What is SERP? Why is it important for SEO [2023]


What is SERP? Why is it important for SEO -When learning SEO to be ready to increase website traffic, you’ll certainly encounter the term SERP. Then, the question arises: “What is SERP? And, why is SERP so important in the discussion of SEO? ”

What is SERP Why is it important for SEO
What is SERP? Why is it important for SEO

What is SERP? Why is it important for SEO?

Are you curious? Well, all of your questions will be answered in this article. So, there’s no need to worry. Come on, just start the discussion until it’s finished!

What is SERP?

SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) are pages displayed by Google and other search engines to show the results of a user’s search.

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SERP consists of organic and paid search results, like this:

Uniquely, albeit using equivalent keywords, the SERP appearance can vary between users.

Why is that?

Google displays search results that supported various factors that are relevant to current users. for instance, where the user lives, search history, social media users, and other settings.

So, users in India and America may get different SERPs when using equivalent keywords.

Then, why is SERP often mentioned in SEO guides? Here is the explanation.

Why is SERP important for SEO?

The main reason is that the last word goal of all SEO efforts is to put the website within the SERPs, especially within the top positions for organic search results.

So, SEO may be a free effort in order that your website can appear on the SERP.

However, not all SERPs are important for SEO, you know. this is often because only the primary page of the SERP will benefit your website.

Most people click on the search results on the primary page of the SERP only and it’s almost impossible to travel to page two. If the # 1 search result gets a mean of 31.7% clicks, only 0.78% of users click on the website on the second page of the SERP.

So, don’t you be surprised if people are competing to implement SEO strategies in order that their website is on the primary page of the SERP?

How do you get a website to appear on the SERP?

SERP itself consists of three components, namely paid advertising, organic results, and SERP features. Therefore, there are 3 ways that your website can appear on the Google SERP. What are they?

1. Use Paid Ads

When using paid advertising, your website will appear on the SERP with a display like this:

The practice of mentioning an internet site on the SERP with paid advertising is named program Marketing (SEM). you would like to win the bid in order that your ad is often placed at the highest of the SERP.

The method used is Pay Per Click (PPC) where you simply need to buy the ad if someone clicks thereon. So, you’ve got to organize a special allow this ad.

2. Perform SEO Optimization for Organic Search

In order to seem in Google organic search, you want to concentrate on the Meta Tag, which consists of the meta title (title), URL slug, and meta description.

The following may be a brief explanation of the three:

  • Meta title: the title that appears at the very top of the search results. Aim to tell the content of your content to visitors.
  • URL slug: the part of your website URL / permalink that refers to a bit of content.
  • Meta description: a summary of the website content that appears in search results. So, visitors can know the outline of your content.

Well, the organic search results on the SERP are all taken from a database containing billions of internet sites called the Google Index. this suggests, your website must be entered into the Google Index first in order that it can appear organically on the SERP – regardless of what page it’s.

Apart from listening to meta tags and entering the Google Index, you furthermore may get to update info about the Google algorithm. Why is that?

This is because Google uses an excellent sophisticated algorithm that’s always updated to sort organic search results. Many scoring factors are used in order that only relevant and quality results can appear on the primary page of the SERP.

In addition, confirm you do not just believe the myths of SEO that are harmful, huh! So, for that, we’ve summarized it in an ebook that you simply can download for free of charge. aside from various false myths, you’ll know the simplest optimization methods which will be done.

3. Take advantage of the SERP feature

Utilizing various SERP features is effective enough to make your website appear in Google search results. So, you can use the one that best suits your purpose.

Here are some SERP features that often appear on Google:

1. Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet may be a feature that displays snippets of the content of 1 of the websites with the foremost relevant information on certain keywords. Generally, the Featured Snippet is above the SERP. this is often what makes it often called ranking # 0.

There are three commonest Featured Snippet formats, namely paragraphs, lists, and tables. However, sometimes also displayed in video format.

To be ready to get a Featured Snippet, an internet site must be within the top five SERP positions and have a neat and SEO-friendly article structure. If Google is straightforward to know, it’s not impossible that the article is suggested to be a Featured Snippet.

2. Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets is a more complete version of the standard search results. aside from standard information, the organic results also contain a review from an internet site. So, it’ll stand out more within the SERP.

With a display like the example above, it’s not impossible for people to click on your website compared to competitors who appear without an upscale Snippet, right?

3. Knowledge Cards

Knowledge Cards appear above the Google SERP and display short answers to keywords searched. This SERP feature can appear in various formats. We give two of the foremost common examples:

From the instance above, it appears that questions with short answers are displayed immediately without having to bother getting to a specific website first.

You can just get this feature albeit there are must-have conditions. For one thing, the website must be considered a trusted source of data consistent with Google. Not infrequently, data from Knowledge Cards is taken from third-party sources directly associated with Google.

4. Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panel may be a SERP feature that gives the most information on keywords. On mobile devices, this feature usually appears above the SERP. While on the pc, will appear on the proper side of the screen.

Just like Knowledge Cards, data from Knowledge Panel also comes from trusted sources. for instance, Wikipedia is shown in the example above.

However, the results that appear also can be within the sort of links to websites / social media associated with the keywords you’re trying to find, as within the example below:

Then, how does one place website information on the Knowledge Panel?

You need to try local SEO optimization for your website. The goal is to succeed in local targets from certain search keywords. So, when people look for your business, information like Gojek above will appear.

5. Image Collection

As the name suggests, a group of images or Image Packs will display thumbnails of varied images that match the keywords. Generally, the SERP feature places the search result image within the top position.

All thumbnails of displayed images are managed by the Google Images service. When clicked, the user will get information on the source of the image in order that they can still the website.

To take advantage of the image collection feature, you’ll increase your image SEO efforts consistent with the rules.

6. Headlines

Top Stories will display the newest articles/news and videos consistent with search keywords. The search results will display a thumbnail of the image, the title, the name of the website, and therefore the time the news was released.

As with other SERP features, Headlines also are often placed at the highest of the SERP. However, the maximum amount of 99.31% came from websites listed on Google News.

So, does one want to form your news website to appear on the SERP with this feature? confirm your news website is registered on Google News by following the subsequent guidelines.

7. People Also Ask

The People Also Ask feature displays the questions users have commonly asked a few particular keywords. within the question list box, there’ll be short answers like Featured Snippets.

Do you want your website to be ready to cash in on this SERP feature? Create content that’s informative and has answers that are relevant to questions that users often ask.

8. Shopping Results

As the name suggests, Shopping Results may be a SERP feature that will display advertisements from products that are relevant to keywords, especially those with the intention of shopping for the merchandise. for instance, “buy an inexpensive cellphone” or “the best Android cellphone.”

Each shopping result contains complete product information, from the name, price, seller, and reviews, to ongoing promotions.

Unfortunately, shopping results aren’t considered organic search results but are a SERP feature within the sort of advertisements. If you would like to form the foremost of it, confirm you’ve got a special budget and study the rules carefully.

9. Twitter box

The Twitter box displays the foremost recent tweets relevant to certain keywords. Google will prioritize tweets that come from official Twitter accounts. for instance, if you type in “Niagahoster”, the results that appear are as follows:

This SERP feature can support business promotion efforts if you’ve got built an honest Twitter Marketing effort. Because whenever there’s an inquiry associated with your business, this SERP feature will mention the newest tweets that you simply have.

10. Sitelink

Sitelink will display the foremost popular pages of your website. This information is going to be at the highest of the SERP slightly below the highest organic search results.

Sitelinks are very useful for increasing click / CTR rates, increasing product awareness, and even making your website more reliable because of complete information.

11. Video Search Results

Video search results also are a SERP feature that you simply can cash in on. If you target Google users, confirm that your video has been uploaded to YouTube. the rationale is, all video search results are associated with this service.

Basically, video search results are split into two: videos from live YouTube and videos from websites that come from YouTube.

In the video search results, Google will display brief information associated with the video, like the title, upload date, the uploader, the length of the video, and a brief description.

By type, here’s what you would like to try to do so as for your video to seem on the SERP:

  • Ensure that the video uploaded by the video is SEO optimized and consistent with the YouTube SEO Guidelines.
  • Properly embed YouTube videos into articles using titles that match the target keywords.

Get your website on the SERP right now!

Understanding SERPs is extremely important for the event of your website. Especially if the website is in a position to get on the primary page.

You have learned various ways to form your website to appear on the SERP. ranging from using paid advertising, and doing SEO optimization for organic results to taking advantage of varied SERP features.

With the knowledge above, you’ll be ready to make your website appear on the SERP consistent with business goals. the upper the position on the SERP, the more likely visitors to your website.

Now, to enhance website SEO, you would like to find out various important things for this optimization. we’ve summarized the knowledge within the SEO Checklist ebook that you simply can download for free!

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Hope it’s useful for you. Thank You.


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