3 Ways to Transfer Excel Table Data to Word and Link Them Easily


3 Ways to Transfer Excel Table Data to Word and Link Them Easily –Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You to About 3 Ways to Transfer Excel Table Data to Word and Link Them Easily.

Have you ever needed to insert an Excel table worksheet into Word and wanted to make it linkable? So that when you update the Excel table which is the main data, it will automatically update the existing data in the Word document as well.

Transfer Excel Table Data to Word
Transfer Excel Table Data to Word

In fact, there are several ways to move it: link, insert, and create a new one. Whether you insert or link, the entered Excel table will not be automatically updated unless you specifically create a link between the two Excel and Word files.

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However, after being linked in a Word document, the Excel data will be updated whenever changes are detected in the original Excel sheet.

Apart from moving existing Excel spreadsheets or tables in a Word document, you can also insert Excel objects into Word, essentially running Excel inside Word itself.

How to Move Excel to Word

In this article, I will give you a tutorial on how to transfer Excel Data to Word using three methods. It will also explain what you need to do to get them linked.

Before that, I will provide a tutorial in this article on how to move Excel data to Word 2013. So it will be easy for you to follow step by step if you also use Microsoft Word 2013.

But if you are using a version below or above, you can still follow the steps below. You only need to adjust the menus in the version of Word that you are using.

Okay, let’s just go to the tutorial below

Copy Paste Method

Let’s start with the first method, which is basically just copied and pasted from Excel to Word.

Please note that when using this method, you can choose to include part of the data worksheet or Excel table in the Word document or want the whole one. Whereas in the second method, the Insert Object will be inserted, so all data spreadsheets in Excel will be included in the Word file.

excel data to word
  1. Select the area in the Excel table that you want to include in Word and then press Ctrl + C to copy the content.
  2. Then open the Word document and press Ctrl + V to paste the copy from excel earlier.
  3. To link Excel to the copied and pasted word, click Paste Options on the small icon at the bottom right.
  4. Select either the Match Destination Table Style and Link to Excel or Keep Source Formatting and Link to Excel.paste options
  5. In newer versions of Word, you will see several icons. You can hover over the icon and you will find the same two options as mentioned above.paste options 2
  6. Done, now the Excel table in Word will be linked in the original file. Each time you update the Excel file and reopen Word, Word will ask if you want to update the document with the new data from the linked file.link in word
  7. Just click Yes if the notification I said in point no 6 appears. Then it will be seen that there will be changes that follow the original Excel data.

Make an Excel Table Fit in a Word Document

If during the copy and paste process, the Excel table is truncated, it does not show all of it. So to make it fit in the Word document, click on the entire table by blocking everything or you can click the icon at the end of the table before the top left. Click the Layout Tab > AutoFit arrow > AutoFit Window or AutoFit Content.

Obviously, it looks tricky enough to be able to move and link them together, but luckily you don’t have to worry about that. Because indeed this method will work!

Tips For You:

Please note that if you just copy and paste and don’t choose one of the linking options, then the Excel data that has been entered in the Word document will not be updated automatically if there is a change in the original Excel data. This means that Excel data that has been pasted into Word will stand on its own.

Also, using this method you cannot edit Excel data to Word and reflect it back to the original Excel data. If you make changes to data in Word and save the file, only the Word changes.

However, later when you open the Word document again, a notification will appear, whether you are updating the data from the Excel link.

If you click Yes, it will reload the most recent values ​​from the original Excel data and overwrite any values ​​that may have been changed previously.

If you want to edit the original Excel data from Word, please right-click on the data, then click Linked Worksheet Object. Select Edit Link.

edit link in word

This method is useful if someone else created this Word document and you don’t know the location of the original Excel file.

Method By Inserting Excel Objects into Word

The second way to move and link Excel data to Word is by using the Insert menu.

  1. In Microsoft Word, please click the Insert menu tab.
  2. Click on the little arrow next to Object then select Object.insert object in word
  3. Click on the Create from file tab, followed by clicking the Browse button on the left to find the Excel data you want to transfer to word.create from file
  4. After you select the file, there will be two checkboxes on the right side. If you want to link Excel data to Word, please check the ✔ Link to file box. If you don’t want to be linked, you don’t need to check the box ❌ Link to file.
  5. Done.
check the link to file in word

As I explained earlier. Using the Insert Object method will move all of your Excel data into Word, not just the portions you want to select.

Tip: If you double-click on the Excel object that you inserted earlier (applies if linked), it will open the original Excel file.

Method of Inserting Excel Table into Word

In the last method, you can insert a fully editable Excel table in Word by:

  1. Select the Insert tab, and click on Table.
  2. Then click on Excel Spreadsheet at the bottom.
  3. Please find and select which Excel table you want to include in the Word document.
  4. Done.
excel table to word

This method is especially useful if you want to create a new Excel Table from scratch and plan to edit it right from within Word itself.

However, the coolest thing about this method is that it will insert a floating Excel spreadsheet in the Word document and will also load the entire Excel menu inside Word. So you can insert (formulas) Excel formulas, etc., just as if you were in Excel itself.

excel in word

You can also add sheets, create filters, format cells, and do it all like normal Excel. This is a quick and easy way to insert some Excel data in a Word document that can be formatted easily using Excel instead of relying on the Word Tables feature, which is very difficult to make look good.

Closing:-[Transfer Excel Table Data to Word and Link Them Easily]

Those are all of the various ways that you can apply if you want to enter or transfer Excel data to Word. And also make it linked directly with the original file or you can also choose not to link to it. Depends on individual needs.

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