4 Ways to Shrink Ms File Size Word Becomes Lighter 2022


4 Ways to Shrink Ms File Size Word Becomes Lighter – We’re going to talk for a moment about some of the things related to your daily office work. Have you ever encountered a situation like this ?.

4 Ways to Shrink Ms File Size Word Becomes Lighter
4 Ways to Shrink Ms. File Size Word Becomes Lighter

Ways to Shrink Ms File Size Word Becomes Lighter 2022

You would like to e-mail someone with Ms file attachments. Word, but the sent email cannot be sent because the Word file is too large.

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And you wasted a lot of effort and time in making those files lean, but still, you failed to attempt it.

For that, you can try the following methods that we will share to be able to Shrink Ms File  size. word is much lighter.

1. Save As …

On the menu found on Ms. word, please select “File> Save As”, and save the file with a new name. You can compare the new file with the original one which will notice that the new file size is much smaller.

step 1 of save as
Step 1
step 2 save as
Step 2

You can also use this method. Namely, select the entire document content, copy and paste it into a new blank document and save. Again, you will find that the file sizes of the two documents are different.

2. Delete Old Version

If there are many versions of old Microsoft word files stored in your computer’s work folder, the file size will be larger.

For example, Shrink Ms File Size. The word that you saved earlier still uses Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007. But now you have upgraded Office to version 2010 or 2013 and continue to it. Then you will see that the old version of the file will be larger in size than the latest office package.

For that, it is necessary for you to follow the steps below. This hopefully can solve the problem of the word file size which tends to swell.

On the menu found on Ms. Word, select “File> Version”, check to see if an older version is saved. You can delete those versions without removing their contents to make the file more streamlined.

3. Insert Image Files into Word Wisely

“Insert Image” is one of the main reasons why word files become bloated. Try inserting a smaller image. You can use a graphic editor to reduce the size of an image before inserting it into a word.

Image file format must use GIF or JPG or it can also be PNG (classified as a large file). Never use high-resolution graphics, such as BMP.

4. Don’t Embed True Type Fonts (TTF)

TTF is a popular type of font that you often use for regular office tasks or tasks. However, not many people know that TTF is bigger in size with (Open Type Font) OTF.

“True Type Font” will increase the word file size. In the Menu, select “Tools> Options”, switch to the “Save” tab page. Confirm that your word file does not have a TTF font, and deselect the “Embed True Type Font” option. However, if you still want to Embed True Type Font, then select “Embed characters in use only”.


Well, that’s my suggestion to make your word file much lighter than before. Try to use the 4 methods above that you think are easier and feel the changes after you try to apply them.

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