How to Use WPS Connect on Android Without ROOT 2021


How to Use WPS Connect on Android Without ROOT – In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology, devices are now becoming a basic necessity that must be owned to avoid being left behind in world information that can be obtained easily, and devices are a means of communicating with friends, family or co-workers who are in different places so that devices become a basic necessity that must be owned.

How to Use WPS Connect on Android Without ROOT

How to Use WPS Connect on Android Without ROOT 2021

By utilizing your own device, you can get whatever information you want, but for maximum use, your device or smartphone must have an internet network to be able to access the various information you want and need.

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You can get internet network by buying internet data packages with various providers that suit your wants and needs which means you have to spend money to get this internet access, but there is a way to get free internet by using the WPS Connect application, using a wifi network then You can listen how to use the following WPS connect.

But before you know how to use WPS Connect, you must understand that the working system is using wifi, giving you information about the wifi passwords that are around you so that by using WPS you can break the wifi password defense. This is very useful if you don’t have internet data and there is a wifi network around you.

In the past, using WPS could only be used by rooted smartphone devices, but now there has been an update and each device has been able to break the wifi password by using WPS connect even though the device you have not experienced or rooted the device.

Here’s how you can break into wifi using WPS connect.

Download the WPS Connect Application:

The very first thing you have to do, of course, you have to download the application on your device, this application you can download on the play store with various kinds of developers who are competing to excel the applications he made to help break into wifi that is around.

Perform a Scan:

After the application is successfully installed on your device, then next you have to look for a scan button or panel to find wifi networks around you. In this process, you can wait some time then the names of the wifi that are around you or are in your range will appear.

Download the WPS Connet Application

Choose Wifi:

The next way to use WPS connect is to choose wifi that you think is very close to you and has a strong network so you can use the internet network comfortably.

Download the WPS Connet Application

Enter a Pin:

If you have chosen which wifi you will use then you have to click on the wifi and several options will appear such as choose a pin and a number of pins will appear that you can choose according to your wishes after you select and enter the pin, then you have to press the try button to do the tracking process for the wifi password you want.

Download the WPS Connet Application

Allow Warning:

Next, what often happens in the break-in process, a warning message often appears on the panel, you have to press the allow button to continue the search process, but you don’t need to be afraid and worried about the threat.

If you have pressed the allow button then you only have to wait 10 to 20 seconds then the wifi password will appear on your smartphone screen which means you succeeded.

You can try this method of using WPS Connect repeatedly if you experience a failure because sometimes an error occurs, but don’t worry because you only need to repeat the method.

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