5+ Best WordPress WhatsApp Chat Plugins 2023


5+ Best WordPress WhatsApp Chat Plugins -Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Techgarv. In This Post, I’m Telling You About WordPress WhatsApp Chat Plugins.

Currently, 83% of internet users use WhatsApp to communicate. So, why not add the WhatsApp WordPress feature to your website? This could be a way to make it easier for visitors to contact you, you know.

Best WordPress WhatsApp Chat PluginsImagine, you don’t have to bother filling out your email data, with just one click, visitors can greet you directly. The marketing process for online transactions can be easier, right?

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Well, adding the WhatsApp WordPress feature is quite easy. All you have to do is install the  WordPress WhatsApp chat plugins on the website so that it can display a button that connects to your WhatsApp business.

There are also many kinds of WhatsApp plugins. Each plugin has different excellent features. So that you don’t have a headache in choosing, we will provide recommendations for the best WordPress WhatsApp chat plugins.

5+ Best WordPress WhatsApp Chat Plugins for You! 

Here are 5+ WordPress WhatsApp chat plugins that you can choose according to your needs.

1. WP Social Chat (Free and Paid)

WP Social Chat

WP Social Chat or previously known as WhatsApp Chat is a popular plugin and has been used by more than 100,000 active users.

With this plugin, you can easily customize the appearance of WhatsApp Chat. For example, set the shape and color of the button. There are two display models that you can choose from, such as the following:

WP Social Chat button display

You can display the button only on certain devices or on certain pages. So, you can hide the buttons on the blog page and the mobile display if it is not effective.

Not only a matter of appearance but the position of the buttons can also be adjusted at will. However, we still recommend using the default position because it is much more user-friendly.

The advantage of this WhatsApp plugin is that it is easy to add multiple admins. So, if your online shop is full of visitors, many admins can serve it at once. In fact, visitors can choose who they want to be served with. Isn’t that interesting?

WP Social Chat

You can use this plugin for free. However, if you want to get a more complete feature, you need to buy a paid version: from 20 dollars to 80 dollars.

Who is this WhatsApp WordPress plugin suitable for?

  • WP Social Chat is a WhatsApp plugin that excels in terms of display customization. This plugin is suitable for those of you who want a simple but customizable button appearance.

2. Click to Chat on WhatsApp (Free and Paid)

WP Social Chat

Apart from WP Social Chat, you can also use the WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin. This Whatsapp plugin is one of the most popular plugins with many powerful features.

In terms of appearance, this plugin offers nine button styles that you can choose according to your needs. In fact, you can even customize the display image by uploading your own image or GIF. It would look much more professional, right?

WP Social Chat

Another interesting feature is WhatsApp Group Chats.   As the name implies, visitors can join to get information about a product. Besides being more attractive, the information distribution you do will be more effective.

Not only that, the plugin can be connected with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, you know. So, you can measure how communication via Whatsapp on the website can help increase your sales.

So, if you have problems using this plugin, don’t be confused. You can contact the customer support team who is ready to help 24 hours.

You can get this plugin for free or buy the paid version for 19 dollars to 70 dollars.

Who is this WhatsApp WordPress plugin suitable for?

  • Click to Chat WhatsApp is perfect for those of you who need Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration. Especially for those of you who have an online store website.

3. WhatsApp Button (Paid)

WhatsApp Buttoon

These WordPress WhatsApp chat plugins are only available for the paid version. However, the features and appearance provided are quite sophisticated and varied.

First, from the display side, the WhatsApp button provides 18 button templates that can make the button appearance more attractive. Not only that, but you can also add animated effects that have been provided.

Apart from the appearance, you can put the WhatsApp button position as you like, including it in the menu options. This is of course very useful to make it easier for visitors to access the website from their mobile device.

WhatsApp Button Add on menu feature

Well, for the price, you don’t need to spend too much. Starting from just 10 dollars, you can get all the benefits of this plugin.

Who is this WhatsApp WordPress plugin suitable for?

  • WhatsApp Button prioritizes appearance with a variety of templates and animations. This plugin is suitable for those of you who want a beautiful and mobile-friendly WhatsApp button appearance.

4. WhatsApp Contact Button (Paid)

Want to find a more attractive WhatsApp Chat button user interface? You can try the WhatsApp Contact Button plugin. You can make the appearance of the button as if you were chatting on a cell phone.

WhatsApp Contact Button

So, if you have multiple admins to handle chats, you can display them complete with their online status. This is certainly useful so that visitors can choose an online admin and don’t have to wait long for a reply.

You can set the conversation button to display as a pop-up or on certain posts like the example below.

Display the WhatsApp Contact Button button

Not only can you customize the appearance of the buttons, you can also add animation effects, you know! There are eight effect options available such as sliding and others.

How about the price? To get all the features, you need to pay 13 dollars to 70 dollars.

Who is this WhatsApp WordPress plugin suitable for?

  • WhatsApp Contact Button is very user-friendly thanks to the chat-style display on cellphones. With the convenience of displaying buttons in certain posts, it will be a perfect fit for your online store website.

5. WhatsApp Me (Free) 

If you need a free plugin with features that are not inferior to paid plugins, WhatsApp Me can be the choice. So, what are the features of these WordPress WhatsApp chat plugins?

From the display, you can adjust the appearance of the button, either in the form of a regular button or a CTA. You can adjust the sentence for the CTA as needed so that visitors are more interested.

WhatsApp Me

Another interesting feature is the chat delay. This feature is used to adjust the time the chat button appears on the screen. So, you can bring up the chat button at the right moment. For example, a few minutes after a visitor enters a product page.

Imagine if a visitor had just seen a product and a chat button suddenly appeared, it would be annoying, right?

This plugin can also be linked with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. So, you can monitor how successful WhatsApp communication is on your online shop.

Who is this WhatsApp WordPress plugin suitable for?

  • WhatsApp Me is suitable for those of you who want to get a free but feature-rich plugin such as integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

6. WordPress WhatsApp Support (Paid) 

Unlike other WhatsApp plugins, WordPress WhatsApp Support offers something different, namely the barcode display. Imagine, just by scanning the barcode on the WhatsApp application, visitors can contact you directly.

This of course can be an option if you are bored with the standard view that displays the admin photo or the default button.

Does that mean you can’t use your normal display? The answer is, no. You can still use it. In fact, there are eight attractive layout options that you can use.

WhatsApp Support WordPress Plugin Templates

The WordPress WhatsApp Support plugin also provides translation features for ten languages. Starting from English, German, and Arabic to Chinese. So, it is quite useful to be able to reach consumers from various countries. Because every product description can be translated easily.

Oh yes, if you have problems using these WordPress WhatsApp chat plugins, you can contact customer support anytime and anywhere.

So, to be able to get all the excellent benefits of this plugin, you need to pay 22 dollars. 

Who is this WhatsApp WordPress plugin suitable for?

  • WordPress WhatsApp Support features barcode views that make it easier for visitors. Especially with the translation feature, it is suitable for business websites with consumers from various countries.

Advantages of Using the WhatsApp WordPress Plugin 

There are several advantages to using the WhatsApp plugin on the WordPress website. What are they? Check out the following explanation.

1. Widely Used by Internet Users 

WhatsApp users are increasing and it has reached 2 billion users. So, installing the WhatsApp button on your WordPress website is the right choice. Because your chances of connecting with visitors and getting leads are much greater, right?

2. Make it easier for users to contact you 

With the WordPress WhatsApp chat plugins, visitors can more easily contact you. Starting from just clicking the click of a button or simply scanning a barcode.

In addition, you can adjust the appearance so as not to disturb the comfort of visitors. Either on the display on the desktop or on the mobile device. All these conveniences can certainly improve the user experience. So that customers feel more at home on your website.

3. Increase the Conversion

What if a visitor doesn’t buy a product because of difficulty contacting you? Or your visitors are not too sure about the product they are going to buy?

Now, with a WordPress chat plugin, the process of communicating with customers will be much easier and more efficient. If the communication is going well, chances are you can lead leads to become customers it will be easier. That way, sales can increase.

Optimize Online Business Sales Using WhatsApp WordPress!

WhatsApp chat has many benefits for your online business. Besides being able to improve the visitor experience, the WhatsApp chat feature can also help increase product sales because it is easier to contact you.

Interestingly, you can easily install WhatsApp chat on your website thanks to the WhatsApp WordPress plugin. The choice of plugins is quite a lot as we have reviewed above, namely:

  1. WP Social Chat
  2. Click to Chat on WhatsApp
  3. WhatsApp Button
  4. WhatsApp Contact Button
  5. WhatsApp Me
  6. WordPress WhatsApp Support


So, have you chosen the WhatsApp chat plugin of your choice?

Oh yes, so that your marketing efforts can be even better, don’t forget to also implement a digital marketing strategy. These strategies can help your online business grow well. Well, you can learn it through our free ebook. We wish you a successful business. Good luck!

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