8 Best Ways to Solve error retrieving information from server RH-01

Solve error retrieving information from server RH-01:-Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You About solving an error retrieving information from server RH-01.
Last night I was downloading the “ Mobizen screen Archivist” on my Android device. And I faced an issue with Error reacquiring information from the garçon RH-01 on the Play Store screen. The screen was blank with only these words.

It was so important annoying I closed my Playstore and opened it again but the problem was still there. I opened my cybersurfer and did a little bit of exploration on this issue. I plant out a lot of information which I am allowed to partake than to help other people who are facing the same issue.

Ways to Solve error retrieving information from server RH-01The “ Error RH-01” is one of the most annoying crimes in the Google Play Store. It occurs during the installation or updating of apps on the play store. This error substantially affects those bias which is equipped with custom ROMs.
Before we learn how to fix this annoying issue let me tell you commodity intriguing. In my opinion, knowing the cause of the problem helps to break it much more briskly. I’ll tell you all the issues that beget Crimes reacquiring information from the garçon RH-01.

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Before we learn how to fix this annoying issue let me tell you commodity intriguing. In my opinion, knowing the cause of the problem helps to break it much more briskly. I’ll tell you all the issues that beget Crimes reacquiring information from the garçon RH-01.

Main causes of the “Error code RH-01”

Older device model:

This issue can be due to your device model. If you’re using an outdated device you’re more likely to face this issue. This is because of the fact that there are new and state-of-the-art apps developed every day. These apps also bear new and more important specs. As aged bias are generally having limited specs similar to RAM, ROM, storehouse, etc. due to these problems some apps, indeed the rearmost google play store won’t work duly in it.

Play Store causing incompatibility of the device:

Occasionally stoner installs play store performances from third-party websites on Google. Substantially these performances are absolute and they beget the incompatibility of the device which substantially results in the Error RH-01. If you’re installing a play store from Google try to look for the one that’s compatible with your device interpretation.

Modification of device software:

This error substantially affects those biases that have a modified interpretation of software installed in it. This modified software is called ROM. Currently, most software shops will install modded performances of software on a bias at veritably cheap rates.

Utmost of them have different stupendous features but they also come with different issues. Some of them will also affect your camera function. It’s possible that you’re facing this error because you have installed a modified interpretation of the software on your device.

Third-party apps installed on your device:

I tête-à-tête like numerous apps that’s why I keep downloading them from the app store. If I can’t f find it on the play store I download it from Google. If you’re like me you’ll have numerous third-party apps installed on your device. These third apps occasionally intrude with system apps which causes the Error RH-01. I’ve mentioned all the possible causes of the problem. If there’s any other issue the causes the problem you can mention it in the comment section of this composition.

Now we’ve learned the cause of the problem. Our coming step will be removing the problem. For this purpose, I’ve mentioned many detailed results. You can follow these results and get relief from your issue.

Note: I’ve mentioned these results grounded on my own exploration. It’ll work for everyone “ If your problem is analogous to mine”. If in case they don’t work for you feel free to let me know in the comment section. I’ll try my stylish to help you according to my knowledge.

9 Best Way to Solve error retrieving information from server RH-01

Method 1- Time & date correction:-

If you’re using custom time and date in your device they might be incorrect. Correct time and date in your device and will help you break the issue.

For those who don’t know how to break the time and date of your device follow the way mentioned below.

  • Go to the “ settings” of your device.
  • In the general settings tab look for “ Time and Date”.
  • Also, check if your Phone time and Date are right or not. If not just simply enable “ Automatic time zone “.

After the correction of time and date near all running operations and check if the error is answered or not.

Method 2- Resetting app preferences:-

If you have accidentally tampered with your app’s preferences you’re going to suffer for this. But don’t worry you can always fix this issue by resetting the app’s preferences to the stock one.

For this purpose go through the following way-

  • Go to settings.
  • Also, go to the apps or “ Apps & announcements” (on some phones). Switch to the all apps tab.
  • On the All Apps tab, you’ll see a “three-fleck” on the top right corner, click on it.
  • After some features will pop up. In there you need to click on the “ Reset App Preferences “.
  • Incontinently a Diolage box will open. In there you need to click on the “ RESET APPS
  • Go to the “System” option under settings.
  • In that Click on “Reset options”.
  • Under that, you need to open “Reset App preferences”.
  • And click on the “RESET APPS”.
  • Now you are good to go.

By doing this your apps will return back to their plant preferences which will less likely to have any problem and that you’ll get relieved of the communication Error reacquiring information from the garçon RH-01.

Method 3- Clearing Google Play services cache:-

Google Play services is a useful operation. All of our data is synced with Google Play services. It also helps in government a lot of system operations similar to google play store and much further.

Due to inordinate date storehouse occasionally the cache memory of the Google Play Services is filled. And because of that, it can not store any further data. And you get a super annoying error, the “ Error RH-01 “
.You can get relief from this problem by simply clearing the cache of Google Play services. For this purpose you can follow the way below;

  • Go to your Phone “ Setting”.
  • Also, go to the apps or “ Apps & announcements” (on some phones). Switch to the all apps tab.
  • Look for the “ Google Play services”.
  • Click “ Force Stop” formerly to stop the app.
  • After clicking on “ Storage” and clicking on “ Clear Cache”.
  • Eventually, Reboot your device.

After executing the below way and rebooting your device formerly I hope you’ll get relieved of your issue if it’s caused due to the cache of the google services frame.

Method 4- Running a safe mode checkup:-

As I’ve formerly mentioned some apps will intrude with your google play store. Due to the hindrance of these third-party apps, you’ll get Error RH-01. But how will you know if the error is caused due to third- party apps installed on your device? Well, don’t worry. You can always run your device in safe mode.

  • Running your device in safe mode will allow your device to run only system apps and all other third-party apps will be sleeping. This is the stylish way to check if these operations are making a problem or notIf you don’t know how to enable safe mode on your device go through the following way;
  • Press and hold your phone’s “ Power Button” just like you do for switching off, for a while.
  • Tap & Hold on “ Power off”.
  • In meanwhile you’ll see a Popup announcement. It’s saying “ Reboot to safe mode”, just valve on “ Ok” to Reboot in Safe mode.

Reboot again to restore your device back to normal mode, don’t over headache about this. If your play store is working OK in safe mode it means that some of the third-party apps you have installed are causing the trouble.

You can fluently cancel any third-party app installed on your device and get relieved of the problem.

Solution 5- Force stopping play store:-

You can also try this small way. Occasionally these ways are veritably important helpful in working big problems. You can force stop your google play store formerly and also check for the problem.

If you want to force stop google play store and you don’t know how to do it go through the following way;

  • Go to Device Setting, find and open “ Operation Director” or“ Apps & announcements “.
  • Switch to all apps and look for the “ Google Play Store”.
  • Opening the Google play store, Just click on the “ FORCE STOP”.
  • Reboot your device formerly and also try to run the operation. I hope it’ll help you.

Method 6- Removing and reading account:-

You can always remove your being Google Play Account and also add it again this will also help you break the problem.

For removing your account go to “ settings” and also switch to “ account settings” and remove your own account after that add it again and near all operations.
Open play store and your problem will be answered.

Method 7- Downgrade play store:-

You can cancel the being interpretation of the play store. Chances are it might be inharmonious with your device interpretation or upgrade to an aged interpretation. This will remove all the bugs in the aged interpretation. It’s also helpful in working on numerous issues.

Fo do that just inflow below way-

  • Go to Device Setting, find and open “ Apps & announcements “, find and open “ Google Play Store “.
    After opening the google play store you need to click on “ Three Fleck” on the top right corner.
    In there you’ll see “ Uninstall updates”, just click on it & confirm it by pressing “ Ok”.
    Now you’re good to go.

Method 8– Alternate Play store:-

You can install a third-party app store that’s important analogous to the google play store similar to Aptoide, Apkpure, Uptodown & numerous further. Also, you can check the stylish Third-Party app store, this will help you clear all your dubieties.

This way you’ll have a clean app store and you can download your favorite operations from this store without any kind of problem.
Note- Download at Your Own Threat.


The below way which I’ve mentioned will help you break the problem. I hope utmost of you reading this composition will get benefits from it. If your problem still exists also I suggest you report the issue to ANDROID. Or indeed your device provider I’m sure they will have a much better and specialized result for the Error reacquiring information from garçon RH-01.


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