4 Ways to Take Screenshot Oppo A52, A72, A92 (Wipe Screen, Long)


Ways to Take Screenshot Oppo A52, A72, A92 (Wipe Screen, Long) -Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You About GTake screenshots of Oppo A52, A72, and A92.

Not much different from Oppo smartphones in general, HP Oppo A52, A72, and A92 have also been equipped with various screenshot features that are useful to make it easier for users to take capture screenshots. Either by using physical buttons or without buttons.

4 Ways to Screenshot Oppo A52, A72, A92 (Wipe Screen, Long)In this case, there are 4 methods that can be used, including using a physical 2-finger button, without a button in the form of a 3-finger swipe and smart sidebar, as well as a long screenshot.

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Oppo A52, A72, and A92 are the latest handsets from a Chinese company that was officially released in the early second quarter of 2020. Both are here to fill the middle and upper-middle-class segment market by offering various features and superior specifications in their class.

Well, for those of you HP Oppo A52, A72, or A92 users who want to know all the screenshot features available on this phone, along with complete information is packed with complete images, to help make it easier to implement.

Screenshot of Oppo A52, A72, A92 2 Finger Button

Screenshot of Oppo A52, A72, A92 2 Finger ButtonJust like Android smartphones in general, one of the easiest and most frequently used ways to take screenshots of the HP Oppo A92 / A72 / A52 is to use a 2 finger hardware button.

Namely by pressing the ” POWER + VOLUME DOWN ” simultaneously for approximately 1 to 2 seconds. When the SS process is successfully taken, the screen flashes, followed by a shutter sound, and a thumbnail image pop-up appears on the left side of the screen.

For the screenshot itself, it will be saved automatically in the Gallery > Screenshot menu. Unfortunately, while this method is very easy to use, it can cause premature damage to both buttons if overused.

Now, to fix this, you can use the buttonless method (without installing additional applications). In this case, there are two options available, namely Swipe 3 Finger (3-Finger Screenshot), and take advantage of the Smart Sidebar feature.

Screenshot of Oppo A52 / A72 / A92 Without Button

The 3-Finger Screenshot and Smart Sidebar screen capture offered by the Oppo A92, A72, or A52 can be said to be a hidden feature built into the ColorOS 7.1 software.

For that, before using them, both must be activated first in the settings menu. How to? Here are the steps.

3. Finger Swipe (3-Finger Screenshot)

  1. First, please go to the ” Settings ” » Convenience Tool ” Gesture & Motion ” menu.
  2. After that, activate [ 3-Finger Screenshot ] by pressing the activation button beside it.Screenshot of Oppo A52 A72 A92 Without Button
  3. Once active, you can immediately use it. To do this, please wipe the screen downwards using 3 fingers at once.Screenshot of Oppo A52 A72 A92 Without Button
  4. When the screen capture is successfully taken, the screen will flash and a shutter sound is heard.
  5. SS results usually appear immediately on the screen and will automatically be saved in the Gallery.

Apart from the full screen, Oppo A52 / A72 / A92 has also provided an additional option for the 3-finger Swipe feature, namely ‘ screenshot crop ‘. This feature is used to take screenshots of only part of the screen. An example is seen in the image below.
Screenshot of Oppo A52 A72 A92 Without ButtonNow, to use it, all you have to do is wipe the screen using 3 fingers, then hold down the slide to the desired area.

Screenshot via Smart Sidebar [Screenshot Oppo A52, A72, A92]

Screenshot via Smart SidebarJust like the 3-Finger Screenshot above, this Smart Sidebar feature must also be activated first in the settings menu. Now for how to activate and use it, please refer to the following steps.

  1. Open the [ Settings ] »[ Convenience Aid ] menu.
  2. Activate [ Smart Sidebar ] by pressing the activation button on the right side.
  3. Next, go to the screen area that you want to capture.
  4. Drag the small arrow icon on the right side of the screen to bring up the ‘ Smart Sidebar ‘.
  5. Tap the ” Screenshot ” icon to take a screenshot.
  6. Done, check the gallery to see the results.

Long Screenshot (Long) Oppo A52, A72, and A92

Not much different from the long screenshot method of the Samsung Galaxy A31, the Oppo A92 / A52 / A72 is also equipped with this feature to take screenshots extending downward.

For how to use it yourself, please see the following guide.

  1. First, please capture the screen using one of the 3 screenshot methods above.
  2. After the SS has been successfully retrieved, tap the thumbnail that appears in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  3. In it, tap on the option [Long Screenshot].
  4. Scroll down to the limit of the content you want to long screenshot.
  5. When you arrive, tap [ Done / Done ].
  6. Check the Gallery for results.
  7. Done.

Finally, I am telling you if you are an Oppo A52, A72, or A92 lover, you also like this mobile. So if you have any questions regarding this article, please comment below.


This is the complete guide on how to take screenshots of an Oppo A52, A72, or A92 cellphone using a 2-finger hardware button, wipe the 3-finger screen, smart sidebar, and long screenshot on this occasion Hopefully this is useful for those of you who are in need, Greetings!

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