several types:

  • Link 404

Say there is a website that has posted a backlink to your website. However, it turns out that the link leads to a page on your website that doesn’t exist/has been deleted. So that a 404 error will appear when someone accesses it.

There are two things you can do. First, you must contact the website owner to change the link. And second, fix a 404 error on your website or use a 301 redirect.

  • Mention without a link

It is not uncommon for other people to mention ( mention ) the name of your website without providing a link as an appreciation. Especially if the mention strengthens the content on the website. Annoying? Certain!

Therefore, you can contact the owner of the website to provide a backlink at every mention of your website. Oh yes, you still have to ask nicely, yes. Because there are no written rules regarding this matter so it is not the responsibility of the website owner.

You can find these mentions using tools like Google Alerts,, and Fresh Web Explorer.

  • Image without link

In addition to the above mentioned, there are often websites that can post pictures of yours without permission. So, instead of attacking the website for copyright infringement, you can make this an opportunity for link building.

Contact the website owner and ask them to provide your website link in the caption just below the image. You can use tools like TinEye and Google Image Search to find images without these links.

Once again we emphasize that the backlinks you get from link building must be of high quality. Make sure the website you are working with is relevant, reliable, and has stable traffic.

Stay away from and ignore misguided link-building practices such as buying and selling links, comment spam, forum spam, and so on. Indeed, these methods are easy to do and are scattered everywhere. However, the end result is really not worth it: your website will be removed from Google search. Remember, quality trumps quantity.

Oh yes, quality link building alone is still not enough to fight at the top of Google, you know. There are other SEO aspects that you also have to pay attention to in order to come out as winners. What are they? Find the full list in this free ebook:

We hope this SEO link-building article is of use to you. If you have questions, just write in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest SEO articles like this directly to your email.

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