Here’ The History of Android Until Now [2023]


Here’s the History of Android Until Now -Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You to About The History of Android Until Now.

Android has gone through a long history so that it can become as fast as it is now in the Android latest version. You can see more details here!

Here' The History of Android Until Now
Here’ The History of Android Until Now

Here’s the History of Android Until Now

Android is an open-source operating system based on Linux which is designed for touch screen devices.

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But actually, this operating system used to be targeted at users of digital camera devices.

The history of Android is long enough to finally be enjoyed by Android users as it is now.

What is no less interesting is how the advantages of Android that you should know and also the version. Do you already know the Android version from the start until now?

A Brief History of Android

A Brief History of Android

Although initially Android was targeted at digital camera users, according to the founders, the camera market was not too big.

Android founders such as Andy Rubin, Chris White, and Nick Sears feel this must be less profitable. Therefore an operating system was created that was taught to smartphone users.

Android began to be marketed and competed with mobile phones based on the Symbian and Windows mobile operating systems in 2004.

In the beginning, the marketing was difficult enough that the founders finally found investors and were funded as much as US $ 10,000. Then not in 2005 Google acquired Android for 50 million dollars.

After that, the educators joined Google and Google made a prototype for the first time. In the form of an Android mobile phone that has a keyboard similar to a BlackBerry.

In 2007 the iPhone designed a smartphone with an entire touch screen surface. Then in 2008, Google released a touchscreen cellphone, the HTC Dream or the T-mobile G1.

2010 was the heyday of Android smartphones. Because Android dominates the market more than the iPhone. Android is preferred because of its availability as well as its price.

Because it is based on open source, Android is free to modify and distribute by device makers.

Not to mention that this device has a large community of application developers so the function of the device is wider.

In 2013 alone, there were 1,000,000 apps available on Android with billions of downloaders.

Pros and Cons of Android

Pros and Cons of Android

Each device certainly has advantages and disadvantages. So is this Android system. Check out the following advantages and disadvantages of Android compared to other operating systems.


  • It is an open-source operating system that makes it easier for developers to optimize and develop this operating system on smartphones.
  • Android prices vary from the cheapest to the highest. So you could say this cellphone has a market for all people. Because of the price, Android has a good market in Indonesia.
  • Because it is open-source, this application is very easy to develop by anyone. proven by the many applications in the Playstore that suit the needs of its users.
  • On Android devices, there are lots of devices that can be modified from ROM to custom overclock. This modification certainly affects the performance of the smartphone itself.


  • Android This is how it works quite heavily. Those of you who have RAM and ROM with a small capacity will have an effect on the performance of the smartphone itself.
  • Because it is easy to modify, but often the results of the modification are unstable and less than optimal. This can affect the hardware that heats up faster. Until the worst, the smartphone can die completely.
  • When you use Android with a low processor speed, the work system is less responsive.

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That is the history of Android, the advantages to the versions from the beginning to the latest now.

Long enough history to provide users with the latest technology experiences and compete in the digital market.

Ample versions of Android also prove that this device is able to survive among the existing operating systems.

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