8+ WordPress Plugins to Make a Mobile Friendly Website [2023]


8+ WordPress Plugins to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website:-Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You to About WordPress Plugins to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website.

according to Google, 94 percent of Indian consumers accessed the internet via smartphones in 2018. These findings certainly cannot be taken lightly by online business people. With smartphones as the main device for Indian consumers, online businesses are required to be able to provide mobile-friendly websites.

WordPress Plugins to Make a Mobile Friendly WebsiteApart from the massive number of Indian consumers accessing the internet via mobile devices, there are still several other reasons you need to know why mobile-friendly websites are so important. You can read the full article at the following link 7 Reasons for a Website to Be Mobile-Friendly.

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Some people may think that just making a desktop version of the website is quite difficult, now added to the demands to make a mobile-friendly website. No need to worry because you can create a mobile-friendly website on WordPress with the help of plugins!

In this article, I will discuss eight of the best mobile WordPress plugins that can help you easily create a mobile website. Here is a list of plugins to make a mobile-friendly website:

8+ Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

1. WPTouch


WPTouch is the most popular choice for creating mobile-friendly websites. This plugin will help you make your website more mobile-friendly without breaking the WordPress website theme on the desktop. In addition, WPTouch also ensures that your mobile version of the website passes the Google Mobile Test so that it can improve your SEO ranking.

The WPTouch plugin is available in a free version and a paid version. If all you need is to create a mobile-friendly website with basic features, the free version is sufficient. The premium version of WPTouch allows you to change fonts, set caching options, and support the developer.

2. AMP for WP

The best mobile WordPress plugin - AMP for WP

The second plugin that is quite popular for creating a mobile-friendly website is AMP for WP. This plugin provides a feature to check the speed of the WordPress theme you are using. If the WordPress theme you are using is not fast enough, you can replace it with a theme from AMP for WP which is faster and more responsive.

Similar to WPTouch, the free version of AMP for WP allows you to easily create mobile-friendly websites. AMP for WP provides two ways to add premium features.

The first way is to buy a premium account with prices starting from 149 US Dollars per year. With a premium account, you can access all premium features and extensions in AMP for WP. The second way is to buy per feature/extension. If you only need one or two additional features, of course, the second way is more economical for you.

3. Jetpack by WordPress

The best mobile WordPress plugin - Jetpack

This third WordPress mobile plugin is probably familiar to most people, namely Jetpack. Jetpack is known as an All-In-One plugin that provides security features to social media for WordPress. Maybe many people don’t know this: Jetpack also provides a mobile-friendly theme for your WordPress website.

You can easily adjust the appearance of your mobile website through the settings menu on Jetpack. Jetpack allows you to adjust the appearance of the mobile website from the menu to the image size. The good news is, Jetpack is available free for all WordPress users.

4. WordPress Mobile Pack

The best mobile WordPress plugin - WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack offers progressive web apps that allow you to create a mobile version of a website adapted to standard applications on Android and iPhone.

So visitors can enjoy your website as if they were opening an application on their smartphone. The WordPress themes provided by the WordPress Mobile Pack are really similar to applications on smartphones.

WordPress Mobile Pack is available in free and premium versions. The free version includes progressive web apps to change fonts and colors. If you buy the premium version, you will get more choices of themes and freer settings.

5. WP Mobile Menu

The best mobile WordPress plugin - WP Mobile Menu

WP Mobile Menu is the right plugin if you want to focus on creating good menus on a mobile website. Often we find mobile versions of websites with beautiful and responsive themes, but the menus are messy.

Cluttered menus on the mobile version of the website can confuse visitors and even cancel their intention to buy. You can solve this problem with the WP Mobile Menu.

WP Mobile Menu allows you to modify the menus on the website without breaking the original theme. So you can create menus with smooth slide effects, large icons, clear menu text, and clear buttons too. That way, your visitors will not run away because they have trouble finding the menu they are looking for.

6. Max Mega Menu

The best mobile WordPress plugin - Max Mega Menu

Apart from WP Mobile Menu, Max Mega Menu can also be an alternative to solve menu problems on your mobile version of the website. The main feature of Max Mega Menu is changing your website menu into a mega menu, which is a menu that displays all website page options in the form of a sub-menu like an example below:

This plugin is perfect for online store websites or online news websites that need to display a variety of menu options. So when customers hover over a product menu, they can also see the variations offered.

For example, suppose you manage an online clothing store. You can make the main product menu is “Pants” and the variations are shorts, trousers, jeans, men’s pants, and women’s pants. With Max Mega Menu, you can make the menu easier to see for website visitors.

This plugin uses a drag-and-drop builder, making it easy for anyone to operate without the help of a programmer. In addition, you can also add widgets such as maps, social media icons, calendars, contact forms, and images to the mega menu.

You can use the free version with the features mentioned above. If the features above still don’t meet your needs, you can buy a premium account starting at 23 US dollars per year.

7. AppPresser

The best mobile WordPress plugin

If the WordPress Mobile Pack only functions to create a mobile version of the website that looks like a smartphone application, AppPresser is a plugin to create a real smartphone application.

AppPresser will help you create your WordPress website in an app version for both Android and iPhone. However, this plugin is recommended for use by experienced developers only. The operation of the AppPresser may be too difficult for ordinary people to understand.

This plugin is a bit more expensive than most WordPress plugins. For the cheapest version, you can get it for 19 US dollars per month which includes an app builder, support for a year, and one theme.

The more expensive package, the Agency Package, is priced at 49 US Dollars per month. In the second package, you can get more features such as geolocation services, social sharing, and AdMob Ads.

8. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

The best mobile WordPress plugin

With Any Mobile Theme Switcher, you can activate two different themes for two different devices. So you can choose one WordPress theme for the desktop version and choose another theme for the mobile version.

This plugin is a solution if the WordPress theme that you have installed for the desktop version is not fast and responsive enough for the mobile version. Any Mobile Theme Switcher allows you to install a different theme from the desktop version without breaking the original theme of the desktop version.

9. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

The best mobile WordPress plugin - Smush

As a bonus, the last plugin is not a plugin that specifically turns a desktop version of a website into a mobile version. However, this plugin is also important for improving the performance of your mobile version of the website.

The plugin is Smush Image Compression and Optimization. Smush Image helps you to compress images and optimize them without reducing the quality of the images you upload on the website. This plugin is important because an image size that is too large can be a cause of slowing down the speed of your website, both desktop and mobile versions.


The mobile version of the website is very important for the survival of any type of website today. Both online store websites, company profiles, and blogs are required to have a mobile-friendly website.

Creating a mobile-friendly website is easier with the help of the eight plugins above. You can choose one or more plugins according to your needs.

This is an article about the best mobile WordPress plugins. You can leave a comment below to ask questions or provide advice on anything related to the website, online business, or online marketing.

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